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Study: US youth differ in perception of Jewish identity
Published: 21.10.09, 15:18
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1. You all better choose The Lrd G-d of Yisrael .....
benjamin ,   singapore   (10.21.09)
everything else could be hijacked, that includes the star of david, menorah, torah, gilat shalit, including Judaism and Islam : -). Orthordox jews please keep away from the reform and xtians. Religion wise , I am very sorry I wont mix, you want to work together on any other projects it is OK. Religion issues please stay away, live us Orthodox jews alone ! Without Excuse benjamin singapore
2. ??
Moshe ,   Israel   (10.21.09)
The question here is how many of the non-Orthodox kids will marry Jewish in the future. I'm sure that the answer will be very sad.
3. so Ben, what are you doing in Singapore?
miriam ,   raanana   (10.21.09)
so what are you doing in Singapore? you suppose to live in Israel according to your post!! give them a break they are kids ....
4. To Moshe
Ruth ,   USA   (10.21.09)
If they don't marry Jews, they'll still be human beings, won't they? And their children too. What difference does it make which religion they have?
5. #3 I work here in singapore, I an a free man ,a Jew with
benjamin :-)~ ,   singapore   (10.21.09)
freedom, to work, to earn, to live, to have family, to have teh right to education, career, having liberty of the person a jew- by birth- by choice, without slavery and froced labour, equal protection, a subject not to be banished or excluded. with freedom of speeah, to assemble freely as ajew in aplace of worship, practice ortodox judaism, living as a jew, walk freely on the street, have association with multi-racial, multi cultural society in harmony,engaging in religious dialogue in the moderate,havin g th efreedom of religion,The best of ALL BEING EQUAL UNDER THE LAW . So I live in Singapore, and I have a place in Israel. But I like the System of Governace here in Singapore. The PAP built a system of governance with professional PAP team of parliamentarians that are clean, not-corruptable, effecient and effective.We have great statemen, raging from lawyers, doctors, arhcitects, financem, sceintist, a multi- disiplined well trained people orientated PAP lby our Brother Mr. Lee Hsien Loong,We jees bless singapore everyday and we are part of the singapore success story.We have agood Exceutiev, the best systematic and effecient and effective legislature,the world class judiciary,the best defense with the alliance with our brothers the USA and Israel.We have the quality, the human resources and the expertise as the hub, the gate way to the east and the west.We are Singaporean Jews- The Orthodox Community. The Morderchai Abergel our Rabbi,we have been serving singapore since the 1800. So now you know why I am in Singapore. I love Singapore, I am part of the red dot , a small island but the real effective and effeceint red dot. Jewish Education cannot be compromised, not in our Orthodox Communities ! ben singapore
6. Dear Ruth
Moriah ,   SACRAMENTO, CA   (10.22.09)
Jews ARE COMMANDED BY G-D not to intermarry with gentiles. You don't care about the Nation? Your great granddchildren will not be Jews if your children continue to intermarry - no Jewish grandchildren, no branch - no tree....No Jews left to carry on.
7. #2
P ,   Philadelphia   (10.22.09)
There is nothing wrong with marrying non-Jewish. I have a big, tangled family tree with people of many races and many beliefs, ranging from the Shomer Shabbat Jews to Hilonim, and including some christians as well. There's nothing at all wrong with that. What is precious is building traditions of education and kindness. Torah, to me, is a myth and a distraction from being a good person - there are some good religious people, but too often people believe that following the mitzvot and embracing their ethnic roots makes them good, and they lose their potential to be so much more.
8. Miriam in Raanana
Ginette Golden ,   Toronto, Canada   (10.22.09)
Now aren't you glad you asked? Ben, I wish you well.
9. Arafat was cut off in his primeB4 cud make Gaza a Singapore
Alan ,   SA   (10.22.09)
Look how cruel fate is .Arafat was on the way to turn Gaza into a Singapore.
10. Seriously Ben-Singapore is a great place-much admired
Alan ,   SA   (10.22.09)
They dont take any nonsense there-rattang and noose at Changi .... Lees,both father and son made a great City State.
11. Jewish Youth
Tony ,   NYC   (10.22.09)
with all my due respect to Dr. E. Cohen, who is a solid researcher, I would ask him: so what is new? we knew all this already. These are no news. I wonder which academic journal would publish this particular research? And, how about adults? are there any significant differences between what these youth think and do and what their families think and do? And, this population is already biased by virtue of being self-selected. The families chose to send their kids to these camps. Therefore, the results are no surprise at all. Did Dr. Cohen think that there was no difference among the groups and then he found there was? Oh,please... Otherwise, Dr. Eric Cohen is a very fine and serious researcher as I have read many of his publications.
12. Jewsih Identity is not corrupting Torah
Josh   (10.22.09)
The phrase "Jews don''t" sold with this identity concept is being used more often as a tool to dumb down Beni Israel from questioning and correcting errors our leaders have been brainwashing us with. Jew do Torah not pagan Jainism or Arab Babylonian Magic. Jews do question lies. Jews do look for truth. Jews do call to account illagel additions to Torah. Jews will oust those who corrupt children. Jews do dynamic things. Jews want back our claendar. Jews do smile. Jews do celebrate our God to all nations. Jews are not friars. Never again, Jew say but now to lies that bearing curses and objects worship. Dynmiac intelligent Jew, not brainwashed "identities" led to spiritual death.
13. #10 Alan
benjamin ,   singapore   (10.22.09)
Mr Lee Hsien Loong must not be compared with his father Mr Lee Kwan Yew. Mr. Lee Hsien Loong is a man of merits of his own. Although his father Mr Lee Kwan Yew groom the PM up to a good statesman, that is naturally wahta good father would do. But there has been a lot of unfiar remarks made about Mr Lee Hsien loong, that he is the son of Mr Lee Kwan Yew. This is where I want to make a comment, that mr Lee Hsein Loong is a man of substance and on his own merit took Singapore to a greater heights from the former PM Mr Goh Chock Tong.Infact Mr. Goh is among the best minister of Singapore. Ther are others who are like Mr Lee Hsien loong in terms of performance and being man of word.Mr JayaKumar, Mr Davinder singh,Mr Tommy Koh, Mr Tony Tan, Mr Lim Boon Heng, Mr Wong Kan Seng, Mr Hari kumar, Mr Veveian Balakrishnan, Mr Shanmugam, The Judiciary- justice Yong Pung How, and our mama Mrs Lee, who we will always rememeber when we daven.You we also have great lady judges, MP Indrani Rajah, great acadamic scolars in University of Singapore. just to name a few Frof Tan cheng Han, Prof Alan Tan, Prof Barry Crown, Prof Chin, Prof Jeffery Pinsler. Prof Ellinger, Prof Steven Yeo.Prof Kumara Lingam, Prof Victor Ram Raj....the list of great people who build the jewish people of Singapore. We have world class law firms. The name Lee Kwan Yew, David Marshaal, Greeberg, Manasseh Meyer. Harry Elias,Jacob Ballas, willl always be part of the Orthodox Jewish community of Singapore and Israel. I am here, saved by the Singaporean Chinese People, In Malaysia where I was born I was almost reduced to nothing. it Is Singapore and the Singaporean Chiness People who stood by me. Even now as I speak, I testify the kindness and the goodness of teh singaporean society. This is a my blessing and I bless Singapore. Singapore is indeed a secular state and a place for all to live happly, I am a free man a sa human being and a jew. benjamin singapore
14. American Jews
Batya ,   Israel   (10.22.09)
The majority of American Jews, both young and old, have no idea about what it is to be Jewish. They know almost nothing of our religion or history. They are not even familiar with the Torah. To many, Judaism is bagels and lox and not much more. For this reason, there is so much assimilation and intermarriage, and these decimate the Jewish People. We are a very small People, and soon most Jews who are not Orthodox will not have Jewish descendants. To some it won't matter at all. Others feel that the continuity of our People is very important. It is sad that after thousands of years a Jewish family breaks the chain of generations. Our ancestors sacrificed to remain Jewish.
15. Identities are just forms....
Basil ,   morgantown, US   (10.22.09)
We all share one DNA. Yes, the Jewish people is around 2,000 years old. However, humanity is much older than that and groups that were even older than that disappeared. At any rate, the Jewish people are not quite the Israelites of ancient times. Identity is relative. Why isn't it good enough to be human on this one planet we live in? Why should people be pressured to keep an identity unless they feel convinced to do so?
16. Israel is much more than Judaism
cas reader   (10.22.09)
The true fact is that many young American Jews are proud of their Jewish identity but are not attracted to Judaism because of its strict adherance to rituals and religious doctrines.Yes, they do say that Judaism is their religion but in practise they do not observe the religious life as described in Judaism. Part of the reason why many Jewish men marry gentiles is because they view Jewish girls as being too religious.
17. Judaism is the civilization of a people, of the...
Eitan ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (10.22.09)
...Jewish / Israeli / Hebrew people. Part of Jewish civilization has been historically a set of beliefs and rituals. Others equally important parts have been the people's language, Hebrew; the people's affinity to Eretz Israel (Land of Israel); the people's history; the people set of learned texts, and first and foremost among them is the Hebrew Bible. As a civilization, Judaism can and does accommodate people of various levels of attachment to different components of our civilization. Yet, we must remember, the three most important element of us as a people who are the carriers of Jewish civilization is the affinity to the Jewish people, the affinity to the Jewish homeland, and the affinity to Jewish Hebrew texts, heritage and learning.
18. Eitan is right. Our Jewish civilization is made mostly of
Ravit ,   Kibbutz Revadim   (10.22.09)
three elements: The Jewish people, the Jewish homeland of Eretz Yisrael, and Jewish teaching (torah).
19. huh???
Ra'anan ,   Jerusalem   (10.22.09)
Historian Paul Johnson's "History of the Jews" documents how we, a former slave, desert-nation, overcame all odds & "conquered" the WORLD w/our ideas of dignity of man, pursuit of peace (as opposed to their "might makes right"), pursuit of justice all based on G-D's relationship w/us. These all sound like good reasons for the Jewish people to exist.
20. To #15
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (10.22.09)
With the exception of the time frame, I agree with you. If a lot of the ancient Hebrews hadn't disregarded the Torah and merrily married "outsiders," half the Jews of today would probably be imbeciles from sheer inbreeding.
21. Conversion to Torah, not intermarriage
Eliyahu ,   Yrushalayim   (10.23.09)
Louis H. Feldmen of Yeshiva University has written, “Jew and Gentile in the Ancient World.” The thesis of the book is that Jews were very successful in winning converts to Torah.
22. Thanks, Eitan # 17.
Barbara ,   Portland, ME US   (10.24.09)
23. Continuity of the Jewish People
Menachem L. ,   Israel   (10.25.09)
Many Jews feel that remaining Jewish is not too important. But many Jews do want the Jewish People to continue existing as a Nation. Our ancestors suffered and even died for not giving up their religion. I guess that the Jews today each make their own decision. Unfortunately the way things look now is that most Jewish families will no longer be Jewish in the not far future.
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