Study: Arabs evade tax payment due to poverty
Gil Kol
Published: 19.10.09, 08:00
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1. Faulty reasoning
Moshavnik   (10.19.09)
Where do the statistics about Arab poverty come form? From the income that they report. The author himself admits that they don't report their income. Therefore blaming poverty for not reporting income is a circular spurious argument. The Arabs don't pay municipal taxed because there is absolutely noe enforcement in the Arab villages. Many residents are related to each other and the local authoritiesa re not willing to use the tools available to them for enforcing payment. The villages look terrible because there is no local money for upkeep, and then they screm discrimination.
2. cash economy
nadav ,   tlv   (10.19.09)
they are not "poor" as we think they are. they culture is not one that revolves around consumer cultures (b/c repression of women, excessive shariah law), so outwardly, they appear modest and poor. HOWEVER, they do work (at least the men do) in cash economies, selling their agricultural goods, handicrafts (the bedouins) or they work in construction and other cash based jobs. that is really why they don't pay taxes- they are tax evaders and they are not poor! If one looks at Arab Christians, who are more culturally similar to Israeli Jews, they are more educated, egalitarian, and have a stronger consumer culture...
3. Tax reforms are needed
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (10.19.09)
This is a very important research that should be taken seriously. For the 1st time someone actually looks into the human side of the issue and proposes new approaches to solve the problem
4. The "don't be a freyer (sucker)" not limited to Jews
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (10.19.09)
Rafik Haj inadvertently suggests that the Israeli desire not to act like a sucker extends to the Arab sector. Haj: "The greater the perception of community members of the majority not paying property tax, the more they are inclined no[t] to pay." No surprise. If the majority are not paying, and enforcement is weak (and thus the chance of getting away with it is high), only a "sucker" would pay. Of course, if services are denied because taxes aren't paid, it will provide yet another "grievance" of discrimination against the state.
5. No tax no repesentation
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim   (10.19.09)
B"H I see plenty of huge new Arab villas driving up and down on Route 60. Maybe TA University researchers should do the same before declaring stupidities. Also the Arab car park is completely renewed and now consists of new huge SUVs, Mercedeses, VW Passats and the like. No tax no representation. Remeber? Anyhow, in Israel no one cares, Barak wants to uphold the "law" only on the Jews and as long as he is the law, he and the left will get away with it.
6. The truth is out. More than 4/5 of Arab-Israelis
Jake   (10.19.09)
do not pay 'Arnona' - municipal tax. Perhaps I would be more sympathetic if they performed military service, or even civilian national service. But they don't. Perhaps, even then, I would have a tiny bit of sympathy if their MK's did not rage and incite against Israel, and if the Arab towns did not fly Palestinian and Hamas flags at all their rallies. But alas, they do. Therefore, when I am told about discrimination against the Arab sector, I guess I'm all broken up about their rights.
7. Guys ! What about the Jews ?
Yisrael ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.19.09)
You think 54% is something to be proud of ? Why is it so low among Jews ? Why is there no enforcement in the Haredi sector and everywhere else ? In Chul, you don't pay, the government seizes your home and sells it for the unpaid taxes! Why not do that here ? Because the Government itself is a sucker !
8. The Arabs will find any excuse not to pay tax!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (10.19.09)
But they are not shy when it comes to handouts by the "Zionist Regime"!
9. Stickers on garbage cans
i ,   jerusalem   (10.19.09)
IOW Arabs are smarter than the Irish. If Mohammed is environmentally concious, why, he just steal the can with the sticker, or gets Hamu the printer to make some stickers. If he is not such a enlightened environmentalist, it just gets burnt of dumped in the nearest wadi.
10. #1: Thanks for pointing out the danger of soundbytes
Global Citizen ,   Israel & USA   (10.20.09)
on the slippery soap, er slope, to bending (over) to propaganda. The problem is that pro-terrorists have taking advantage of the simultanous rise of the internet and dumbing down of the western world to launch shallow yet inciting pieces like this in the conventional media. It is up to the responsible individual to dig deeper before forming or spouting an opinion - which most readers rarely do. Chest-pounding is just so much more impressive than boring old facts.
11. #5Unskilled tax authority
Raphael ,   Netanya   (10.20.09)
In most european countries, the income tax authority compares the income declaration with visible life standard. If a poverty stricken taxpayer cannot explain how he could afford a brand new Mercedes and a swimming pool or a jacuzzi, he gets a lump fine. Even Google Earth is used to spot undeclared swimming pools.
12. Arab villages
Susan ,   Kfar Saba   (10.21.09)
If you drive through an Arab village they look terrible, but go inside the houses and wow, big rooms, beautiful kitchens, nice furniture. They are not as poor as they look. They don't pay taxes and their towns are in terrible condition. No sidewalks, unpaved streets, no benches, no parks or playgrounds., kids playing in the street. Every evening Arabs come to the big park in Kfar Saba because they don't have anyplace to recreate. The village local councils are run by hamulot(clans). I guess it's not nice for the mayor to put a lien on his counsin's house. If peopole are of low income then they should get a discount on their property taxes, but everyone should pay something. Then the local council should put a lien on their property if they don't pay. They all want to build houses for their sons, don't give them building permits.
13. 6
Rosie   (10.23.09)
You are 100%right!
14. The researchers do not know what they are talking about
elianna ,   Jerusalem   (11.02.09)
Speak to any Arab and you will find they have no interest in paying taxes and most of their income is under the table. Your research is totally false. What a waste of time to come up with such nonsense.
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