Israel: Endorsement of Goldstone Report promotes terror
Roni Sofer
Published: 16.10.09, 15:53
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1. You people are unbelievable...
Marco ,   Spain   (10.16.09)
Goldstone is not only a Jew, but he is a Zionist Jew yet you accuse him of being biased. There are many Jews who are misguided Zionists. When the snow melts....
2. To #1 What is unbelievable is ...
EST ,   Miami USA   (10.16.09)
Hamas calling for punishment of "war criminals" That has to be the biggest joke on earth...Guys that strap bomb vests to be detonated by a remote on 16 year old mentally handicapped Palestinian boy... guys that launch rockets at civilians while hiding in densely populated areas of Palestinians in order to avoid retaliation...It is a very, very sick joke made sicker by entities like you who support them through all their destructive hate. For youe information, there are self hating Jews ... Goldstone is one of them. Those people who in order to achieve what they see as success in an anti-Israel community will do anything to move forward in their careers. There are names for those people but it would be impolite to specify them on this forum
3. Rebuttal to Goldstone report
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (10.16.09)
I see where the zionist regime has issued a scathing answer to the Goldstone report, and a seeming rebuttal. This regime's rebuttal has no credibility. "Israel" is a pariah state, soon to be boycotted and isolated worldwide, and, hopefully, one day replaced by a United Nations Trusteeship. The Goldstone report, especially coming from an enlightened Jew, is a good kick-start to this process.
4. Endorsement of Goldstone Report exposes Israel lies !!
5. Hey Marco, goldstein is a liar and a cheat and a Jew. Among
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.16.09)
all the Jews in the world you will find some dishonest and corrupted Jews. B"H they are the exception, rather than the majority. I remember it was spanish muslum terrorists that blew up your trains a while back, have you forgotten that attack?
6. This should bring an end to the "bogus" peace process
Cynic ,   USA   (10.16.09)
Abbas and Erakat and their gang are calling the Israeli gov. war criminals. Obviously, they have no intention of negotiating with "war criminals"
7. People like you are incredible!
JB ,   CANADA   (10.16.09)
8. #1
J K ,   NYC, USA   (10.16.09)
Thanks for your post. I really needed a good laugh this AM. I'm sorry it was at your expense, but that what happens when you post nonsense. Who cares if he's a Jew or if he claims he is a Zionist. Wrong and misguided is wrong and misguided.
9. Of course it promotes terror
Sarah B ,   New York / Saviyon   (10.16.09)
Then again, look at the nations that have populated the United Nations Human Rights Commission over the last five or six years. Libya. Iran. China. Venezuela. Zimbabwe. The United Nations promotes terror. Look who has been appointed to serve on the Security Council: Nigeria! Ever been to Lagos? I have. Surrounded by a security cortege at all times because it is so dangerous, and kidnappings of foreigners are the rule rather than the exception. Not to mention the absolute absence of law and order in the Delta region of Nigeria. Nigeria is a country that is famously corrupt and cannot police itself, and someone thought it would be a real good idea to include it on the Security Council? Or Spain. What about Spain? How many Basque nationalists has the Spanish government murdered in cold blood? HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS. (Hell, if the UN wants to characterize Palestinian terror as "nationalist aspirations," then SURELY the Basque deserve similar treatment. Although I note for the record that the Basque people do not have a United Nations observer. And the Basque have never rejected an independent state; it just hasn't been proffered. On the other hand, an independent Palestinian state has been offered to the various Palestinian terror organizations, and has been rejected no fewer than three times. The United Nations a bad joke. I think Israel should simply withdraw unilaterally. That gaggle of terrorists, miscreants, and forked-tongue "diplomats" -- who ignore some true tragedies that have been going on for decades -- while focusing on Israel. They should be allowed to have their party without us. Any and all resolutions passed against Israel -- and there have SO many, each more ludicrous than the last -- thus become instantly null and void. Not a single resolution has been passed with respect to the Congo. Not a single resolution has been passed with respect to Chechnya. Not a single resolution has been passed with respect to Indonesia. Not a single resolution has been passed with respect to Dharfur. Not a single resolution has been passed with respect to the Ivory Coast. Not a single resolution has been passed with respect to Somalia. Not a single resolution has been passed with respect to the genocide of the Kurdish people by Turkey. Israel -- and all other normal countries -- would do well to distance themselves from the nest of vipers that calls itself the United Nations.
10. No. 1 "You people"
David Gordon ,   UK   (10.16.09)
The expression "you people" says more about you than anything you could write.
11. So what? Marco
Daniel ,   Spain   (10.16.09)
So he is a zionist. and? Does it means that Israel cannot critizes him? His work is not in promoting zionism, and he proved he doesn´t want to know the truth when you say yes to report so unbalanced. So Israel has to keep living under a rain of Kassams cause terrorists are free to attack? Is that fair in your opinion? You are the one "unbelievable"...
12. Palestinian are the war criminals.
Ken Jurist   (10.16.09)
Arab attrocities which they deliberately target Israeli civilians. This is why Israel targets Arab killers who then hide among civilians. No32A bus, mainly carrying Israeli schoolchildren, Patt junction, Jerusalem 19 dead, 70 injured Sbarro Pizzeria, Jerusalem 15 dead, 130 injured Snooker club, Rishon Letzion 15 dead, 55 injured Student cafeteria, Hebrew University , Jerusalem 10 dead, 85 injured Park Hotel Passover meal, Netanya 30 dead, 140 injured Teenagers on pedestrian precinct, Jerusalem 11 dead, 180 injured No2 bus carrying Jewish worshippers back from the Western wall 23 dead, 130 injured Shopping precinct, central Jerusalem (triple suicide bombing) 23 dead, 150 injured Moment café, Jerusalem 11 dead, 54 injured Shopping centre, Netanya 5 dead, 100 injured Matza restaurant, Haifa 15 killed, 40 injured Dolphinarium discotheque, Tel Aviv 21 dead, 120 injured Port facilities, Ashdod 10 dead, 16 injured Petrol station, Ariel 3 dead, 20 injured Beachfront bar, Tel-Aviv 3 dead, 60 injured Hitchhiking post, Tzfirin 9 dead, 30 injured Café Hillel, Jerusalem 7 dead, 50 injured Suicide bombings of Israeli passenger buses Number 11 bus, Haifa – 16 dead Number 960 bus, Haifa – 11 dead Number 361 bus, Meron – 9 dead Number 4 bus, Tel-Aviv – 6 dead Number 20 bus, Jerusalem – 11 dead No 37 bus, Haifa – 17 dead No 6 bus, Jerusalem - 7 dead No 14A bus, Jerusalem – 17 dead No 18 bus, Jerusalem – 49 dead (the same bus route attacked on successive weeks) Two buses following each other in Beersheva – 16 dead
13. The surrender of the west world!!!
Audrey ,   France   (10.16.09)
The muslim world will continue to speak again and again about the Goldstone report and in the meantime important matters such as Iranian Nucleaire file, dozens of american soldiers being killed each week in Afghanistan, terribles bombs attacks in Pakistan , Al Qaida etc.etc,but the western world surrenders always to the most fundamental ideology.
14. #5 Bunnie Meyer
Marco ,   Spain   (10.16.09)
Hey Bunnie, even if your Hashem have written the 'Goldstone Report' , you would have accused him of being an anti semetic Jew hater. The truth these days is antisemitic if it does not suit Zionist propaganda. Shame on you.
15. To: No. 3
Sarah B ,   New York / Saviyon   (10.16.09)
Zionism is the national movement of the Jewish people to return to their ancient and traditional homeland. It was founded by Theodore Herzl, who was a Swiss-Jewish journalist covering the trial of Capt. Dreyfus in France, and saw with his own eyes how much hatred there was for Jews. Despite what you may think or may have read or may believe, there is nothing illegal or racist about it. It is simply a nationalist movement dedicated to restoring a Jewish state in its rightful place. You are either incredibly uninformed or so determinedly anti-Semitic that your hatred of Jews blinds you to all else. That said -- permit me to remind you that all the atrocities that have been perpetrated against the United States -- commencing with airplane hijackings by Palestinians terrorists in the late 1960s and culminating with September 11 -- were perpetrated by Arabs. Not Jews. I point out that American servicemen and women are dying on behalf of Arabs and Moslems; the dead Americans have been murdered by those self-same Arabs and Moslems to whom the United States is trying to bring some form of order and democracy. Finally, please do not forget the Gulf War of 1991. In 1981, much to the dismay of the American administration, following eight years of failed diplomatic effort to put an end to Saddam Hussein's nuclear ambitions, Israel destroyed the Osirac reactor days before it was to go online. Would have been quite a different Gulf War in 1991, wouldn't it have been, with a nuclear Iraq in play. Instead of excoriating Jews and casting aspersions upon Israel, you should get down on your knees and thank Israel on behalf of all the American servicemen and women who did not come home from the First Gulf War in body bags. You are really rather pathetic. Good luck with your "boycott Israel" program. A group of wonderful American -- not all of them Jews, by the way -- have formed an organization called "buycott Israel." The response on an international scale has been enormous. Eat your heart out.
16. Endorsement of Goldstone Report promotes terror
Jose   (10.16.09)
Terror and fear amongst the war criminals yes
17. #11 Daniel
Marco ,   Spain   (10.16.09)
Your post shows how ignorant you are. Have you read the Goldstone report? I guess not, therefore I suggest you shut up.
18. #12 suicide bombers came exclusively from the West Bank
observer   (10.16.09)
19. Don't Count Those Chickens Yet
Christy ,   Boston, US   (10.16.09)
Quote Pa&Hamas " ... they hoped it would eventually lead "to the appointment of an organization which will discuss Israel's war crimes." " To the UN lovers around the world I'm sure the acceptance of this report is much more than a dream come true. Actually, to many of them I suspect it's akin to a certain type of dream only men have. However, there are few UN lovers to be found among the citizens of the world. I wouldn't count on that Israeli war crime investigation organization just yet.
20. Israel encourages terror
Israel has created Hamas and brought it to power, now Israel reaps what it has sown.
21. when the UN and the world decided to invent israel
the terror started
22. Time to leave UN.
Smith   (10.16.09)
Nothing to do there.... Let those scum bags together
23. To: No. 18
Sarah B ,   New York / Saviyon   (10.16.09)
Wrong. The overwhelming majority of suicide bombers came from Gaza. Do you have any more factual errors I can help you with? I bet there's lots.
24. Who care what this UN body says...
Bernd ,   Germany   (10.16.09)
...the council itself is a joke, just as it is a joke that a failed 'state' as Lebanon will become a member of the UN Security Council... this is all so insane, so far out that it shows the total moral meaningless of the UN circus...
25. # 16 good one
26. goldstone
mike ,   spain   (10.16.09)
about time Isreal got charged with war crimes
27. All illiterati-u jumping up n down for nothing
Alan ,   SA   (10.16.09)
Dont worry there wont be War Crimes Trials of your most hated Israeli General and/or Politician at the Hague (or anywhere else). Its more heat than light . Have you heard of Principles of Precedence. If Israel is a War Crime nest -what is all Nato or US or UK etc etc in Afghanistan/Pakistan/Iraq. Every day they kill Civilians at Weddings, at Prayer,in Baby Milk Factories . Dont worry about Goldstone . He is a self hating Jew-no Zionist!.His method of conducting his "enquiry" wouldnt hang a Cat for killing a mouse! Jews always have had one form or another of people like him . He should get a job on a Sharia Court somewhere . He'd fit in well
28. my partner
Us citizen ,   USA   (10.16.09)
is a jew ,and he was happy today . he always tells me that Israel doesn't represent the 5 million one here in the US . look to the corruption olmert now ,natanyahu 10 years ago ..their president was a rapist .. they killed Gaza Kids at cold blood ..and they are upset ?? i couldn,t believe what i was hearing . WWWOOOOWWW
29. TO MARKO the spannish oppressor
athos lujernetta ,   nice france   (10.16.09)
my friends and myself are creating a commitee and donations to protect encourage and defend the basque nation to free themselves from the colonial, oppressive,imperialist regime which since franco the fascist has been oppressing.Long live the bombs in the middle of madrid, the canary islands bilbao and san sebastian.The basques are fighting for their freedom. Viva EUSKADI And lets take spain to the un for all the tortures they inflict to this poor basques..
30. Goldstone did a fine job. There is no better one...
Mel   (10.17.09)
as past investigations show. Israel keeps shooting at the messenger while gradually turning blind.
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