Prepare for the next war
Asaf Gefen
Published: 26.10.09, 00:50
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1. Dear Mr. Gefen
Shira   (10.26.09)
Israel is not launching wars "for the fun of it". Do you care to remember that before the last war, Israelis living in the south were TERRORISED by missiles on a daily basis? Yes, you might bring up the fact that these missiles were "crude" and "inaccurate" compared to the missiles that, let’s say, every "peaceful" European country has at its disposal...Yes, but would you, as an individual (of any color or creed or nation or religion )would like to live under these conditions for 8 years? 8 YEARS for crying out loud!!! I know I wouldn’t!!! If my US government would make me endure those conditions for 8 f*@cking years, I would probably be VERY upset (to put it mildly) and demand that those miserable bullies who r throwing rockets at me get blown up into a million little pieces !!!Israel is not the perpetrator of the wars. The Arabs are !!! Israel is in a constant state of self defense!!! But you r right about 1 thing: Wars aint a pretty business. They r horrible and innocent people die. But if you stop lamenting Israel's loss at the PR battlefield, you might (finally? ) realize that Israel is situated in a really BAD NEIGHBOURHOOD. So here r the 2 choices you have when living in a bad neighborhood: 1. Protect yourself by occasional intimidation 2. Move out. You know, the second option is as good as any...(-:
2. There should be a hot soapy probe up Goldstein's rear and
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.26.09)
once the water is expelled there would be nothing but teeth and bones. If ever there were a King of Chutzpah it would be this sniveling anti-Semitic "Jew."
3. Funny!
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (10.26.09)
I only wish to make one comment and that with respect to I suspect Mr. Barak means both. After all, the ones doing the fighting and defending, make those nice digs possible for the ones in Paris.
4. Goldstone
Mahlon Drumgoole ,   Newark NJ   (10.26.09)
I watched Goldstone essentially reveal who and what he is on the Bill Moyers show. Moyers, who is an avowed liberal-leftist tried, at times, to play the role of devil's advocate in questioning Goldstone. Goldstone's answers were so illogical and arrogant that it is hard to understand what goes with him. Is he stupid? Maybe. Is he delusional about Israel and his heritage? Maybe, Is he hostile to Israel and a hypocritical and pompous self-righteous fool? Absolutely. To illustrate: Goldstone said that as part of his "investigation", he spoke to a Palestinian who claimed that he chased Hamas members away from his backyard after he noticed that the Hamas men were setting up a rocket to fire into Israel. There was no confirmation of his story but let's, for the sake of argument, say that the story was true. Goldstone then said that if the DF destroyed the Palestinian's house in an attempt to stop the rocket fire, it (Israel) would be guilty of war crimes. When Moyer sort of suggested that the IDF may not have known that the house no longer had the Hamas men firing rockets and was a mistake really a war crime, the self-proclaimed "Zionist" Goldstone repeated his charge of war crime because Israeli intelligence would know that the Palestinian chased the Hamas from his yard. First of all, can you imagine that a Palestinian would be able to chase Hamas terrorists away? Second, if Israeli intelligence is so good, why can't they locate Gilad Schalit? Third, all Palestinians would have to tell this "jurist" would be simple. They would say that we chased Hamas away and therefore any Israeli response to our house is a war crime.
5. UN army couldnt catch even one Hizbalah missile
Marc ,   Teaneck NJ   (10.26.09)
Hizbalah claims that it doubled its arsenal since last Laebanon war under the UN's nose/ NO need for Israel to apologize. UN should be investigated for its war crimes!
6. Always thought that satire had an element of humor
Ilan ,   Ariel   (10.26.09)
Since this is too full of garbage to be taken at face value it must be some form of satire. Problem is that you get the feeling that this pathetic guy really thinks this way. Also isn't satire supposed be at least a tiny bit funny?
7. A further round of conflict is only a matter of time.
Ron B. ,   Lod   (10.26.09)
The 2006 war and the Gaza war must be understood as campaigns within a broader Middle Eastern conflict, between pro-Western and democratic states on the one hand, and an alliance of Islamist and Arab nationalist forces on the other. The latter alignment has as one of its strategic goals the eventual demise of the State of Israel. While such a goal may appear delusional, given the true balance of forces involved, the inconclusive results of the 2006 war did much to confirm the representatives of the latter camp in their belief that they have discovered a method capable of eventually producing a strategic defeat for Israel. It is therefore expected that a further round of conflict is only a matter of time. Israel, meanwhile, must endeavor to develop a strategy capable of striking in a future engagement, even with more efficiency than during the Gaza war, in order to creat more deterrence. As to peace : http://xrl.us/ostjf
8. not a victim
m ,   jerusalem   (10.26.09)
sorry but i disagree with this article israel is not the victim of anything our propaganda makes the world think that and the world is waking up and they are beginning to dislike us when we keep saying we are victims. we are a strong nation and we have the ability to push other nations aside when faced with controversy. Its time to step up nobody likes whiners.
9. #7Ron-You R right -Arabs found a way 4 "strategic defeat"
Alan ,   SA   (10.26.09)
10. No Israeli investigation
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (10.26.09)
Gefen is right that the Goldstone report should be silenced. However, every Israeli investigation would be called a cover-up. Instead, Israel should immediately send the alleged war criminals Barak, Olmert and Livni to be tried for war crimes in the Hague, with Mazuz defending. Goldstone himself has admitted that the report will never hold up in court. Once these three are declared innocent, the report will fade into obscurity.
11. Survival
Leander Jones ,   Rifle, CO, USA   (10.27.09)
The majority of nations does not and will never care what happens to the jewish people. Get over it, live with it... to hell with them. Make them eat their lies, deceit, treachery by living.
12. Prepare for the next war???
ahyar ,   jakarta Indonesia   (10.27.09)
what Asaf Gefen wrote here only show us IDF and it's supporter despair againts Goldstone's report about their war crimes in Gaza. in wake of Gefen fiasco to see the matter clearly but he always glorify and adore ehud barak and his IDF blindly. remember that international community will take firm action if you prepare next war. your suggest in the end of your article is useless. keep by yourself.
13. Mr. Asaf Gefen
Michael Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (10.27.09)
Next time leave the satire to your namesake Yehonatan Geffen, he's much better at it than you are. Go back to writing TV scripts.
14. Who wrote this...
Alex ,   Toronto, Canada   (10.27.09)
Asaf Gefen or Aviv Gefen???
15. M.A.D.
Daniel Francis ,   Berrien Springs   (10.27.09)
If there is no Just peace with the palestinians, the amount of wars launched by Israel to achieve deterrence will be of no consequence. It will only stave of the inevitable: Mutually Assured Destruction.
16. You,Israel are strong in power of HaShem
kaytee ,   Stillwater,USA   (10.29.09)
in the power of His might.No weapon formed against you shall prosper.
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