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Jerusalem 'chastity squad' branching out
Ari Galahar
Published: 22.10.09, 08:44
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1. religion rears its ugly head again
Avi ,   Israel   (10.22.09)
And dont forget " i am hollier than thou" Oh well off to beat up the next defensless woman rumour has it a women wore jeans and didnt cover her hair , its Gods work you see and then off to get our social security checks to pay for this life style of ours
2. Jm chastity squad expanding?
what drek they are   (10.22.09)
They're pregnant.
3. heredim = organized crime mobs
Bemet ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.22.09)
only difference is style of constume. Nothing godly about them.
4. Assimilation anyone?
Randy   (10.22.09)
The Orthodox, in their attempt to make Israel more religiously "Jewish", is making the strongest possible case for secularization. Because of them it is no wonder secularization and assimilation is so rampant.
5. Don't know about "chastity squad"...
John ,   Europe   (10.22.09)
...but in Germany, they were called Sturmabteilung.
6. Correction
observer   (10.22.09)
Beit Israel has changed its nature from a traditional Sefardi neighbourhood to a student colony populated by boys/young men from USA and Europe. Apart fro the students, there is a sizeable contingent of boys who do not learn, and some who have become disillusioned with religious life but who do not wish to abandon the religious society, and who have been sent away from home to prevent them taking other siblings with them. Out of sight, out of mind. These are the types (together with their local-born friends) who riot every time there is a demonstration, and otherwise spend their time doing what other teenage youths do when not under parental control. They pose a physical and moral danger for the neighbourhood, and the police appear unwilling to deal with the problem. I'm sure that many of our sanctimonious talkbackers would think differently if it were their daughters that were at risk from this trash.
7. Chastity squads,
Basil Rathbone ,   Beit Shean,Israel   (10.22.09)
Theses crazies shoul be enjoying healthy and nornal relationships with women .Its great,and why not. Instead of this they run around frustrated and vent their pent up feelings on others. Poor devils dont really know what they are missing,pity
8. A group needs to get together
what drek they are   (10.22.09)
watch where this group go, and smash them up up good and proper. Bullies are cowards, so go guys go.
9. Assault, Battery & Kidnapping=Crimes; Fire Police Who Ignore
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (10.22.09)
10. expanding? gee, theyre pregnant lol
they are trash   (10.22.09)
11. As long as they stay in their own areas...
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (10.22.09)'s not my issue. If the fundamentalist women themselves tolerate it, why should I have a problem with it?
12. reminds me of iran system
ghostq   (10.22.09)
they even banned curvy mannequins, the same principle.
13. to #1 (giggly) you said rear
ghostq   (10.22.09)
you right women must not cover up, I forbid it.
14. How about a secret police unit
gabriela ben ari   (10.22.09)
that will crack, detain and punish members of this this Hillul Hashem/pro taliban squad ???? Forget!
15. Basil Rathbone would be better off
I say there...   (10.22.09)
solving the much more horrific deeds perpetrated in his part of the country. Use your prowess and also, bring Ms Marples in.
Any excuse for anti-Jewish Hatred... You bottle up all religious people together and label us as like you would Iranian Radicals. I can use the same argument and say that you are a pedofile. Just the other day there was a man sentanced to jail...he was secular. Should I say all seculars are Child molesters? Should I say All people from Tel Aviv are such a way... Lets show some inteligence people. These people are obviously sick and need to either get help or go to jail. As a religious person, I do not identify with them and I think that it is unfair that you label a whole group like know who you are.
17. 9 , and you dare to condemn them !
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (10.22.09)
You , who are the least honest guy himself .
18. Our own Taliban!! Disguisting!!
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (10.22.09)
I hope the police catch these criminals!!
19. Anyone know a slander lawyer pro bono?
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (10.22.09)
I've spoken with one in Tel Aviv (Amir Titonovitch) but I don't have enough money to hire him. I'm not funded by outside organizations.
20. bored social misfits who take time off from
Moish ,   Jerusalem   (10.22.09)
their perverse activities in Tel Aviv, casting aspersion on others so that their own sins are not noticed! This is not a religious thing, this is simply giving a religious excuse to their own perversions and hooliganism. Instead of jail these guys need to be sentenced to a 3 year hitch in the IDF, under a brutal mefaked. Let see what big men they are with equal opponents , not women and weak men.
21. Rabis
Ariel ,   São paulo   (10.22.09)
Where are nopw Rabi Eliashiv , Ovadia Yossef , Kanievsky and other to tell everyone that this is imoral and illegal? Why they do not come to the news and make a hard statement against it? May be it is because they agree with all this ?
22. Morality Squads......
Basil Rathbone ,   Beit Shean   (10.22.09)
To No 15, I have one major problem with Ms Marples when she is on assignment here in the middle east,its her strong tendency to immoderate dress ,its to escape the heat or so she claims. Under these conditions I fear that she would be inefective due to the constant harassement..Probably no choice but to deploy Watson,even though he can be obtuse sometimes. Will keep you posted.
23. 19 thin skinned or just like threatening dissenters?
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (10.22.09)
or both? maybe instead of threatening you could show proof of your teaching's legitimacy with current reputable rabbis, that'd shut us up. all we have is your word, not theirs (which is what matters). since you stake your authority and reputation on it, it's not asking too much, is it?
24. Denial of the rights of others in a democracy is..
dav zee ,   atlanta   (10.22.09)
Denial by force of the free democratic rights of all others in a democracy is a hate crime (and a sin...) The reason US JEWS don't want to go live in the heredi dictatorship is what these self-righteous religious extreme terrorists want to inflict on the rest of us, the intelligent reality based Jews, are HATE CRIMES (against JEWS WHO DON'T subscribe to these 6th century mindless ideals) What behavior OTHERS LIVING IN A DEMOCRACY (not a THEOCRACY,) should follow: Arrest these "SELF RIGHTEOUS HYPOCRITES as they are destroying Jewry around the world and making JEWS TARGETS. And two, let them go elsewhere (Syria, Jordan, Saudi, to commit their crimes. And to their victims: Sue them, fight them back with major self-protection, prosecute them to the fullest, and make an example out of their lawlessness Hate crimes by heredi are as noxious as their brother tyrants in gaza and iran, etc.. If they love a theocracy so much, let them JOIN their fellows in iran and the Vatican...they would love to have them there with the rest of the intolerants.!
25. This is not incitement, just liberty & self-defense!
jewish doctor ,   atlanta   (10.22.09)
If the Chastity Squad attacks, defend yourselves with LETHAL FORCE. They are trying to steal (kill) your democratic rights and to that you must defend yourselves at all costs...and be prepared to take your attacker down with you. Give me liberty or give me death...(an olde American expression....)
26. Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel
DLB ,   New York USA   (10.22.09)
So nice that Israel is finally fitting in.
27. attacks all around
Ellen ,   Israel   (10.23.09)
Everytime YNET prints an article like this the crazies from both sides seem to crawl out of the woodwork. THIS IS NOT ORTHODOXY!!! Stop lumping together every G-d fearing Jew with this garbage. As an Orthodox women, I would probably also be beaten because I am sure my dress --which IS modest, wouldnt' meet their standards. HOWEVER, for Orthodox to respond by attacking seculars--congrats people, you have just sunk to a low level. As Orthodox Jews we say we are on a higher level. We need to PROVE this. We prove it by denouncing the nuts ( like the "chastity Squad" and we do it by not attacking those who disagree with us. Two wrongs do NOT make a right!!
28. For goodness sakes
nr ,   los angeles, usa   (10.23.09)
The Taliban, Iran, Saudi Arabia? Pleeeese people, don't bust a gut on this one. It's a case of pure criminality not government policy. Why can't you see the difference? Any reason why the police can't handle this one - doesn't seem very complicated. Sounds like a few talkbackers could start the ball rolling.
29. Assuming that what "Observer", #6, is
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (10.23.09)
true (and according to previous posts, he is Haredi and therefore would have information at his disposal that others on Ynet lack) consider what happens in neighbourhoods where nobody steps in: Consider Tel Aviv around the old bus station and how dangerous and perverse it has become with drugs and prostitution. Or consider "Hastings East" in Vancouver, British Columbia where the Olympics will be held. There you can see the urban blight right before your eyes, the drugs, the drug taking, prostitution, devastating sicknesses and crime which effects everybody in the city whose proceeds go to feed the addicts' habits. There are countless cities throughout North America and Europe with areas like this and which both contaminate and endanger everybody else's well-being. In these "liberal" societies, no one "stepped in" to prevent this behaviour. Once upon a time, when people felt part of a community, long ago in Canada and the USA, there were limits to bad behaviour. So now the Haredim have taken it upon themselves to limit bad behaviour in areas of the city of Jerusalem. Well, like "Observer" says, the police cannot be counted on to do it. For one thing, communal policing has unfortunately gone by the wayside and second, in Israel there are many other more urgent matters to deal with. So a citizen's group (Haredi) has empowered itself to do what the police cannot do and what other citizens will not do. As far as I'm concerned, and provided "Observer's" observations are accurate, other, non-Haredi members of the community should join in and make alliance with the Haredim. If, on the other hand, "Observer" is not being accurate, then we have a different set of circumstances. At any rate, teenagers and young adults who put communities at risk should be dealt with accordingly but our liberal (anything goes) policies are ruining us. Here we might look to the Haredim and learn something of value vis a vis morals and acceptable conduct. And "No", the Haredim are not "perfect" but their communal ways do provide a model.
30. #29
observer   (10.23.09)
At least we agree on something. Having personally seen examples of community meltdown that you mention, and having seen the results of internal 'policing' such as mentioned in the article - with all its faults and possibilities of being hijacked by thugs pretending to be serving the community - I would still lean towards the latter. A better solution would be to refuse entry visas for the perpetrators - but then, they usually arrive with wallets stuffed full of overseas currency.
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