Jerusalem: Temple Mount riots resume
Efrat Weiss
Published: 25.10.09, 15:27
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1. they r desrcrating their own
ghostq   (10.25.09)
worship place I am preaty sure throwing bomb in holy place can cause harm to their own public, but than again they r palis and they don't use their heads.
2. the more slip of the tongue, the more slip of the leg
observer   (10.25.09)
Jews have to keep their beliefs to themselves; no slip of the tongue allowed.
3. Mistakes
Ricardo Macher ,   KarneiShomron Israel   (10.25.09)
Israel should recognize mistakes made in '67 and let the Wafq know that they have two options, or they administrate the place showing respect to everyone and letting others pray there, or they will be visitors (of course, since Israel will administrate the grounds they will be free to pray)
4. Needs to be a permanent ban on arab men under 50 without a
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.25.09)
written request and permission granted. The arabs will never stop using violence so their access must be controlled.
5. Jews just want to pray
Rafael ,   Yerushalayim Israel   (10.25.09)
Why is a Jew who simply wants to pray on the holiest site on earth according to Torah, called by the police an "extreme-right element?" Why do the Israeli police discriminate against Jews that have only prayer and not politics in mind? Why does Ynet refer to rioting Moslems as "worshipers?" Why does the Israeli establishment have such difficulty discerning between offender and victim?
6. Three points , Just three points !
benjamin ,   sinagpore   (10.25.09)
One, they were never ever part of our place of worship, their worship became MEKAH - the kiblat ! They never used their heads for sure ! Jews only keep their beliefs in their own home land and no slip of tounge in defending your own homeland and you own temple built by your own flesh an blood. David- Solomon.Jerusalem was NOT MUSLIMS or Pals ! Wafq is a bogus concept that has been manipulated infact the wafq concept is not al all quranic. but a kurafat claim on rights and interest that is not prevailent even in their own kitab !
7. arab behavior
Ilana   (10.25.09)
disgusting! Just sickening! Call to protect the mosque? Call to riot for no reason, hurt innocent people, ruin streets with oil-call it was it is! Where are those HRW??? Reporters come and look and see the truth.
8. Please do not kill palestinian Children and their mothers
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (10.25.09)
Israel alreay killed more than any bloody massacre of the decade killing more than 1500 palestinian during cowardish operation by bombing from air. Please do not kill any more palestinian childern and mothers!
9. #8 What a stupid comment.
Taipan ,   Australia   (10.25.09)
10.  those throwing stones, rocks and
Veracity ,   US   (10.25.09)
Molotov cocktails are not worshipers.
11. Gross inequality
Ron Morrison   (10.25.09)
Why should the fanatical Charedim be permitted to pray at their holiest site, the Wall, when the Moslems are being denied access to their holiest site? The Moslems are only reacting to calls by the fanaticla right to conquer the temple mount and the police are caught in the middle. I am sick of the police and army being injured because of the fanatical right wing. They have no respect for law and order, like the left wing. The disgusting, medievil, charedim are allways taking over moslem sites, like Hebron and Shechem. Isn't it time to just outlaw charedi and settlers?
12. # 8 - Israel Police
AARON ,   Jerusalem   (10.25.09)
Yes please please DO NOT kill or murder more Palestinian children and mothers as you have done so many times in the past.
13. #1 The reason Ghostq. Its not their holy site that's why
Taipan ,   Australia   (10.25.09)
If this place is so holy to these people...just why are they defiling it by this behavior? Mecca is Islam's holy site. NOT Jerusalem. That is a given. People around the world do not associate Islam with Jerusalem. They dont. It does not belong to the Muslims. Would they throw Molotov cocktails in Mecca? I think not. This attempt to disenfranchise Judaism from the Temple Mount is just another cynical exercise conducted by these people. This stupidity of course will create problems for Israel and Jews, but ultimately the line will be drawn in the sand, to the extreme detriment to all - especially the arabs.
14. Could someone clarify please?
Ali ,   The Gulf   (10.25.09)
Is the Temple Mount and Alaqsa Mosque are so close to each other that riots are inevitable? cause every other day I hear about these riots... Or do they - Jews and Muslims- worship in the same place?
15. Re: # 5 Temple Mount vs Israeli Establishment
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim,   (10.25.09)
B"H The Temple Mount is a problem for the Israeli establishment (read erev rav). They never wanted it and since they got it through miracles, they are trying to give the Jewish treasures away to the goyim. The Temple Mount has no value to them, in fact it threatens their hold on power as it is a place of the King of the universe. As they know this, they don't allow Jews up there, in their auto-proclaimed so called freedom of religion. Bibi o no Bibi, they also the only establishment in the world that officially uses its army and black-uniformed security forces to destroy synagogues and beit midrashim and private property of Jews, if they are in places they don't want Jews to LIVE, in Eretz Israel. With other words, strange as it may sound, this is the most anti-Semitic regime in the world in this century.
16. to #13 you right I checked it out and
ghostq   (10.25.09)
it only a third importance they just abuse the place for political gain and I think behaving like that in holy gods place will make god angry and he is not as merciful as they think. in the past he did put plagues apone the people who wanted ill for the Israelites.
17. #14
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (10.25.09)
Ali, I hope this helps The First Temple was built by King Solomon on the site where Abraham almost sacrificed his son. The First Temple was destroyed in 586 BCE. The Second Temple was rebuilt at the same place on 516 BCE. Herod replaced the Second Temple in 19 BCE, including building a rectangular wall supporting a large plaza. During the genocide of the Jews by the Romans, the Second Temple was destroyed and replaced by a pagan temple which later became a church. Instead of the church, the Muslims built two mosques on the plaza, including the Dome of the Rock built on the site of the Temple. Under the Turkish and the British occupations, Jews were sometimes allowed to pray at a corner of the rectangular wall. Under the racist Jordanian occupation, Jews were prohibited from visiting even the wall. Upon liberation of Jerusalem, Israel allowed Muslims to keep praying and control the Temple Mount, while Jews were again allowed to pray at the wall. Currently some Jews want to build a small synagogue on the Temple Mount so that everyone can pray there, similar to the situation in Abraham's grave in Hebron. Extreme Muslims want to return the Jordanian situation and regularly attack Jews praying at the wall. Despite the legal and international obligation for freedom of religion, the Israeli government still prohibits Jews from praying on the Temple Mount.
18. I am with #5
Rose   (10.25.09)
19. No rights to Arabs on Jerusalem.
Ron B. ,   Lod   (10.25.09)
Arabs and/or Muslims have no historical rights on Jerusalem. In the days of Muhammad, who died in 632 c.e., Jerusalem was a Christian-occupied city within the Byzantine Empire. Jerusalem was captured by caliph Omar only in 638 c.e. About 80 years after Muhammad died, Malik's son, Abd el-Wahd ‒who ruled in 705-715‒ reconstructed the Christian-Byzantine Church of St. Mary and converted it into a mosque, he named it El-Aqsa, so it would sound like the one mentioned in the Koran as described at :
20. Riots on the Mount
Bruria   (10.25.09)
First, it is arab adults rioting and if there are children and women they are there by choice--hoping to be injured to make the press. Second, it is not "fanatical Charedim" as most of them won't go up on the mount. Generally it is foreign tourists who go on tours. Third, I am sick of Israel being blamed for arab violence. Since the world at large refuses to use their brain we must prosecute these war mongers and deport them. Enough is enough.
21. #17 by a small synagogue you mean demolishing alaqsa and
JayZ ,   Jerusalem   (10.25.09)
replacing it with the small synagogue?eh? Or perhaps dividing it like, the Ibrahimic Mosque of Hebron, where moslems are occasionally allowed to pray, according to the mood of the soldier guarding its gates?
22. Every Time An Arab Walks The Temple Mount...
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (10.25.09)
he is descecrating the holiness of the most holy place on Earth. Why do we allow them to defile the site of our sacred Temples? Why do not stop them from going up there in the first place? It is better that the Temple Mount be closed off to all visitors, including Jews, until the Third Temple is built. and they have the Chutzpa to throw rocks at our fine and honorable Jewish policemen and soldiers! What a disgrace!
23. What are the muslims doing there in the first place?
Johnny ,   Stockholm Sweden   (10.25.09)
It's time to take back the temple mount!
24. Transfer all arabs !!
John Antex ,   New York City   (10.25.09)
Why can't Israeli people get it -- remove all arabs from their midst, their survival depends on it.
25. to #21 you mean the mosque whom palis burnd
ghostq   (10.25.09)
jewish bible books, and sprayed swastikas. not the first time palis desecrated other people places. this is another time.,7340,L-3683844,00.html
26. #21
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (10.25.09)
I don't understand your letter. Do you support freedom of religion and think Jews and Muslims should be allowed to pray and only concerned about destruction of Dome of the Rock? Do you condemn rock throwing at worshippers even if they are Jews? Or do you think that Jews should not be allowed to pray under any circumstances? The only holy site I know that has been destroyed is Joseph Tomb in Shchem, and it was not Jews who destroyed it. In the "Ibrahim mosque" are buried Abraham, his son Issac and grandson Jacob who are the forefathers of the Jews. Under the Jordanian occupation, Jews were not allowed to visit this holy site at all. Upon liberation of Hebron, all faiths may pray there, Jews as well as Muslims. "Occasionally allowed to pray" means more than half the time for Muslims. Prayer times for Jews and Arabs are decided in cooperation with the Waqf.
27. Spare the Rod - Spoil the Muslim
Dan ,   Titusville, FL   (10.25.09)
When will we realize what is going on. What the muslims lost in war they want back with further violence. It is time to tell them that Israel is a Jewish nation and they are not welcome if they misbehave in any way. The Temple Mount is a holy JEWISH area and we are allowing muslims to defile it and God.
28. You Misunderstand: This Is Terrorstinian Peace
emanon ,   USA   (10.25.09)
29. Islam and calm ,two opposites
Marcel ,   Florida   (10.25.09)
Israel has been too restrained in dealing with the Islamic movement and now it will be more difficult to curb the wolf. The Israeli leftist mindset is to run to the Waqf wolf for help in calming the situation when thye are part of the problem. Molsems will always stand with good,bad,moderate moslems against Israel,ALWAYS, or they are not long for this world dear clueless Dudi. You talk tough but they are only words for vengance is only against Jews who obey HaShem and build upon the land He has given them to rebuild on. The fearful and faithless Dudi Cohen's only know how to surrender to and appease the enemies of Israel which ALWAYS lead to failure and disaster.
30. UNHCR and the Temple Mount
DT ,   TA Israel   (10.25.09)
Any minute now the UNHCR will want another "Goldstone" enquiry -criteria of which will be utter condemnation of the Israli police for "not allowing themselves to be hurt more "
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