Turks stage anti-Israel protest
Associated Press
Published: 26.10.09, 17:45
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1. I was hoping to hire Turkish workers here, in Haifa. No more
Shlomo Hazan ,   Haifa, Israel   (10.26.09)
Turkey can forget to see any contribution coming from me and my business towards the betterment of the Turkish state and its people. P.S. I stopped going for holiday to Turkey after its prime minister opened his mouth and insulted our president in Davos.
2. Hazan, your President assisted...
Noor ,   Palestine   (10.26.09)
in the wanton destruction of civilian infrastructure as well as the indiscriminate targeting of of thousands of civilians, not to mention its country's experimentation with white phosphorus and depleted uranium bombs against one of the most, if not the most populated geographic entity in contemporary world politics. Your President is a war criminal as well as the vast majority of Knesset members. Israel is not an exception to terror, Mr. Shlomo. Stop supporting terror, Hazan. Support peace and open your eyes before it's too late. You can put that in your pipe and smoke it, mate.
3. where is the liberal army?
002 ,   Netanya   (10.26.09)
The army should get in to the parlament and start a new election without the islamic party .
4. Turkey is joining the Axis of Evil! Irans missles in Turkey
Axis of Evil ,   Unmasked   (10.26.09)
will be able to hit all points in Europe!
5. I Hope Some Turk Reads This
Raz ,   Rishlach   (10.26.09)
I have an internet business that is expanding. I was going to go to Turkey for customer service reps (hire minimum 20, expand to 40 in a year) but forget it - I'll go to India. Better quality people, anyways, without the political baggage.
6. #1 good for you. loyalty counts for alot.
gal1 ,   israel   (10.26.09)
i'm boycotting the name turkey i'm gonna start calling the place chicken.
7. These people are definitely Ottomans not Turks
European ,   Europe   (10.26.09)
8. Muslim are Muslims
cas reader   (10.26.09)
The Bible prophecies are coming into fulfilment. The Turks will eventually side with the Arabs to attack Israel.
9. #2 There is no sovereignty is not on the map
Dan ,   USA   (10.26.09)
that is what happens when the people like you are mired in hate, terrorism, honor killings and savage-like acts. You believe in something that does not exist and has never existed.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (10.26.09)
To my reckoning there were much more than 500.Good begining,nevertheless!!
11. Liberal Turkey wake up
Nora Tel Aviv   (10.26.09)
Get rid of this Islamist Erdogan and his party. Otherwise you will become another Iran.
12. Turks Anti-Israel
Nili   (10.26.09)
They have chosen their side and will not listen to reason. Now it is our job to totally boycott. No trips, no trade. Yes, it was a nice place to visit, but now, it may not even be safe anymore.
13. turks protest
alexi   (10.26.09)
Erdogan continues with his ranting and raving like a lunatic dumbbell. He says wild typical arab rhetoric, ahaminejad is a friend, and so on. Then he says but our strategic relatinship is still intact. It proves that his management degree cannot overcome his islamic brainwashing. Turkish military are in their barracks on the defensive so israel has to seek new friends. Forget about turkey. Olmert has done so much damage to Israel, it is unbelievable.Using Turkey and putting on the record incredible concessions has put israel in the noose. One can only hope that the wrath of hashem finds its way to olmert. Finally, Goldstone and his wife Noelle have a comfortable lunch in London while is squirming with arabs smiling on in approval of his report.Goldstone got suckered by hamas as virtually all of the witnesses are fabricating stories.Without cross examination, his whole mission is without foundation. Nontheless, his not wanting to come to israel to face the press counil shows that he is close to olmert in cowardice.
14. We will protest carrying Independent Kurdistan/Armenia flags
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (10.26.09)
and independent Coptic flag too Then we will burn Ottoman Turkey and Egyptian occupation powers flags
15. Noor, you're only embarrassing yourself.
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (10.26.09)
"indiscriminate targeting"? "experimentation with white phosphorus and depleted uranium bombs"? You're talking nonsense, and clearly don't know what you're talking about. Quit while you can before you further embarrass yourself.
16. #2 You and your hubbly bubbly again
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (10.26.09)
17. Protests are not announced beforehand otherwise a million
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (10.26.09)
or more would gather together against Israel
18. to raz
jan robin ,   finland   (10.26.09)
ı support you decision as ı am kurd..the turkish PM a hypocrite..because he support hamas and blame all jews people..other hand he is oppresive the kurdish people without any cultural justice...long live kurds and israel
19. Reply to #2: Ma Noor
Leslie ,   Brooklyn USA   (10.26.09)
There you go again, repeating a lie and dressing it up as a truth with lipstick! Ghaza is NOT one, the, or close to the most populated geographic entity in contemporary world politics (thats a fancy way of covering its ass, Ma Noor's). Check out Karachi, Istanbul and Mexico City waaaay before you compare the Balistinian population of ghaza. Speak the truth? Not from an arab!
20. I almost had lunch at a Turkish restaurant today
But then I remembered the boycott, and I ate somewhere else.
21. To # 11
Atheist Turk ,   Germany   (10.26.09)
Hello Nora. You are absolutely right, but how to get rid off of him? I wanted to send him to Arabia and buy him a camel for that, but I am afraid I have to buy a whole caravan for him and his supporters, who are a lot in Turkey. Sad but true. So please let me know how we can get rid off of him. Kindest regards
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (10.26.09)
just to make fun of a clown from Central Asia occupying Christian lands
23. staged!!
lahoucine ,   morocco   (10.26.09)
the title of the articl is misleading you don' need to stage a march against isreal you just need to ask people to turn on TVs to witness the facts
24. Is that Tayfun there in the photo holding the burned flag?
25. after all Ataturk and those that followed
meg ,   israel   (10.26.09)
have done to bring Turkey nto a modern era, seems to have crumbled and now Turkey is slipping back into an islamic middle ages. Maybe Israelis boycotting turkey for holidays wont hurt them too much, but if it comes to the european market, it certainly will, unless of course the do an "all in" for the Syrians and Iranis!, maybe even the palestianians that can afford holidays and beleive me there are plenty of them, even in Gaza..(.we never see the rich folks part as that doesnt sell media!)
26. Go for it Turks!
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (10.27.09)
The sad truth is that the fantasies portrayed in Arbian Nights have long since become an Islamic nightmare in large measure because the Islamic world has no real consensual governments; statism and tribalism hamper market economics and ensure stagnation. Sexual apartheid, Islamic fundamentalism, the absence of an independent judiciary, and a censored press all do their part to ensure endemic poverty, rampant corruption and rising resentment among an exploding population. This what awaits Turks in the near future
27. Turkey, Israel, and Israeli media.
Anon ,   Istanbul, Turkey   (10.27.09)
Israelis and Israeli media are taking those tiny demonstrations far too seriously. This was a demonstration of 500 people. What is 500 out of 70+million Turks? This story isn't even covered in Turkish media. Also, that anti-Israeli TV show's ratings were very low and people didn't even know about it before Israelis made it a big issue. I understand Israel's sensitivities, but in reality very few Turks care about Israel and Palestinians. Anyway, Israelis must know this: Erdogan and Turkey's current government are not supported by majority of Turks, but only around 35percent of voters, and still losing support. Also, Erdogan's voters come from quite a large spectrum from rich liberal upper class to religious poor, from so-called liberal intellectuals to super-religious ethnic minorities in Turkey. So, you can't generalize Erdogan's supporters as religious nutcase. EU and US have always been the biggest supporters of Erdogan and his party since the begining.
28. #8 Who told you that all Turks were Muslims?
Anon ,   Istanbul, Turkey   (10.27.09)
There was a Turkish state called Khazar who converted to Judaism out of political reasons. There are Christian Turks such as Gagauz Turks. There are Shamanist Turks who still believe ancient Turkish beliefs in Central and Northern Asia. There were many Shaman Turkish states in history. In today's Turkey most people are Muslim but in their own secular way. There are also non-religious Turks who do not believe in any religion. Turkish state is secular, having a religious party on power doesn't make all Turkish people and Turkish state religious. Life is not all about Bible, Bible is not enough to explain many things. Turks and Arabs are two separate nations. For Turks, that so-called Muslim brotherhood died in the deserts of S.Arabia and Palestine when Arabs attacked Turks in WWI. This is probably not covered in any religious book.
29. To #21 Atheist Turk
Nora   (10.27.09)
Hello, Atheist Turk. Ataturk has said it: The power you`ll need exists in your blood. The red blood of the Turkish army, not the green blood of the fundamentalist, should prevail in Turkey.Turkey should go forward towards Europe not backward towards Iran. That`s what Ataturk`s legacy is.
30. Edrogan islamitize Turkey
ghostq   (10.27.09)
I just hope this forign aka Edrogen will be send to jail, he is disgusting non turk who is ruining such amazing cultur. returning Turkey to the dark age of religious fundamentalism.
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