Chavez says Iran helping Venezuela find uranium
Published: 18.10.09, 08:38
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1. let nobama talk to chaves, oh... I thought USA
ghostq   (10.18.09)
wants to talk to islamo communists, mmm well let the clown eat this mess.
2. I would have thought they were helping you find your
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (10.18.09)
rectum. Because you must be the dumbest A-hole in the entire South American continent.
3. "Et Tu Chavez" ? Tsk Tsk Naughty boy !
Roland Seener ,   London England   (10.18.09)
Venezuela is the broken chink in the chain of avoiding sanctions against Iran.Either ,sanctions are to be effective or not.!.But Chavez Country ,and its close assosciation with Iran have shown up the timidity of World Bodies for censure.It is about time that attention is drawn to the malevolence that Chavez promotes.Hitler was regarded as a fool.Do not get tricked a second time .
4. I'm sure it will peaceful
Jacob Erickson ,   Holon, Israel   (10.18.09)
I'm sure that Chavez wouldn't consider building nukes because he's not insane like Ahmedinejad. Bad leader, maybe, but not crazy. But do you really think that Iran is helping out of the goodness of their hearts? No, they're definitely getting a piece of any uranium for themselves from whatever they happen to find when looking in Venezuala.
5. 50-50,JACOB.........................................#4
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (10.18.09)
That should be about right,wouldn't it?
6. Merits aside ....
Sarah B ,   New York / Saviyon   (10.18.09)
Chavez is playing in the United States' backyard. He needs to be really, really careful. Time to pull out and dust off the good 'ol Monroe Doctrine.
7. Oh indeed, Sarah
Cameron ,   USA   (10.18.09)
We have de-commissioned S. American, tin can types before, and can most certainly do it again. This one is forever dancing just a bit too close to the fire.
8. Monsters
Brandur   (10.18.09)
Attention: Remember! When monsters like Chavez and Achmadinejad talk about peace. In reality they talk about the silent from the massgraves of jews, which are their main goul to create
9. To: Cameron at No. 7
Sarah B ,   New York / Saviyon   (10.18.09)
When Chavez says that Iran is "helping his country explore for uranium," I am hard-pressed to imagine anything except two kids with a geiger counter heading off to the caves to go spelunking. Chavez needs to be reined in. He is a megalomaniac that is trying to cast himself as a latter-day Fidel Castro. Obama had better grow himself a set, fast.
10. My heroes! Keep the friendship!
Noor ,   Palestine   (10.18.09)
I can hear the Israeli leadership wetting its pants by now. LONG LIVE AHMADINJEAD AND CHAVEZ!!!
11. Sarah making more money, safe in NY?
Working for a livin ,   working overtime   (10.18.09)
12. Noor, you rival Chavez in the expelling of foolish, hot air
Cameron ,   USA   (10.19.09)
Always a damn fool lurking around every corner.
13. Ahmedinejad and Chavez
Sarah B ,   New York / Saviyon   (10.19.09)
Funny, actually. Think of it as "Mutt and Jeff's Excellent Adventure."
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