Human Rights Watch founder says group biased against Israel
Published: 21.10.09, 00:08
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1. Common sense printed in the Times? We must have all died and
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.21.09)
are living in a new world.
2. Leftist Jews light fires they can't put out
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (10.21.09)
3. Robert Bernstein
Galut ,   selah   (10.21.09)
hank you for speaking the truth that the world fears to acknowledge
4. We call it the 'Jenin Massacre Syndrome'
Jim   (10.21.09)
The BBC made a documentary about the general tone of thins. It was called "Blaming the Jews".
5. recycling info boring we already know that
ghostq   (10.21.09)
everyone knows that even the gaurdian news media who doesn't like Israel(as an understatment) recognized the biased un proportional media/UN/human right attack on Israel ignoring 8 years of 22000 rockets on innocent civilians and that Hamas is a terror group. but I reckon they needed to fill the space in the newspaper with something that everyone know.
6. true true...but
Anon ,   Johannesburg   (10.21.09)
It is much easier to gang up on a few million Jews rather than a billion muslims. No one cares what the truth is, rather blame the usual scapegoat -The Jews. The Pal will continue to attack Israel, Israel will continue to defend herself, and in the process many Pal civilians will pay the altimate price. A Price that is hard for the world to accept, thus making it easier for Pal leaders to send their civilians to their death - It's for a good cause they say -will put them in the headlines. A war of Value for Life Vrs value for death, West aginst East, Freedom Vrs Islam
7. "for me, the weak is strong till I take his right for him",
observer   (10.21.09)
Mohammad said.
8. to #7 nobody here cares what Muhamad said
ghostq   (10.21.09)
this is not Islam network, be respect full and quot something from the old testament, I dout if any jew or chritian or budahists or Hindu quot their religious verses in Muslim web media.
9. #7 if Mohammad said...then where is your source?
Galut ,   Selah   (10.21.09)
context is important
10. Biased against Israel? Pictures don't lie.
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (10.21.09)
11. Hatred for Israel, news?
En ,   UK   (10.21.09)
Thayt is not news. it is normal. It has been like this perfect hatred against Israel. JEHOSHAPHAT
12. to #10 actually they do(photoshop), videos don't lies
ghostq   (10.21.09)
saw how Hamas use UN ambulance, Israel showed it in the UN forum that's y the UN didn't do nothing, ti hi.
13. Both HWR and AI were founded by Jewish people.
Vicky ,   Ashkelon Israel   (10.21.09)
After they resigned both are now run by people of Arab Origin. Whilst we were in charge we were openly balanced. Now it openly ignores the Arab atrocities in not only their own country but how they invade others and force their beliefs on them. So beware US, UK,EU, they have already started their venom on you, and are ready to carry on their JeHad. HWR, AI and UN do zilch about it. Israel is not perfect. Neither is any other country in this world, but at least we defend ourselves and protect our people. I can say to our President "Sod off" if I dont agree, Say the same thing in Gaza, Oman, Iran......ect. and you and your family are tortured and killed. Or they use you son/daughter as a bomb belt.
14. Human rights values come from the Torah
Ben Tzur ,   Melbourne, Australia   (10.21.09)
and Jewish tradition, and are now used solely to delegitimize the Jewish people and their values. Again and again the antisemites and pagans try to turn things on their head in their eagerness to demonize the Jews whose very existence is a reproach to them. Egypt, Babylon, Greece, Rome, all essentialized slavery, war, unjust institutions, militarism and violence.
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