Protesting IDF recruits to get NIS 22,000
Efrat Weiss
Published: 26.10.09, 08:42
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1. Rich American donors
This is outrageous, instead of donating money to people who clearly broke the law (political activity prohibited in the army) he can donate to: jewish youth movements, summer camps, synagogues, social programs to help problematic teenagers, cancer patients... I hope these kids come to their senses and reject this money.
2. no way to run an army
irv ,   nyc ny us   (10.26.09)
The familes should not be allowed to accept the money. Military discipline cannot be for sale. Subverting military orders is surely a crime. Every effort should be made to identify the 'donor' and a warrant issued for his/her arrest if ever they enter Israel. Nip this in the bud. If not it is just another step down the road, first to anarchy, second, to civil war, and third to the end of Israel.
3. 100% tax on this windfall for bad behavior.
Lama Aliti ,   Netanya, Israel   (10.26.09)
4. American Donors
Df ,   Beer Sheva, Israel   (10.26.09)
I would tend to say that this donor, who remains anonymous is trying to assuage his conscious for remaining in the galut and is paying blood money for someone else "fighting" his battles for him. This also goes for the other side of the political spectrum - J Street - Everyone telling Israel what to do but not having the ..... to come here for more than a short visit to be squired around and not see the real Israel. Tzahal should and needs to remain apolitical. Unfortunately in the last decade or so it has become politicized. And people like this donor simply adds to this process which will eventually destroy Tzahal and, along with it, Israel.
5. what do you care
nicole ,   tzfat   (10.26.09)
I dont see why any of should care or have a say in what the donor does or does not do with his money. To #1 this article is about specific to the soldiers, how are you to know that the donors dont donate to other organazations. I'm israeli and very pro israel but sadly enough most of israels biggest supporters live in america. so If them "feeling bad" for living in galut motivates them o send money so be it. The families should accept the money if it was sent to them it might has well been sent from above.
6. To#1: They broke no law!
Warrior   (10.26.09)
7. thank you Barak
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (10.26.09)
Rewarding soldiers who broke army discipline is wrong, but the only one to blame is Ehud Barak. The only reason these two privates waved the sign is because their officers (a Colonel and a Major General) repeatedly ignored army discipline and regulations. When a soldier sees that his officer ignores orders, he assumes that is valid. The soldiers should be punished, but these failed officers punished tenfold. Instead, Ehud Barak decided to promote them.
8. #2 what army ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (10.26.09)
In the last 2 wars the IDF has failed to defeat the enemy Hizbollah and Hamas. This politically led group of soldiers gets it's orders to fail from the US president. It' gets it's orders to tear down Jewish homes and evict Jews from their land from the same foreign power which controls Israel. This is not an army ,it's lost it way. thanks to the capitulation and retreat politicians like Livni,Olmert,Ehud Barak ans Netanyahu
9. Soldiers
Marilyn ,   USA   (10.27.09)
Americans are rebels by nature. Sometimes it's good, other times bad. I leave it up to other people to decide.
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