Former Iran VP: Strike will boost regime
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 17.10.09, 20:08
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1. First af all:Nuclear weapons free Iran at all cost
zeroing ,   Germany   (10.17.09)
Weather the regime will be strengthened or weakened plays no major roll. The most important thing for the world is that the death cult fanatics with their confused minds should never be allowed to have their fingers anywhere near A-Bomb.
2. Grasping at straws
Sarah B ,   New York / Saviyon   (10.17.09)
Let's see, if I understood this correctly -- and I'm pretty sure I did -- Ahmedinejad's latest ploy is to claim that a strike to destroy Iran's reactors would be a bad idea because it would cause all the dissidents who are extremely unhappy with Ahmedinejad and the rule of the mullahs to have an instant change of heart and rally round the current fascist regime. Is that the best he could come up with? It is the mother of all lame excuses. The dissident faction in Iran -- which is growing exponentially -- will welcome anything that will serve to remove the theocratic fascists that run Iran. Including an attack upon Iran's reactors.
3. A strikes objectives...
Juan ,   Spain   (10.17.09)
... are to remove the nuclear threat to Israel, internal politics in Iran and regime change are merely a by product. The important thing is to take out the nuclear sites. Be prepared for the ensuing missile and proxy war.
4. It's true. Any kind of isolation promotes extremism.
5. Do it! I dare you.
Noor ,   Palestine   (10.17.09)
An attack on Iran will set the Middle East on fire and every single Iranian will join hands and fight the Zionist enemy.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (10.17.09)
To worry about rhetorics of imminent air raids,cruise missiles and so called 'ground operations' with French food that we read in Jerusalam Post.An individual gives a statement in Washington and Sarah translates it as Mahmoud Ahmedinejad's looks like Sarah is misplacing herself.What has an individual in Washington got to do with Iran? Yes, it is true that Iran is not only not worried about these so-called air raids and using this country's airspace or whatever.Even your favouritesare baffled as to how to cope with Iran,aren't they?Or do you defy all publications that I read from different Western media?? As mentioned in my other talk-bck,Sarah, confine your usage of sophisticated words and the rest to your International Relations and leave the rest to the experts. However, sorry, but I could not help laughing how you twisted the article to suit your views.Well tried Sarah,but it did not click!!
7. ot attacking IRAN
farrokh ,   tampa,usa   (10.17.09)
new excuse for toothless zionest.
8. SarahB(part 2)
Alex ,   Stockholm-Sweden   (10.17.09)
And by the way sarah,while your at it,lets also focus(and i mean focus hard enough)on the Goldstone report. I'm sure there's a lot more into that,than all the usual and daily iran propaganda. Whether you like it or not(not like you have anything to say in this matter)iran will produce nuclear weapons(hardly doubt they don't have it by now)and there's actually nothing you can do about it. And oh,by the way,if you like israel so much..why not make aliyah??i'm sure your fellow jew's would enjoy that.
9. on the iranian opposition
Bozorg ,   tehran   (10.17.09)
The iranian educate dyouth from the cities, won't give their blood for the tyrants. If a war broke out, or if there is a attack on that illigitimate regime, they won't defend it with their blood. The only one who would fight for the iRI are the pasdarans and the basijis, fanatics, and illiterates. The only thing we ask to the west, don't bomb civilian aera, target only the regime and their henchmens. Not the people, who has in its majority no hate against you.
10. If you believe the softies only regime change remains
Joe ,   Canada   (10.18.09)
One expert or an other says that sanctions or armed intervention to stop the nuclear program will be counterproductive. An other one says to wait for the coming revolution to topple the Ayatollahs from within. But when? And who is going to topple the army & militias so apt at crushing any opposition? With irrational fanatics in power the most probable outcome, either short term or long term is a violent outcome from within or from outside.
11. #5 and 7
Uzziel   (10.18.09)
Noor: Insh"allah", be fool enoigh to set the Middle East in fire and finally we will put an end to your fakestinian dream once for all, and will tell you for the last time, one second before driving you to the sand dunes of the arabian peninsula you belong to, inshYALLAH. #7- the toothless "zionest" kicked your sorry "areb" asses time and time again. If the zionest are toothless what to say about the farrokhs of the world?
12. bozorg #9
i am iranian too and living part time in la and part time in iran. everytime i go to tehran, i cry to see how badly it has changed. i am also muslim and ecducated, phd and all. as a student and as a normal person i saw what happened in iran this year and i couldn't believe my eyes. the brutality and the disregard for human life and for aspiration to freedom were crushed by fanatics and diaper heads that have nothing to do with the common civilized man on tehran streets. you have heroin addiction, bad economy, repression, islamization and jihad and a government of thugs in robes that steal the air out of any iranian lungs. i had to run away and left my family behind and then i brought them to la as well. we are free. free to think and to practice islam in the way we should without violence and fanaticism and terrorism. i also think that the koran should be open to interpretation and questioning by all muslims. only in this way we can reach the 21st century and stop the world from laughing at us because we are really a joke by the way we and our leaders behave in iran and all arab countries. ahmadin ejad doesn't give a crap about the palestinians. he is another demagogue like their arab leaders that use these people against israel as political tool and for hegemony and control of the middle east. pity. while they could advance and prosper like israel, their pass time is in propaganda, wars, battles, anti semitism. jew phobia, conspiracy theories and never accepting responsibility for their actions. if it was not for our oil and the arab oil, no one in the usa and europe would even pay attention to us and the arabs. you are right. most fanatics in iran hate the jews and israel. but all the intellectual people that want feedom from this insane regime that holds them by their throat, like israel and have no hate for israelis or jews. i am convinced that what you say is true. most of the people oposing this mullah regime will be only too happy to have it bombed for eternity. also, the nuclear facilities are not near the population, at least not now. israel has precision bunker busters that can penetrate very deeply into earth and destroy the nuclear facilities. THEY SHOULD CARRY THIS MISSION ASAP. AND YOU WILL ONE DAY THANK YOUR JEWISH FRIENDS IN ISRAEL FOR DOING SO AND FREEING YOU ALL FROM THE MURDEROUS AYATOLLAH. remember the bombing by israel of the osirak in iraq? good job. it saved iran from saddam sending one your way. hameed aboughaze, iranian
13. reply to palestine
roland ,   brooklyn israel   (10.18.09)
hey pale what dont u understand the zionist enemy cannot be defeated.. we are the strongest and the smartest military in the middle east and i would say one of the strongest and thee smartest military in the world.. u palestinan are so stupid becuase all of understand is force only force..dont u know that making peace with israel is in ur best intrest..israel would rebuilt gaza and the west bank for ur people. but reality speaking that would never happens becuase u and ur people are a bunch of morons.. u people will never learn.. and israel should strke iran stop caring what the international community thinks becuase we are in the front lines not them.. so take them out now...
14. For the first 25 years there were no sanctions and regime
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (10.18.09)
became more extreme in Iran. This is how they started the nuclear program because they believed based on their experience that the world will do nothing about it. It only encouraged them. Sanctions have [partially worked worked by denying the regime certain technology, equipment and materials that make the process of obtaining nuclear weapons longer.
15. Bozorg, let me assure you
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (10.18.09)
that Israel means no harm to innocent Iranian civilians, just the opposite, we still have warm feelings for for all Iranians and sympathize with what you have to put up with. Israel will attack and destroy only nuclear facilities, labs, military bases and regime power centers like madrassas in the City of Qom. Any civilian lives lost will be collateral and unintentional. To minimize this I advise you to tell anyone you know to move away from such targets right away. This is how you can help your countrymen to avoid being hurt.
16. Noor @ 5, easy.
leo ,   usa   (10.18.09)
17. Noor @ 5, easy. Iranians are not Arabs. They do not have
leo ,   usa   (10.18.09)
Zionist enemy. On the contrary, Iranians have Arab enemy. I do not want Israel to hit Iran because Iran has great potential to become Israel's ally in fight against Arab domination in the Middle East. But if Israelis will decide they have to, then they have to. Your setting yourself on fire is hardly relevant, by all means.
18. Too late for the west or zionstan
turkman ,   istanbol   (10.18.09)
Vice president of the EU commission today said EU needs turkey more than turkey need EU and the reason is that turkey strategic position both geopolitical and iran those who are betting on iran demise its too late for them Iran has the thing but what now they try not to let it have enough of warheads to become a super power
19. day dreamers shall wake up by a bang
reza shah ,   tehran   (10.18.09)
Huff and puff will not blow my house away I am Shia I am here to stay all the pressure shall not bend my say after you all Gone no power can make me sway trust my people power will blow you away
20. Israel can deffenitly FINISH the job for the MOVEMENT.......
Asher ,   NY,USA   (10.18.09)
21. To: No. 8
Sarah B ,   New York / Saviyon   (10.18.09)
The Goldstone Report is rubbish. Moreover, the issue is moot because the United States will veto any resolution attempting to bring the contents of the Report to the Security Council. Goldstone's Report accused Hamas of crimes against humanity. Why was no resolution passed against them. You silly little boy. Iran does not have a nuclear weapon and they never will. Oh, I made aliyah long ago. As should be evident to you because I put down "New York / Saviyon." ( I suppose in the interests of accuracy, I should put "New York / Saviyon / Fuengirola") but that is too long. Under normal circumstances, I spend roughly half of the year in New York and the other half in Israel. This past year, I was not able to leave New York because the collapse of the credit markets caused the collapse of the dry bulk shipping market; admiralty (maritime) law is what I do. Oh! And by the way, your sarcasm is duly noted. I'm sure you wanted to come across as witty, urbane and sophisticated. Sadly, you did not. You came across as a schoolyard prankster saying "nyah, nyah." Very ineffective.
22. To: No. 6
Sarah B ,   New York / Saviyon   (10.18.09)
Rhetoric singular, dear. Baffled? Hardly. Worst comes to worst, kill them all and let G-d sort it out. By the way, do you always ask people questions which you then proceed to answer? I don't defy "all publications" because I haven't a clue what you are reading. Some sources are better than others. I did not twist the article to suit my views. I applied the most likely interpretation to Ahmedinejad's rather convoluted statement. May I respectfully suggest that you read the talkback posted at No. 9? Dovetails rather nicely with what I have been saying for quite a while. And I note for the record that he is a lot closer to home than you are ....
23. Islamists are getting bolder
American ,   Los Angeles ,US   (10.18.09)
Iranians are getting more arrogant especialy when Turkey started openly showing support for them.
24. Iran ,Iran ,Iran the new 21 century Satan ,Evil etc....
George ,   Canada   (10.18.09)
The Dog that bark doesn’t bite really got board from this subject, and more the time goes more become disgusted from this tiny rude state called Israel considering and behaving itself as super power existing under the cover of American. Israel got its fan because Arab are use less fighter, but the time is changing and Goldston report is the first steps.
25. Opposition will not support regime
Brod ,   USA   (10.18.09)
The Ayatollah regime has oppressed, suppressed and persecuted the Iranian people. Without their iron grip, they would have been replaced a long time ago. Cleaning up the Ayatollahs' nuke nests will not get the Opposition to support the fanatical regime. It will make it easier for the Opposition to replace them.
26. SarahB(7th try)
Alex ,   Stockholm-Sweden   (10.17.09)
Sarah,I kinda feel sorry for your clients for having such a layer. Wow are you seriously that thick to not understand what the guy had to say??didn't you read his position??Hello??the guy's(who said all of this) an exiled iranain(meaning he fled the country to avoid getting caught,just in case you don't understand). Now please explain to us what this has to do with your delusional comment??what does ahmadinjad have to do in all of this??are you sure you graduated law school???is this all you've got??coming up with baseless comments,which would do no harm to any one(only show's how stupid one can get). You'r the type that has nothing to offer except for blah blah blah. Keep up the good work though,I always get a good laugh when I read your comments. PS: sitting all the way in NY city and commenting on how to obliterate iran's nukes does not make you look like a she-hulk.
27. Noor and his dare
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (10.18.09)
You should be careful what you wish for Noor. How are your buddies going to fight the Zionists when they are all holding each others hands? Besides Noor, the enemy of the Persian people is their own government, not the Jews.
28. #5 No Noor
Sonya ,   California , US   (10.18.09)
Did Operation Cast Lead set the Mideast on fire?? I doubt attacking Iran will either.
29. “Possession of nuclear weapons to be one of Iran’s top goals
Ron B. ,   Lod   (10.18.09)
On February 14, 2005, Ayatollah Mohammad Baqer Kharrazi, secretary general of the Iranian Hezbollah, declared, “We are able to produce atomic bombs and we will do that. We shouldn’t be afraid of anyone. The United States is not more than a barking dog.” And, on May 29, 2005, Hojjat al-Eslam Gholam Reza Hasani, the supreme leader’s personal representative to the province of West Azerbaijan, declared possession of nuclear weapons to be one of Iran’s top goals. “An atom bomb . . . must be produced,” he said. “That is because the Quran has told Muslims to ‘get strong and amass all the forces at your disposal.’” More at (3 parts):
30. to Alex
Gregg ,   Haifa, IL   (10.18.09)
We don't want this Sarah here !!! We have enough of people like her in this country already... She's just as racist as Ahmedinejad
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