IDF recruits protest settlement evacuation
Efrat Weiss
Published: 23.10.09, 13:15
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1. Kol HaKavod! This Will Only Increase
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (10.23.09)
The government must declare once and for all that never again will Jews be ethnically cleansed from OUR land- and that the role of the IDF is to PROTECT the nation of Israel and the land of Israel.
2. when i was in the army
zach ,   israel   (10.23.09)
I would have evacuated all of the settlements.
3. Let's turn the IDF into a Jewish army
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim,   (10.23.09)
B"H Maybe it's time to turn the IDF into a Jewish army. Won't be easy. Right now the selection process looks like geared to promoting skinheads and Jew-haters.
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (10.23.09)
It is an absolute disgrace that the IDF has been used for evictions of Jewish families in our land. It shows how close we are to being a dictatorship and a vile use of an army served by its people. Instead of an army the IDF is a political tool, were success in battles are secondary. Many high rank officers are chosen based on their brainwashed secular Zionist views, not on their skills as battled hardened leaders. The results are that with all their high tech gadgets the IDF can not stop a bunch of bandits firing home made rockets at us for more then 8 years. Therefore the word "deterrent" no longer applies to the IDF. Meanwhile in the end the bill in blood will get paid for, by us the families who send our children to serve in a army, that is no longer the Israeli defense force, but the IEF(Israeli eviction force) of its own citizens. There should not be one soldier in the IDF who should follow any orders of eviction, it goes against any ethics or morals, for which they were drafted in the first place. Strangely our Rabbinic leaders are very silent about this, is it maybe because they get paid by our fine state?
5. A soldiers job is to DEFEND his country! Not destroy his
Good Work my Brother   (10.23.09)
brothers home!
6. #2 Which army? Eviction not evacuation
David ,   Shilo Israel   (10.23.09)
Zach...You obviously didn't entirely know what you were defending when you were in the army. Israel is the 'home' of the Jewish people, throwing Jews out of their home is not an evacuation but a forced eviction. Secondly, it's true that Israel was conquered by Jews, from the time of Joshua, through King David, through to the corageous victories of our fledging army in 1948 (also comprised of true left wing Jews not afraid to make our country strong), and continued in the 6 day war. Yes, we re-captured territory that was historically included in Israel, and yes we have settled those territories from Tel Aviv, through to Bet El, and north to the Golan. Its also true to say that the defeated enemy (that originally attacked us in the first place) would like to kick us out...out of the whole settlement enterprise including Tel Aviv, which was also conquered during the War of Independence. So my question to you is which army did you serve in, I like to think that you served proudly with our IDF. It's a shame that you have placed values relating to our enemies' desire to 'evict' Jews from the land which the IDF fought so hard to capture, more than the values of good Jews that re-settled our re-conquered land to ensure that those victories were not made in vain. Zach, try and take pride in being a Jew and in your people, before serving the will of the Jewish nation's enemies.
7. They will probably be given retirement.
JO   (10.23.09)
and army has to do what it is told and legally upheld by it's goverement. unless it is immoral. but this is not. To them it must feel like it is.
8. Certainly!, they are recent recruits who can't keep order
observer   (10.23.09)
9. well!, disgraceful pro-settler troops, no more no less
observer   (10.23.09)
10. when you were in the army ...
...   (10.23.09)
you were supposed to fight ennemies, not your people
11. sign of the times ... true peace is between
a   (10.23.09)
people, not leaders /tyrans...
12. Dismiss the failed, disgraced Politicians
Marcel ,   Florida   (10.23.09)
How is it that politicians of failure who oppress their own fellow Jews to appease the unappeasable Islamic hordes are not removed from office but continue to implement their damage on the nation ? Be careful how you treat these brave solidiers because the day of the FAILED Barak's,the Livni's, Peres' and Netanyahu's is coming to an end.
13. No politics in the army
Ilan ,   Ariel   (10.23.09)
What these soliders did was wrong. What Shamni said was also wrong. The army exists to prevent attack from external enemies and is not under the directorate of some Soviet political guidance group.
14. #2 Zach - you would have had to evacuate your family too
Marcella   (10.23.09)
Because in the eyes of the Arabs, all of Israel is an illegal settlement, and the "two-states" ruse is only a stage in a long-term plan to take over all of Israel. International law supports the present borders of Israel. In fact, the land originally assigned to Israel by the League of Nations was even larger. All partitions after that have been illegal. The problem is that none of Israel's governments has dared to challenge the demands for withdrawal and partition in a court of law. It is there that the world would see that all of Israel is legitimately Israeli land. "The final maps of the Mandate clearly set all of Judea and Samaria, Jerusalem, Gaza, and Trans-Jordan as part of the Jewish National Home of Palestine, with all the rights of close settlement."
15. Job well done Hope others learn from your bravery
Norman   (10.23.09)
16. Ahmadinejad wants all Jews in Tel Aviv
Raph Haglund ,   Lund, Sweden   (10.23.09)
Such a nice target! Add a new rule to the description for the IDF: NEVER against Jews! If a Jew commits a crime, that is the job of the police. The soldiers saying so were perfectly right - and in what other way could they say it?
17. The real bottom line
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (10.23.09)
The soldiers should not have protested and should not call to refuse orders. This is a crime whether by Zionists or the extreme Left. But true responsibility lies with Ehud Barak. For some reason, Shamni illegally ignored IDF orders. Shamni should have been immediately dismissed because an army cannot function without discipline, but Barak decided to leave him in command. If senior officers ignore orders and go unpunished, simple soldiers will learn that is the norm.
18. Wallerstein
Ricardo Macher ,   KarneiShomron Israel   (10.23.09)
Mr. Wallerstein may have the best intentions, but he has demonstrated through the years that he just doesn't understand the political scenario or doesn't have the guts to stand a confrontation. He should, for sure, step aside!
19. הבגנת חיילי כקפיר כופרים
מנחם ,   גוש עציון   (10.23.09)
BS"D-I agree with the soldiers & am disgusted by what they did.I am religious,a settler,right-wing, but Tzahal is to defend us with HaShem's Will.They have the right morals, but csitting high up in a tree cut the branch that they & we sit on.Unity.My 6 years in Tzahal I was a shaliach of the Jews.Politics were un-necessary.Anyone who isn't willing to throw me off of my settlement doesn't have to, just pay the price of your belief, but don't weaken our unity.Imagine if all those soldiers in 20 years became high ranking officers and a group of leftists did such a demonstration?
20. god bless idf
rivka ,   Beverly Hills USA   (10.23.09)
i am proud of their strong will and stamina in what they believe. the IDF is to protect our people our nation in Israel not to crush them and evict them! God bless all IDF
21. These soldiers defend their country !
Trumpeldor   (10.23.09)
And Homesh belongs to Israel ! I am so proud of them Am Israel Hai !
22. #2 But that was 60 years ago
Hanz Crebs ,   TA   (10.23.09)
You guys in the 4th division always cracked me up
23. #2 Zach
sharon ,   Israel   (10.23.09)
Good for you!! The settlements are a disaster for the State of Israel in every possible way. They should never have been established.
24. disgusting
marko ,   tel aviv   (10.23.09)
disgusting just a other example of who the extreme right is trying to force its will on all,remove these soldiers from the ranks of the idf and hand out heavy prison sentances to them,depolitises the idf ,its there to serve all the people and not only one side .Asoldiers duty is ti obey the armies orders not oppose or reject them
25. Army doesn't mean democracy
Rcikie ,   Porto Alegre, Brazil   (10.23.09)
It's ridiculous! Army leaders aren't voted. I'ts a group of defense and not a school group! Army members are ranked based on their qualifications and dutties, not on vontes! First comandment on army: nothing less than full respect to superiors.
26. HaShem surely smiles on these soldiers, REAL JEWS, not the
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.23.09)
kind of soldiers who, when accused of attrocities said, "I was just following orders."
27. Rabbi rewards protesting soldiers with thousands of shekels
observer   (10.23.09)
then, how much will the world Jewry reward settlers in compensation for evacuation?
28. settlement no settlement divides Israel RIGHT ???
M. S. ,   mpls america   (10.24.09)
I realize the United Nations America England France are fully against building Israeli settlements in the West Bank Israel gave back the Gaza settlements but the West Bank where do you draw the line to many even Jerusalem is part of the West Bank a real mess with no solution in sight 1 2 10 20 years from now who knows I sympathize with those Israeli soldiers who support settlement alas though it is still 1889 1909 1939 policy that runs the world RIGHT ??? Thank You... M. S.
29. The Jewish people, strong and united will not fear its ...
Ron B. ,   Lod   (10.24.09)
The Jewish people, strong and united will not fear its enemies. Carrying out the demoralizing ejection of patriotic Jews from Gaza was implemented by training the IDF to see the "settlers" as the enemy and the families of Arab terrorists as more worthy of protection than Jews. This made for a psychically weakened IDF when it was called on to fight in Lebanon. Our total faith in our legitimate rights on the Land of Israel will restore even more the spirit of the I.D.F and its deterrence. The Jewish people, strong and united, will then face its enemy and vainquish. As to our legitimate rights on our land at :
30. to #2 When I was in the army, they
jason white ,   afula,israel   (10.24.09)
never would have given us orders to evacuate Jews. Let them give orders to evacuate arab trespassers from their illegal settlements. This is our Jewish land and the cancerous growth of arab settlements must be removed for us to survive.
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