Clinton to visit Israel on Saturday evening
Roni Sofer
Published: 27.10.09, 21:02
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1. Clinton may call of the weekend Party in Israel (!!!)
Roy C Hudson ,   Pittsburg USA   (10.27.09)
Israel just moved out some houses in the Jerusalem location where they were told to not Build, The Land belongs to Jacobs Kidsm Hillery has no say in the Land of Israel OK ?? Roy C Hudson USA
2. Israel lost the upper hand-This news a proof
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (10.27.09)
A few days ago a palestinian newspaper passed a news that Clinton will soon visit and I told then this news was a proof Israel losing in old days you would learn Clinton visit first from Israeli newspaper indicating close Israeli US relations.
3. clinton coming
marcel   (10.27.09)
Israel was shelled by syria when they had ancient israel's golan from 48 to 67. And the PLO fedayiin attacked israel from gaza in the same period. Israel fought a war in 67 to eliminate the shelling to gain peace. That has not happened. But it has given israel some room of manoever. Golan is now israeli and syria will never get it as it rightfully belongs to Israel unless olmert or livni return to power. Since 67, US comes to israel whether its rogers, kissinger, cisco, denis ross, albright, rice and now clinton asking for land concessions in return for arab states doing nothing, zero, period. US does this repeatedly. Moreover, clinton's words are empty, arabs do not fear her or take notice of women who they regard as only fit for bedroom purposes- cover them up in burkhas and use them for pleasure and to produce children. So, Israel needs to stock up its vital inventories, make itself nearly independent and be prepared to go it alone. Iran a country of brave persians, is now a land of filthy pedophiles and killers, including ahmadinejad who has blood on his hands in the american hostage taking of 1970s and the american deaths in lebanon in the 80s. Turkey, an arguable western country with a secular military,now has a raving islamic dumbbell in a nice suit with a 'managment certificate' as PM who gives the little merde from iran a clean bill of health. Hamas, though better than fatah in its control and administration of its people is also possessed of wild moslem brotherhood rhetoric and ideology. Assad's father knew well how to handle them. He killed 20,000 of them in hamas, syria.Since then, Syria is quiet to pursue its usual claim to assassin ideology, rockets, mortars shipments to hezbollah. What happens when and an arab engineer gets a Masters at an american university in engineering or some other field and returns to the middle east to live? One told me its an impossible return to the middle ages, with warped views on women, law, commerce and peace. So long as the madrassah education system is not changed, nothing will change. Maddrassas breed hate and intolerance. Europe is finding it out now big time. And the USA under obama may find it out to its misfortune. When europe does finally deal with its moslems, israel's cast lead will be seen as a walk in the park. I want to submit that though Goldstone knows law, he knows nothing about conducting military operations, zero, in the fog of battle. In that way, he is exactly like Olmert. wait... time out. officer .. is that a military or civilian house..... what ordinance should we use.....wait,rockets are being fired from it.... wait,, you have to call them and drop fliers to get out and give them a location to go to.... hold your fire. but officer goldstone....the rocket crew will escape.... too bad, you have to adhere to humanitarian law, otherwise its war crimes.. This is a shmuck talking!
4. No. 2 in Istanbul
Roy C Hudson ,   Pittsburg, USA,   (10.27.09)
Tayfun, I am happy to say Israel can't lose in this time. It won't be a fun trip for any one in the Mid east that try to take the elect out of their own Land. The PLO will have to go. that is how the story will end this time.All Nations has played the part of a fool. They do not believe there is a God that gave the Land to Jacob but they will learn the hard way this time, Obama & Hillery are just passing through the land like all the other that had to have a say, Talking is just about over. The Book calls for action. The time is soon, all Nations has had a say, God has the last say in all matters in this Heathen World. Roy C Hudson USA
5. the invisible woman arrives on halloween
debra ,   usa   (10.28.09)
6. Count your fingers after if you shake hands.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.28.09)
7. same slogans -same pay
Yohanan Levi   (10.28.09)
Here she comes again with her usual slogan of suport and demanding to stop building in return to her lip-service. Hillary, No one has the right to stop the Jewish people from rebuilding our homeland.
8. The Obama administration isn't interested in helping ...
Ron B. ,   Lod   (10.28.09)
The Obama administration isn't interested in helping Israel to secure the lives of its citizens. It is perfectly willing to pretend away the Arab violence against Israel. Whether motivated by naivete, an overarching desire for international peace conferences, a plan to align US foreign policy with that of Europe, or hostility towards Israel, that fact that Mitchell can talk about peace when the Palestinians have just declared war makes clear that the Obama administration is uninterested in playing a constructive role in quelling the violence. It certainly isn't interested in helping Israel to secure the lives of its citizens. Should Israel be worried ? Consult :
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