Dorner backs internal inquiry into Goldstone Report
Published: 25.10.09, 15:23
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1. no probe
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (10.25.09)
There should be no Israeli probe. If the probe shows what is already known, that no war crimes were committed, Goldstone supporters would say it is a cover-up. Israeli has only two choices: either declare Goldstone a war criminal who penned this "report" to incite racism and genocide or send Olmert, Livni and Barak to the Hague for a trial where an International Court will decide whether they are innocent are not.
2. I. I. #1
Shlomo Kamra   (10.25.09)
Writing a report does not constitute a war crime. You exagerate, like most jews. So can you tell me what is the difference between a demonstration, and a rioter? What is the difference between a terrorist and a resister/ freedom fighter? What is the difference between people dying or being chased away, and genocide? What is the difference between disagreeing with a jew's opinion, and being an anti-semite? All of these terms are being well and truly overused, and out of context. Oh, and Israel should be probed for its war crimes in Gaza, and beyond.
3. The only thing we should take seriously about the goldstone
rebecca ,   Modiin   (10.25.09)
rport is it's intent, not it's "findings" or its "recomendations" both of which are tainted by its very seriously biased, hate filled intent.
4. #2
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (10.25.09)
Incitement to genocide is a crime against humanity. If Goldstone did not commit this crime he has nothing to fear and should prove his innocence in a court of law. But you and I agree that Olmert, Livni and Barak should be tried. The question is whether you agree that Obama should also be tried for the murder of 80 Afghan civilians. What about NATO leaders for the war crimes in Serbia? As for the English lesson, I am glad to oblige: The difference between "demonstration" and "riot" is a question of violence: for instance shooting rockets at little children is not a "demonstration". A "terrorist" intentionally attacks civilian targets to make political gain in excess of any military achievement. "Freedom Fighter" is a term invented by the Soviet Union to whitewash their proxy armies which included "Terrorists" as well as "irregulars" and "partisans" who attack military targets. Genocide is a crime where the criminal physically exterminates someone, like what the Germans did to the Jews or what the Arabs tried to do to the Iranians in the Iran-Iraq war. People being chased away may be a result of conflict (100,000 refugees in recent Pakistan fighting) or ethnic cleansing, like the Arabs did to the Jews starting in the 1920s in places like Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria and Yemen. Disagreeing means two people disagree. An antisemite may agree with a Jew (ice cream is nice) and also disagree with a Jew (that dress fits you or not).
5. What shoulf be probed are the tendentious methodologies of
JMK ,   NYC   (10.25.09)
the Goldstone Report.
6. Dorner should keep quiet
Shalom   (10.25.09)
I am sick and tired of hearing from this bygone, leftist, elitist, self-hating Jews. Arabs lie; period!
7. goldstone saddened, gee whiz, we are sooo sorrry
disgusted ,   zion   (10.25.09)
does anyone else find it laughable that goldstone and donner should be lecturing israel on how to protect its citizens from thousands of rockets .. and base their decisions on biased heresay. These two clowns are simply destructive. Oh yes, they think they have the high moral ground because who likes war crimes. But they are fools for falling for that phoney intellectual trap as schoolyards are hit by rockets. High ground? they ought to go back under the rock they crawled out from.
8. Dorner speaks volume about how degraded the Israeli
Genuine Moshe   (10.25.09)
judicial system is. Droner like others is an just idiot who lost all her senses.
9. Retired Judge Dorner.
Rex Harrison ,   Ramat Gan   (10.25.09)
I am always glad to listen to what this wonderful woman has to say.How lucky we are to have contributers like her here.
USA ,   AMERICA   (10.25.09)
AMERICA looks a bit fed up with Israel. finally.
11. goldstone arrogant
alexi   (10.25.09)
Because israel didn't co-operate with him during his mission and because of israel's reaction to his report, goldstone is not coming to a press conference in israel. This is a spoiled person talking. Moreover, as someone with experience in the courts, a quasi fact finding mission has to be impartial period. When goldstone chose chinkin to be a member with her prior condemnaiton of israeli aggression in gaza as war crimes, he was not impartial. He can rationalize it, his committee had the appearance of bias and that is fatal to its mission. Finally, chinkin and goldstone would have israel respond to rocket fire in proportion and necessity. So if gaza fires 60 rockets loaded with ball bearings and rusty nails, then israel should fire and equal number. But then israel would kill 10 people while gaza killed one person. So chinkin would argue that is out of proportion. So what that means is israel cannot respond to rocket fire except only to hit the groups and those who send them. Goldstone has destroyed himself with his report and his conduct thereafter.And if trials occur in the hague and the judges rule in particualr cases that israels, one, were not guilty, and the charge was poorly founded and without merit, goldstone should be reprimanded and have to pay costs of israeli defence. Finally, Goldstone got suckered by hamas lies and intimidation. All the charges are without merit.Goldstone has overreached.
12. Just to add a note:
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (10.25.09)
Goldstone refuses to visit Israel but he is a member of the board of governors at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. This does not compute. At any rate, how much longer is the university going to pay his fee and his expenses for this position? And do we really want him? Wouldn't it be more expedient and prudent to ask him to resign? If he refuses, shouldn't we end his tenure poste haste?
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