Qassam falls near Gaza border fence, no injuries reported
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 18.10.09, 12:07
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1. oh let the rocket remaines to be send
ghostq   (10.18.09)
to the UN with a note that said "this rocket is a gift from the people of sderoth" now imagin 22000 of thos in 8 years.
2. Israel should today call4Security Council meeting-not wait
3. hamas hasn't figured out the link yet..
Galut ,   selah   (10.18.09)
Qassam fire = boarder crossing closure.... if that happen in another country ...the Hamas rats nest would have been completely rooted out ...only in israel do they get a semi tolerance...
4. Celebrating the New Academic Year.
Shlomo Kamra   (10.18.09)
If Israel wanted to stop the rocket fire it could-now. I know it and you know it. No rocket fire= nothing to whinge about=no threat. Get it? As Sarah says, Hamaas couldn't hit the side of a barn, so think of it as a celebratory fireworks. No harm done.
5. #3
Shlomo Kamra   (10.18.09)
Galut, no other country keeps another 1.5 million people under siege. That is why no other country/state gets rockets fired into it. Its really simple when you think about it.
6. Hamas keeps firing rockets into Israeli towns using their...
Ron B. ,   Lod   (10.18.09)
Hamas keeps firing rockets into Israeli towns using their own human shields every day. The P. A. continues to be led by the same corrupt cronies, and continues to provide “terrorist insurance” payments to imprisoned murderers and their families. The Abbas led PA continues to incite violence against Israel through its public statements, television shows and hate education. And the JCPA reports that the internationally funded PA still has Hamas and other terrorists on the payroll. In Gaza, the criminal Hamas government has been caught red handed time and again stealing international aid – either selling it back to the people to fund their war crimes, or diverting it directly to their guerilla terrorist forces. And Hamas keeps firing rockets into Israeli towns using their own human shields every day. And the smuggling tunnels bring in more weapons all the time. More at :
7. #6 Ron
Shlomo Kamra   (10.18.09)
Ron, Ynet and David Magden Ambulance often use pictures of rockets being fired from wooden tripods amongst trees. Are these agricultural or arboral shields?? According to Ynet, rockets ARE NOT being fired every day, as you assert in your opening sentence. Finally Ron, Israel could go in, and stop the rocket launches and launchers, anytime it wants-totally! Afterall, isn't this what Operation Cast-lead was all about?? The same could be said for the smuggling tunnels-Israel allows them. More at the truth...................
8. The Gaza Offensive.
John Robey ,   Austin U.S.A.   (10.18.09)
Since the rockets are still being fired from Gaza, the captured Israili soldier still imprisoned, and the smuggling tunnels still operating was the Gaza offensive and all of it's costs in terms of lost prestige in the world? It may feel good to have some revenge but the cost was way too high...
9. #7 Abu Shlomo
Cynthia ,   USA   (10.18.09)
Palestinians go whining to the UN about damage by the big bad IDF yet they keep firing more rockets at Israel. This makes Goldstone look very foolish. And while you would like sympathy for the poor Palestinians, they still manage to operate their multi-million dollar weapons smuggling business. I ask you Abu, what's wrong with this picture?
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