Educational body: Israeli academia's future bleak
Yaheli Moran Zelikovich
Published: 26.10.09, 14:31
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1. yes
Danielle ,   centre   (10.26.09)
when a country steals 2-3 years of a persons life for the army, then makes those people pay top for their higher education, then make no effort to create feasible working conditions, then tax the hilts off them.....well....what do you expect.
2. Pass the brains
Erwin ,   US   (10.26.09)
He proudly - but wrongly- compares past israel Nobel science winners to his dire future prediction of situation. I get impression from readings that Israel is aware of need to regain those brains and have them return to help make a better future, Hope those efforts will succeed. Think I read somewhere about 20-25% of US foreign professors are Israeli !
3. Faculty members getting older.
Philip ,   Afula,Israel   (10.26.09)
There is another reason for this,so many old faculty members simply cling to their positions. Not surprisingly many of the "junior " staff get pissed off and move to richer pastures. As in any event they are poorly paid and have their advancement blocked you dont need to be Einstein to understand this.
4. They don't want us here!
Devian ,   Q.Bialik, Israel   (10.26.09)
Apparently, judging from the atmosphere and the remarks at the Hebrew site, this country doesn't need academics. It needs rabbis and mitzvahs observant jews. Namely, a herd of sheep. Makes running the country easier and stealing any serious income from the middle class that simpler.
5. The good and bad of Israel's brain drain
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (10.26.09)
As Jewish refugee scholars from Europe strengthened western academia, so too are Israeli scholars - economists and scientists especially - doing so today. (One - Virginia Tech's Liviu Librescu - was a hero in 2007 as he died saving his students from a campus killer.) They are a clear loss to Israel. The more radical of the post-Zionist "scholars" from the humanities and social scientists will hardly be missed, though they now have the opportunity to spread their poison elsewhere. Witness Ilan Pappe at Exeter, Neve Gordan (as a visiting prof) at the U of Michigan. Many expat Israeli scholars are active in the anti-Israel movements. Netanyahu talks of curbing the brain drain, but that will require clearing out the "dead wood" in many departments, creating many new positions, and funding more research.
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