Prof. Weiss at rightist event: Build third temple immediately
Efrat Weiss
Published: 25.10.09, 21:53
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1. 3rd Temple
kevin john lee ,   Glasgow , UK   (10.25.09)
I cant believe that this proposal is being given the light of day,The only place that a Temple could ever be contemplated,is where the Dome of the Rock,is standing,and long may it remain so.The Temple before 70CE was the only place for sacrifices,after the Temple"s destruction,Judaism as is known today was born,in Yavneh! The Jerusalem Talmud,and Prayer. Also Judaism took on many sides,Secularism,Reform,Liberal,Conservatism,as well as Orthodox,Hasidism etc.The Temple lives,and always will as long as There is a Temple Mount,and there is a Jerusalem,and an Israel. Kevin J Lee.
2. Are these the religious who don't serve?
felipeb ,   santa fe . usa   (10.25.09)
Somethign about these rabbis reminds me of America's Jewsih neonons who bellow for war yet are unfamilar with the uniform, as are their children. Do the students of there warmonering rabbis serve in the IDF? Or do they expect others to pay the blood price of their fanaticism?
3. Of course they serve
D from Israel ,   Israel   (10.26.09)
Yes they Rabbis and their families support service and serve!
4. The Torah also commands us to destroy all non Jewish sites
Arik   (10.26.09)
of worship in Israel so how can the Rabbi say the Mosque can remain? It is against the Torah for it to be there, and it is covering the Holy of Holies. The muslims have no right to have access to the Temple Mount. We should protest their access in the same way they protest ours
5. Disassemble the desecration, send it to saudi arabia
Johnny ,   Stockholm Sweden   (10.26.09)
It needs to go, and the truth needs to be built.
6. You understand
ken ,   Australia   (10.26.09)
Yes i agree, this capitulation only brings more violence. Its the only thing they have. What makes these people so violent and unable to share in life is a tragic dilema. Yet they will come with rocks and stones and rallied to do so by there people, the ones that controll them through there religion. Its wrong to put the breaks on judaism to get away with out haveing any confrontations, and on the issue of the temple mount , you in israel have completly let them get away with it. They have no right to riot in the holiest place possible, therfore have no rights. You must see that arab extremism today through all the little networks they have put together are nothing more than an arabic stage show, any terrorist video or upriseing you see, is just a scare tactic and nothing more , how can you be fooled by such a stage show , when ever they feel the preasure they react, its like kid stuff, they act like little childeren who want to play all day with out haveing to answer to anyone. We cant be fooled by stage shows, and they have learned to orchestrate this shannanigan all to well, they know very well how to use jewish empathy to there advantage and make a vast game plan around it. You must strike them back to get them in a position where these childish outbursts stop and dialogue takes over - but in our favour. We must also be understood. They do not have all the rights over this area and have no right to cause trouble regarding it. if this is the souce of there power on earth why does it not help them and so what are they hideing, they definatly know some thing they are not telling us , why all the confrontation there must be something there hideing and I think they can know exactly what it is , a reversal in legitimization and so they dont even want to get close to this dialogue, they cant hold back the truth forever. Its time to uncover it. And then let them answer for it, maybe when this happens they will finally leave and go back to egypt and jordan from which they originally come from.
7. The first second temples were not built though war
David G   (10.26.09)
The first temple and second temples were not built though war and neither will the third. King David was not allowed to build the first temple because he had stained his hands with the blood of war, he did not even capture the temple mount in battle, but rather was commanded to go out of his way and buy it outright. The second temple was only built after Cyrus gave his permission and blessing. The same will be for the Third. We will wait till it can be done in peace, we are a patient people, but we must have faith it will happen.
8. Ship the mosque to Mecca. You dont see Jews building shuls
Jae ,   Lynn US   (10.26.09)
in mecca atop the qaaba, nor do you see them building shuls atop the vatican. This travesty of history needs to be mended once and for all. Build the Temple, but know the better Temple is in our hearts and minds. As our prophets tell us. Still Hashem needs a physical dwelling place. It is human nature as God has designed us. as long as men need homes, need reverence
9. building of third temple
sandy ,   australia   (10.26.09)
I agree with this guy totally...I also agree that israel is starting to give in to the acts of violence from the paliestains ...Israel use to stand against them much stronger which i admired so not loose the rich beautiful culture u have to these muslim radicals as other countries have done..australia is weak in dealing with them as well and we have lost our culture...Israel is a beautiful country and u have kept up the traditions of ur forefarthers so well...u have keep the hebrew language alive too.....stay strong Israel...much as the media are hard on u...many stand with u...I for one can be counted upon to stand with Israel fully
10. you have already built the third temple
tek masn ,   monterey ca   (10.26.09)
in Dimona what else do you need
11. madness!!!
ben mordecai   (10.26.09)
the zionist founders from herzl to weitzman to ben gurion and jabotinsky are rolling over in their graves.... let them build their temple in Brooklyn or better yet send them to Texas to commune with their fundamentalist brethren.
12. Rabbi Weis and Rabbi Lior!!!
Israeli 2   (10.26.09)
The 3rd Temple is already built. The time has not yet come for it to be. The removal of the temple mount is imperative. All that you are doing is inciting and angring everyone. This is not the time....although i am mostly on your side as my patience is running out.
Leonard ,   Austin   (10.26.09)
All of the Land of Israel is Jewish. Read the Torah, Christian bible and the Qur'an. They all acknowledge the fact that the land is entirely Jewish. If the Jewish people want to build the Third Holy Temple on the Temple Mount, then go right ahead. It's Jewish land. Peace will only come to the nations of the world when Jews live in all of the Land of Israel, the Third Holy Temple is built and the Messiah has arrived.
14. Eagerly awaiting the new Temple!
Curtis ,   USA   (10.26.09)
Even I as a non-Jew look forward to seeing the new Temple. Jerusalem seems somehow incomplete without it. Especially with that domed monstrosity usurping the attention of what should rightly exist there.
15. Dangerous and bad timing, this will not stop Goldstone repor
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, Texas   (10.26.09)
I was told afew weeks ago that some action in Lebanon or on the Temple Mount would happen to stop the focus on the Goldstone report. This kind of action worked in the past but unlikely now.
16. You do that your own, Johnny from Sweden #5
John ,   Europe   (10.26.09)
It's so great to bark from Sweden, protected as a holy cow, and command people to go to death. You schmuck, you know what would happen when they would lay a single finger upon Al Aqusa? All Arabs would gladly jump on 5 million Jews (yes, your ass nicely protected in Sweden, as a SWEDISH citizen!) and massacre them, while the world would gladly watch - having excuse that "Jews started it!" You have death wish? Stop shouting from Sweden, go to Temple mount and try to remove it with your own hand. THEN warmonger here.
17. Jerusalem Muslim Council:
Ron B. ,   Lod   (10.26.09)
Temples in Jerusalem 'Beyond Dispute' In complete opposition to the claims promoted by the PA, as reported by Israel National News last year, a tourist guide published by the Supreme Muslim Council (the Waqf) of Jerusalem in 1925 declares of the Temple Mount, "Its identity with the site of Solomon's Temple is beyond dispute. This, too, is the spot, according to universal belief, on which 'David built there an altar unto the L-rd....' " More about the Supreme Muslim Council (the Waqf) of Jerusalem in 1925 at :
18. it will happen
Leonard ,   LA. usa   (10.26.09)
It is written and the dome will fall and the new temple will be built.It won't matter what the UN. or anyone else says it will be built soon.
19. The Temple will be a house of peace for all nations
BJL ,   usa   (10.26.09)
It shouldnt be feared but welcomed! The entire world will benefit from it.
20. Just build an elevator and grab the horse and the idiot...
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (10.26.09)
and bring em back down. Give them a plane ticket to Mecca and tell em to fly up in the sky on their own friggin religious turf. Muslims are always trespassing on other religions religious sites for publicity. Tell them you'll move the mosques to Mecca free of charge.
21. Actually #16, Johnny has a refreshing view from Sweden
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (10.26.09)
All the events you mention and worse have already happened to Israel while this Muslim abomination has been in place. Now it is time to try a new approach by removing this ghastly Golden Cow idolatry from the heart of Jewish lands. If the one from Mecca will be erased too this will pacify Muslims, proving to them that what they believe in is false, this is how the Jihadi mind works Contrary to everything else coming out of Sweden these days as a repeat of old prejudices, Johnny there makes a bold and sensible suggestion, give a try for a change
22. well I don't know if the blueprints
ghostq   (10.26.09)
can be called that cause the Technolegy is much older, but it's interesting indeed, and the bulilding was ahead of his tme, back than peopel didn't knew what is green building yet they built one, mmm I keep hoping, just imagin all chritians and jews praying under the same roof in the house of god, it makes warm fuzzy feeling inside.
23. The Temple
JOE WISE ,   VISTA, USA   (10.26.09)
Ezekiel in 42:20, describes a wall five hundred reeds long and five hundred broad, to make a separation between the sanctuary and the profane place. Beware of false Messiah's, True peace wont occure in Israel/Jerusalem until Yeshua's feet land on the Mount of Olives, and this won't happen until YOU God's chosen people look upon Him whom you have pierced with a broken & contrite heart and say Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord! God's Blessings, Grace & Peace
24. Joe, I've got news for you buddy, all messiah's are false
Rob ,   Johannesburg South A   (10.26.09)
Arn-Orao. ,   Sweden-Srbia.   (10.26.09)
IN DANIEL CHAPTER 11:21-12:13., A TEMPEL SEEMS TO BEE IN PLACE, DURING THE REIGN OF, "THE KING OF THE NORTH", "LUCIFER"., IN JESAJA, "AL-MAHDI"., OF SHIA ISLAM. THEN DURING HIS REIGN STARTS, " THE GREAT AND TERRIBLE DAY OF JEHOWAH "., DANIEL CHAPTER 12:1- 1"And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince who standeth for the children of thy people; and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation, even to that same time. And at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one who shall be found written in the book. THIS IS THE 3d WORLD WAR, HESEKIEL CHAPTER 38-39. BEFORE THIS WAR HE WILL COME - 5"Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD. 6And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the land with a curse." THE "LAND" HERE IS ISRAEL !!!. Arn-Orao.
26. It is time to build
Tyra ,   Lebanon, US   (10.26.09)
We are in the final years before God of Abraham arrives to judge the wicked and send wrath to the unrighteaous so that they REPENT. For God does not wish for anyone to perish, but to have ever lasting life. THIS IS ISRAEL'S TEMPLE AND IT'S THEIR LAND.
27. temple rebuilt
Cook ,   Summerville, Dorch.   (10.26.09)
When Israel Proper beleives G-d not only exists, but is for Israel, more than the devil is against, there will be a Temple rebuilt.
28. It will happen
Rosanne ,   San Dieog, USA   (10.26.09)
You are so right !!
29. Temple Mount/Mount Zion
Telma Anijar ,   USA   (10.26.09)
The Temple Mount does not belong to anyone but G-d Himself. He calls it His mountain. So, while everyone is fighting to claim the mountain, has anyone asked G-d who He wants on top of his mountain? The Dome of the Rock will stand in its place until the day G-d decides to remove it. G-d is in control, and not humans.
30. The Tanach does indicate that there will be a third temple
Galut ,   Selah   (10.27.09)
only time will tell when certainly will cause a fire storm in the mid east
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