Barak: Still opposed to internal Gaza probe
Roni Sofer
Published: 24.10.09, 14:03
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1. What are his achievements?
MP   (10.24.09)
Zero - losing wars deliberately. He looks more like an old woman every day - seriously suffering from an oestrogen overload problem. Warning warning: he's getting ready to lose war number 3 in a row with EXTREMELY SERIOUS consequences for Israeli lives. Warning warning - you must get rid of the old babushka before "he" does more harm.
2. uh?? what are his achievements
AY_Lamb ,   Globetsan   (10.24.09)
Only one to ascend to the rank of Rav Aluf. He is old though, maybe outta touch with current events.
3. more to the point it is a complete and utter waste of time
Danny   (10.24.09)
and money. Exactly WHO is going to be convinced by an Israeli inquiry? The people who think Goldstone "proved" "war crimes" will think that no matter what evidence is shown.
4. Bury the report?
Shlomo Kamra   (10.24.09)
No-one can tell Ban Ki-Moon to bury the Goldstone Report. It must go to a vote at the GA or the SC. If Israel has done nothing wrong, or is prepared to answer for its crimes, then it has little to fear, except the truth. This will test the maturity of it as a nation state, and that of its politicians and people.
5. What's the matter Barak?
Jerry ,   Canada   (10.24.09)
Can't take the heat of the Goldstone report? I find it ironic that people like him pursue Israel did no wrong in Gaza but when it comes to probing it, they oppose it anyway. It's like telling someone you got 100% on a math test but when they want to see the test paper you say "no, way man".
6. goldstone will die unless Israel keepsw it alive
zionist forever   (10.24.09)
It would be seen as an admission of guilt by Israel. Goldtsone accused Israel of war crimes so the Israeli government took is so seriously they felt there was a need for an internal investigation. It will probably result in creating some scapegoats in the IDF so the government can start coming out with the usual speeches about the IDF is the most morral army in the world and so an investigation was done to root out anybody who was breaking the morral IDF policies. For to long successive governments have worried to much about what the rest of the world thinks. The US will make sure nothing happens in the UN Security Council & both Russia and China who voted for Goldstone have said they are against any further action. Goldstone will be buried in the UN unless Israel decides to start looking to try and show everybody its the good guy and through its own actions keeps Goldstone fresh in peoples minds. Internal probes are fine provided they are done behind closed doors and the only people who will see the findings are the government & IDF top brass. They are the only ones who need to see, it doesn't need to be announced to the world.
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