Rose Pizem's mother: I couldn't betray my partner
Vered Luvitch
Published: 21.10.09, 14:54
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1. Marie-Charlotte Renault
Sarah B ,   New York / Saviyon   (10.21.09)
is a nut job of the first water. She deserves to remain in prison for the balance of her miserable life. She had a choice to make; she made the worst one possible and must be made to pay. In thirty-eight states in the United States she would be on Death Row for accessory after the fact to murder of a child of tender years. And she still tries to justify her actions -- and inactions -- in a manner that is quite hollow and not really believable. Lock her up and throw away the key. Let her rot.
2. Murder in Israel
Salomon MOYAL BLOCH ,   Zurich, Switzerland   (10.21.09)
This article is a pure example of the corruption to the core of the life the israeli arrogant secular leftists are inflicting to a country. Are there not enough problems in Israel that you need to import this kind of troubled and distorted way of life into Israel? I'm missing here the many talkbacks usually triggered by any news connected to the Haredim!
3. Let the court decide....looks like she was psychiatric ill.
benjamin ,   singapore   (10.21.09)
but she can relate to give perfect evidence, therefore still sane. Now that she is challenging the confession report, what is she alleging against the police ? simple, she is diabolising, evidence. Inducemnet threat and violence coming next ! prison for 14 months? wait 20 years minus 14 months comming soon !
4. psycho franch woman
ghostq   (10.21.09)
she needs zapping in the psyc ward or something.
5. Boo hoo sob sob - A whole nation of people HATE YOU
Talula ,   Israel   (10.21.09)
You are a cold blooded child killer and you make me want to vomit. I hope you NEVER EVER get to see your other two children or hug them or kiss them (not that you are capable) you SICK EVIL DISGUSTING EXCUSE FOR MOTHER.
6. Hooters restourant
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim,   (10.21.09)
B"H I checked out the Hooters International website and there is no Israel restaurant there. Countries are listed in alphabetical order and After Guatemala there is Mexico. No Israel, no Netanya. So, I guess there are two good reasons not to go to Hooters to eat: doesn't seem to be kosher and anti-Israel.
7. To: Talula at No. 5
Sarah B ,   New York / Saviyon   (10.21.09)
Amen! You are so right -- she is pure evil. I, thankfully, have a good marriage and a wonderful husband. But if I ever had to choose between one of my children or my husband (life partner) -- guess who's going out the door! Like you, I hope she never sets eyes on her other children, and that they find warm, loving homes. I suspect, unfortunately, it will be a new experience for them.
8. She is only crying for herself
Debbie ,   Toronto   (10.21.09)
She is sorry she was caught. Lock up this witch and her lover forever
9. 6# , the Hooters restaurant in Netanya went bankrupt
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (10.21.09)
10. What do you expect from a Shiksa?
Yerach ,   Jerusalem,Israel   (10.21.09)
11. #10
aviva ,   tel aviv   (10.21.09)
from a shiksa??? who are you to pass this judgment? I must remind you that this month "an engineer", from a nice family, good educational background and also soci--economic context murdered his 3 year-old kid and then, in prison commited suicide. He was a "shiksa" as you speak... so.. if I can put myself in you level, would answer you "I can expect the same I can expect from YOU".
12. Oh, for pity's sake
Sarah B ,   New York / Saviyon   (10.22.09)
I do not care if the abusers were shikseh, sheigetz or Klingon. I do care that a little girl was abused, and killed. I think that religion makes very little difference here. Is there not a little boy who was starved and abused by his Neturei Karta mother? There is. Abuse of a child is a special crime indeed. It requires a great deal of indifference or hatred to kill a child. Whomever does so, deserves the full extent of the law upon him or her. Religion does not matter here. Something quite evil and frightening does. My goodness! We are talking about babies. Helpless children. Can we understand this, please? Well, not me. I do not -- nor do I wish to -- understand the motives behind anyone that would hurt a child. Rose, rest in peace. I would have taken you into my home in a heartbeat had I but known. I am sorry; so, so sorry that I did not know. I would have made a wonderful home for you.
13.  #12! +1
AVIVA ,   TLV   (10.22.09)
finally, someone understands what this is all about. Thanks Sarah
14. Lack o death penalty
bernice ,   illinois   (11.08.11)
Must be kept in soloitary or will encourage other murderers
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