Olive harvest season begins with sabotage
Ali Waked
Published: 20.10.09, 16:35
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1. Where is this "West Bank" that you speak of?
Old Man   (10.20.09)
For the past 64 years of my life all Ive known is Judea & Samaria.
2. Here we go again
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (10.20.09)
Every year the olive trees are cut back for routine maintenance and the Palestinians show the pruned trees to the media and claim "settlers" "vandalized" their trees by performing this service. And the stupid media falls for it EVERY TIME.
3. deja vu, rerun or what ever you call it
ghostq   (10.20.09)
not arvest season stop whining and I reapet myself, rrrrrrrrr >:(
4. Here We Go Again!
emanon ,   USA   (10.20.09)
Lights! Camera! Action! It's time for Paliwood's latest remake.
5. same story already 10 years
and the best is, they have yet to catch a "settler" destroying trees though they have caught many Arabs destroying their own trees.
6. Evil Jewish settlers
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (10.20.09)
what objective are they trying to serve beside causing harm, pain and damage to innocent civilians? If the IDF can stop terrorist attacks, they should be able to stop these evil settlers and compensate innocent palestinians
7. #1 if you take your head out of the sand you will know where
Joy ,   NY   (10.20.09)
is the West Bank
8. Those olive trees were just used in a terrorist attack
Avi   (10.20.09)
Three weeks ago, they shot a Jew near Kida. The Arabs use their olive trees as cover for that.
9. Let the PA protect them.
rebecca ,   Modiin   (10.20.09)
The PA wants to govern the land. Let them find out what Police work is about? Let the IDF protect the Jews (for a change) and the PA the arabs. If the Arab rights activists want to they can sit in the olive groves and protect them all day. Will make a change from throwing stones at the IDF they expect to look after them.
10. Olive trees and miserable cowards.
Philip ,   Afula,Israel   (10.20.09)
Who pays damages to the farmers? If this happened within the green line there would be hell to do. The obvious conclusion is that since this has happened many times, the powers that be simply dont care . Casts a poor reflection on our law enforcement agencies ,not to mention the dregs of society that carry out these cowardly acts.
11. Olive trees
Dr D ,   Jerusalem   (10.20.09)
Most of the olive trees were planted before the birth of all the settlers. I hope a criminal case will be open against those patriotic settlers . While for the Arabs olive oil and olives are important for their already poor diet , probably the settlers are using the wood to make mezuzot . Israel must start issuing a certificate for mezuzot as made with Kosher and not stolen wood. Shame on all the settlers.
12. Israelis you shall reap what you sow.
Ezra ,   London   (10.20.09)
Nasty people in these talkbacks
13. older man
where is judea and samaria all i know is canan
14. Comments On This Thread Typical Of Israeli Mindset
World Citizen ,   the world   (10.20.09)
It's always the Palestinians lying. There are no Palestinians and there never was a Palestine. It's the Palestinian police forces who at fault. My favourite is "the olive trees were used in a terrorist attack". I tell you that the words of Israelis are all the proof the civilised world needs to be convinced that your culture is deeply flawed. I don't think that any objective person can read the posts on this site and not come away convinced that Israelis in general are a very racist lot. Where did Israel go wrong? Is there any hope for you? Will you destroy your nation with the hatred you are brewing ?
15. #world citizen - you never hear the Palis moaning?
rebecca ,   Modiin   (10.20.09)
Are you serious when you say that it's only the Jews moaning about the Palestinians? Do you only have one ear? And for your information it's the Palestinisans that want to ethnically cleans the land they claim of Jews, not the Jews who want to kick the Palis out. of Israel. (We do however object to millions more comming into Isreal to overrun us.)
16. No proof it was Jews who committed the crime...
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (10.20.09)
... if, indeed, a crime was actually committed. #1) This could be merely the results of post-harvest pruning done to maintain the health of the trees. #2) This could have been done by other Arabs feuding with the families/clans that claim possession of the orchard. #3) Do these Arabs actually have valid deeds to the property they claim to own? If you steal a car and its window gets smashed in, do you have a right to press charges? #4) "Settlers" are, for the most part, very religious. For them to wantonly desecrate the Tora by breaking the Mitzva to spare trees when in conflict with one's enemy makes absolutely no sense. Jews (especially those labeled as "Settlers") make an easy scapegoat, even for Jews themselves. My guess is that there will be no prosecution of "Settlers" because either no crime was committed or because it was Arabs feuding and blaming it on the Jews.
17. Oh noooo! Hang on.. What?!
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim,   (10.20.09)
B"H Torah prohibits Jews of damaging olive trees. That is exactly how we know for sure that these allegations, like many others coming from the Arabs, are false.
18. Why do a number of Talkbackers
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (10.20.09)
assume that Arab allegations are true? Perhaps it has something to do with how Ynet writes headlines.
19. More LEFT-WING propaganda as usual + LEFT-WING Jew-Hating
talkbackers.   (10.20.09)
20. Olive trees developed LEPROSY
Philip ,   Afula,Israel   (10.20.09)
With some of the really sick and crazy excuses made here by some, I would not be surprised if "olive tree leprosy" was not proffered as a cause of destruction.
21. A picture is worth a thousand words
the last Zionist ,   Eilat   (10.20.09)
22. If a Muslim did this they would be in jail, but not settlers
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, Texas   (10.20.09)
Actions like this show the world why Palestinians commit terrorist acts. Does this show Apartheid? Maybe. If Israel is going to build settllements in W. Bank(Samaria) then it should claim it as part of Israel first but to claim it means citizenship for Muslims living there and honoring land titles.
23. Hold on a secomd!
Jay3 ,   Israel   (10.20.09)
The picture shows a tree with all its limbs cleanly cut......think how long that would take to do that to 47 trees without anyone hearing or seeing it. ANd surely with all the video cameras given out to them, out of all the 20 claims in the last fe years, you would think they would show the extent of damage or even the perpetrators in action!
24. Here comes the latest from Pallywood
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (10.20.09)
Three cuts on a tree, when one would have done. Sure is obvious to anybody with a brain.
25. guilty till proven innocent
Baruch ,   Mitzpeh Yericho   (10.20.09)
The majority of this article is not news or fact, It is hearsay, speculation and slander. Not very professional. Ali and the rest of the Y-Net staff should go back to journalism school for a refresher coure on what is journalism, professionalism and truth.
26. Punish the settlers!
Truthseeker ,   USA   (10.21.09)
Settlers have been vandalizing Palestinian orchards for far too long with impunity. This is an evil plan on the part of the vile settlers to drive Palestinians from their lands. It is time to punish these settlers in the same way that Israel punishes Palestinians. Demolish their homes and make them live in the rubble. Maybe that will bring some sense to them.
27. Ynet, Its not a "claim", its a fact
Tell the truth ,   Sweden   (10.21.09)
These settlers comit crimes EVERY DAY SEVERAL TIMES, They admit it themselves yet you call it "claims by the Palestinians". Its not a claim, its a fact.
28. west bank
readerofthepast ,   philippines   (10.22.09)
old man was right. the west bank was judea and jews were living there. only when Judea was defeated by theattacking muslims was the place settled by the Arabs and muslims. who then are the ilegal settlers now????? remove the ilegal settlers and there will be peace if not the countries of the whole world will be settled by these people and later will claim to much authority more than the natives as what is happening now in parts of the world. beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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