Rocket hits Galilee panhandle
Hagai Einav
Published: 27.10.09, 19:39
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JEWISH WARRIOR   (10.27.09)
2. useless oestrogenated crone Barak should resign
Matt T.   (10.27.09)
he is a worthless fellow, deliberate war loser, endangerer of Israel, get rid of him already, what a piece of crap he is.
3. Where was the siren?
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (10.27.09)
4. hizbolllah responsible
alexi   (10.27.09)
this is the classic hizbollah lie, that rockets were fired by a fringe group not under their control. The whole of lebanon is under their control. Dahiya suburb has been rebuilt and they should keep that in mind. The next time a locket lands in israel, israel should fire 300 shells in reply to violate goldstone's legal standard.
5. #3 Judah: The article explains that it has been neutralized
Central Scrutinizer   (10.27.09)
6. Restraint is the cause
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (10.27.09)
Because terrorist nations like Lebanon know that we will act with restraint and if we don't their pet organizations like the UN will protect regardless of their war-crimes. We need to inform the entire world one rocket gets 1,000 in return. Stop these war-crimes
7. A clear act of war and a war crime. Nu? Where's Goldstone?
JPS ,   Efrat   (10.27.09)
This was an anti-personnel rocket indiscriminately fired across an international border and aimed at civilians. Where is Goldstone? Where is Human Wrongs Watch? Where Is Amnesty Intl? B'Tselem? The United Nations? Since the Palestinians were not involved and no Lebanese were killed, they are not interested. Shows that modern day diplomacy and human rights are all screwed up with all of these organizations contradicting their own mission statements.
Dan ,   Raanana, Israel   (10.27.09)
9. Paging Goldstone
J K ,   NYC, USA   (10.27.09)
Oh right..he'd find a way to blame this on Israel. Think this finds its way to the UNSC or even the GA? Forget it. Good job IDF retaliating.
10. Funny how UN is silent to Lebanon's repeated acts of war
Cynic ,   USA   (10.27.09)
11. #7 I think the target was minister Barak not people of Northern areas
Hassan,Military expert ,   Kazan, RUSSIA   (10.27.09)
So how could you call it a war crime?‎‏
12. Unlikely Hezbollah fired rocket, question is who and why?
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, Texas   (10.27.09)
A small radical ex-Palestinian group was most likely paid to fire this rocket much like the last one. The real question is who gains from this single rocket attack? Iran is posible but unlikely, al qaeda or someone in Israel more likely since only they seem to gain in this.
13. #11 "only several hours after"
Amih'ai ,   Jerusalem   (10.27.09)
How can they try to attack him if he isn't there since several hours ? Not to forget that the location of the landing of the katyushas has nothing to do with the tour Barak made. Conclusion : -violation of a few resolutions of the UN -war crime -terrorist attack You're doing pretty bad for a "military expert".
14. #12 And just HOW WOULD YOU KNOW?
Australian Guy ,   Australia   (10.27.09)
You have no more idea than anybody else here. But I like this one: "or someone in Israel more likely since only they seem to gain in this." People like you are incredible. ALWAYS finding a way to blame Israel.
15. YES, Where's "Justice Goldstone" now?
Australian Guy ,   Australia   (10.27.09)
16. The Lebanese government should pay a price
Leb army did nothing ,   to prevent this   (10.27.09)
17. #11 I am sure that unguided rocket targeted an individual
Cynic ,   USA   (10.27.09)
You are a military genius. NOT.
18. Only another 7 999 Rockets to go B4 Israel does anything !
Alan ,   SA   (10.27.09)
19. #12, you're still under the false impression that they NEED
a reason to fire at Israel. It could be just something as simple as 'hey we're still here' firing. Or maybe because yesterday's paper had an article about how quiet and peaceful the north has become the last few months, so they had to do something to break it. All speculations of course.
20. boredom
samuel ,   jhb rsa   (10.30.09)
Nasrallah was bored ,enough with the American cowboy,gangster movies on DVD ,it,s time to shake things up,a bit shoot one or two projectiles at Israel , we,ll blame Arafat ,no problem.
21. Goldstone
samuel ,   jhb rsa   (10.30.09)
Judge Goldstone was until a few minutes ago drinking tea in the UN canteen ,so maybe someone saw the report on CNN and word got to him , but there,s no hurry it,s only Israel involved.
22. Hassan
samuel ,   jhb rsa   (10.30.09)
Hassan the military expert from Kazan Russia,an expert at shoe throwing maybe ,go away.
23. again
samuel ,   jhb rsa   (10.30.09)
Another so called expert ,this one from Dallas Texas ,so which radical Pales tinian group was paid to shoot projectiles into Israel, mister expert?
24. too many of them
samuel ,   jhb rsa   (10.30.09)
There are way to many experts on this blog ,so the question is where do they or did they get their expertise from ,hopefully not Al-Jazeera,Al-Manara, BBC ,propaganda networks .
25. UN
samuel ,   jhb rsa   (10.30.09)
No Alan ,Israel needs Judge Goldstone,s approval before it can respond ,as it might constitute war crimes, sorry about the twisted logic .
26. #12
Henry from New York ,   USA   (11.29.11)
Without evidence of some sort your hypotheses don't stand up. It was most likely Hizbollah retaliating on behalf of Iran.
27. no sirens why not?
gary bonis ,   Covington KY>   (11.29.11)
are you waiting for someone to be killed in the middle of the night or what God please get your act together
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