IDF official: Israel needs better PR
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 21.10.09, 09:02
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1. mega duh, damn it
ghostq   (10.21.09)
the brits pointing out the obvious and now Israelies... I guess that one behavior the brits left behind.
2. And who is the IDF genius who came up with "Cast Lead"???
JPS ,   Efrat   (10.21.09)
Well duh? Is there anybody in the IDF upper echelons with any knowledge of marketing or PR? The IDF would do itself and the country a BIG favor if they had somebody in the general staff with an MBA and several years of serious marketing experience. "Cast Lead"? Yea right. Went over like the proverbial lead balloon. Operation "Free Sderot" or anything that would have let the world know what the operation was about would have done the trick. But no, some brilliant tactician picked a boner of a handle for the military op, and made Israel look like a heavy fisted military conquerer instead of the liberator of the skies of southern Israel. "There is something that can be done…" the IDF said? Sure, the IDF should use it's own brains to start the PR from their own side, instead of giving the image of being military experts but PR morons.
3. NO!
faysal ,   dubai   (10.21.09)
Israel needs to change its policy towards the palestinians.
4. TOO LATE!!!
hakim ,   usa   (10.21.09)
5. Lieberman is enough for all PR-Israel neednot any other face
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (10.21.09)
6. The problem is the LEFTIE ANTI-ISRAEL media who never report
Bias Media   (10.21.09)
on Israel being attacked daily except when Israel retaliates. They simply wait until Israel reacts and then make it look like Israel attacked out of thin air.
7. Photo's
Marc ,   Israel   (10.21.09)
Why does Ynet accompany every article about Cast Lead with photo's of explosions in Gaza? How about some photo's of Sderot residents sheltering from Kassam rockets, of rocket damage in Ashdod, or Israeli kids sitting in bomb shelters? There was damage and suffering here too. I would expect more balanced reporting from an Israeli paper.
8. #2 JPS - excellent point
Juan ,   Spain   (10.21.09)
JPS you make a very good point. The name of the operation Cast Lead was so poorly chosen. Not to mention the ambiguity in English of the word lead, which could mean metal, i.e. bullets etc, but can mean lead as in leading people to victory. The former meaning was a PR gift to the enemy. Operation Free Sderot would have had a much better reception around the world. Although Israel could do with better PR, every prophecy says that the whole world will turn against Israel in the last days. So, do all you can, but don't have great expectations.
9. What a joke this has been going on
Eric... ,   Israel....   (10.21.09)
for years.Israel is a joke for PR.The Arabs have this PR stuff down too a tee.The Arab world comes up with the biggest lies,make up the biggest stories about Israel and the world believe them.We are too blame for this lack of PR.Its time that Israel woke up from this deep sleep and do something.We have too fight back.
10. Israel needs better PR?
Chardon Bleu ,   Geneva Switzerland   (10.21.09)
More lying and cheating in the name of Zionist ideology?
11. Some PR suggestions
Peter Morris ,   New Zealand   (10.21.09)
1. It was a Spielberg movie sequel 2. The photos taken in Gaza all were photoshop touch ups. 3. The Palestinians were guilty of standing in front of bullets. 4. The Ambulances we shot at were all biological weapon labs. 5. Hamas were getting ready to test a nuclear bomb. 6. The flour mills we obliterated could have helped feed Hamas. 7. The hospitals we bombed could have helped Hamas. 8. The Mosque's we decimated were all propaganda factories. 9. Obama never objected therefore we did it to celebrate his inauguration. 10. We did the world a favour by reducing inflation.
12. to #5 ti hi it doesn't matter to the Russians
ghostq   (10.21.09)
much they don't like Muslims also proff Chechnia situation, someone said Russian Tech, yep when dolars from Arab state will end so will the Russian Tech.
13. to #3 it did but than rockets started coming.
ghostq   (10.21.09)
14. Operation FREE SDEROT - YES!!!
Annette ,   Tel Aviv   (10.21.09)
Yes efrat, couldnt agree with u more.
15. PR - In English - American English
Jack ,   USA   (10.21.09)
I think Israel has so many resources and can have a great PR program, they have immigrants from all over the world but the problem is they try and have Israeli's give news briefings and this does not relate well to the world or the American Perople, Even you defense and other ministers sound absourd on the news when giving an interview. Don't have an Austrailian speak to the American people, Have an American like Netanyahu speak to the US or others like him, When we hear eh or eh before a sentence is does not relate well.
16. #13 the (home made) rockets...
faysal ,   dubai   (10.21.09)
kept coming because Israel imposed a full blockade on anything and everything coming in and out of gaza. what do you expect them to do? just nod their heads in acceptance to their new found open-air prison?
17. the headline should be
19. bla bla bla explain killing ??
Jalal ,   Gaza   (10.21.09)
20. Israel need more PR
al ,   us   (10.21.09)
who are the idiots making these decisions? Israel has the best PR and Media support in the world. All what you need is to stop using civilians as human shields, stop attacking schools mosks and hospitals and stop trying to punish you amimies simply by attacking civilans. Have heard of stopping land grab and commit to a peaceful coexistance. That will be you best PR
21. Israel doesnt need better PR....
Marco ,   Spain   (10.21.09)
Israel needs a conscience!
22. to #16 lol blockad came after hamas killed
ghostq   (10.21.09)
two Israelis civilians who worked in gaz station that provided Gaza with fuel, and they renewed the sucide bombing threats you didn't know about it cause it's not in paliwood propeganda, Israel didn't want further civilians lives in jeopardy so they closed the place.
23. to #19 funny sucide bombing victimes
ghostq   (10.21.09)
families ask the same thing,
24. well said
ben ,   jerusalem-palestine   (10.21.09)
you are absolutely right.
25. Better method
Tom   (10.21.09)
Share Jerusalem, have two states roughly alongside the 1967 borders, no right of return for Palestinians. Duh. Everybody knows the solution, except Israelis and Palestinians who still wallow in the delusion that killing each other will bring victory. It won't. Times have changed.
26. Clear from the talk backs who wins the PR game
diane ,   tel aviv, israel   (10.21.09)
Reading Y-Net talkbacks you can always see who is winning the PR game - it's largely pro-Palestinian and exceedingly one sided - are the Israeli's writing similar comments on Arabic news (and other) websites?
27. to #25 in 67 the old city of jerusalem was
ghostq   (10.21.09)
under Israel ruling, in the old city there r the main worship sites ti hi.
28. #2-Israel should have reported rocket fire to local police .
29. There is some limit
Zeeshan ,   India   (10.24.09)
Israel cannot increase its PR , since there is some limit of how much lie and killing can world accept.
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