Religious settler comes to aid of gay Palestinian
Roni Shaked
Published: 28.10.09, 11:40
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1.  the gay was somewhat aggressive, security risk ?
nicky   (10.28.09)
2. What shock that we are human beings
Ilan ,   Ariel   (10.28.09)
What is the shock, that a religious Jew living in a community on the other side of green line can deal with another human being with respect? What a back handed compliment.
3. oh so Doron ask for special consideration.
ghostq   (10.28.09)
stop moping he knew when he meet this guy online that there will be trouble and I never heard Israeli jewish guys look for women in the west bank, so stop blabing, T knows it's special situation buy Doron doesn't give me a break, I think it's great that setlers came to the rescue, but the someone who look for trouble get trouble. exploiting Israel generous status.
4. Where is Avi?
Has he nothing to say?
5. He/She who saves one human life, saves an entire world!
Kol HaKavod to the religious Jewish family who knows well the value of this saying. and may the Israeli bureaucrats soon find the value of the same sentence!!
6. Isn't this just special?
Moshe ,   Rehovot, Israel   (10.28.09)
Poor Palestinians! One way or another, they're getting it in the end from Israelis!
.....DACON9   (10.28.09)
8. Kol HaKavod
Moshe (Religious) ,   Jerusalem   (10.28.09)
This shows you the difference between a Jew and an Arab. And what's special about this story is it’s a Religious Jew helping a gay Arab. A life is a life no matter what and I hope this Palestinian is given the right to live here in Israel with his Jewish partner. May be the rest of the world will now respect Israel after such a fairy tale story that one only sees in the movies.
9. Gay agenda sleight of hand........
Eliyahu ,   Yrushalayim   (10.28.09)
So now we have a wonderful "settler," a palophobe becoming a sodophile, helping a poor targeted homosexual. What, every few days it is required to post for the homosexual agenda?
10. I salute that settler - HE just gets it!
Talula ,   Israel   (10.28.09)
unlike most of them. Well done to him
11. Not the first time! Its just the first time the media report
Kelly   (10.28.09)
12. to # 5
the saying is "matzeel nefesh echad bYISRAEL....." one who says one JEWISH person. stupid.
13. this whole story makes me want to puke.
palestinians, gays, settlers helping them- gevalt.
14. Even if you disagree with homosexuality. Life is sacred
JO   (10.28.09)
and endangering his life by not letting him return is wrong. Regardless of sexuality - you may think it 100% wrong and that is fine - yet life is important. He is no criminal.
15. What they are Human?
Paul ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.28.09)
The only reason this piece is astounding is that the settlers are so politically demonized that when any normal behavior is published the brainwashed stand in awe; that monkeys can behave so human. The truth is and has always been the best of the Jewish people don't compromise with the descendants of our parents murderers and love all the land of Israel. Compassion for Human beings has always been the trait of true believers in Jewish Rights.
16. #6 I havnt laughed like that in a long time, funnt stuff man
KACH 613 ,   Judah, Israel   (10.28.09)
17. Gay romance ruins a good fight
Ali ,   Washington DC   (10.28.09)
18. Israel is saving the Palestinian gays, Arab women who
Frank ,   USA   (10.28.09)
don't want to be circumcized, etc. If just 10% of Arabs are persecuted that is 35M Arabs. Obviously, the forward thinkers of Israel, Europe and the US demand of the Jewish state to take in the persecuted Arabs in. At the same time they want to create another Arab entity, Palestine, which kills, discriminates and persecutes. From their distorted vision the beilinists want to produce another hateful Arab dictatorship and to shrink Israel that gives these people freedom and dignity.
19. Doron should go to live with the arab in the arab village.
20. #12 thanks I must have gotten just right 4 u 2 feel a need..
to take the time to personally insult me! Please do remember that the midrash attached to the destruction of the Egyptian Pharoh and his army clearly states that God ordered His angels to stop singing him praise because part of his creation was dying. We are all human beings we are all responsible for one another no matter what religion, national, ethnic or sexual identification group we belong to. Remembering another midrash this one attached to Parshat Yitro...when Moses comments to God that there are way too many mitzvot and asks which should Moses stress to the Jewish nation. God responds that the Israelites (our ancestors) should follow all mitzvot bin adam l'havero (between man and friend). I appreciate the fact that you consider me are right, I am for trying to point out to you that all life irrespective of whether or not it is Jewish life or non-Jewish life is valuable before the eyes of God!
21. #7 do u think that shouting louder will make ur point clear?
I mean besides pointing out that you are a raving paranoid homophobic?
22. Anybody missed the part about Palis threatening to KILL HIM?
Open your eyes, you ,   hateful racists!   (10.28.09)
I mean, the majority here bashes Israel and its authorities AGAIN, but fails to denounce the BARBARITY, SEXUAL DISCRIMINATION and PRIMITIVISM of the Palestinians? HELLO? Where are the Lefties to the rescue? Where are the Anarchists to burn tires and riot in that barbaric Palestinian village? HELLO? Anybody failing to see the REAL PICTURE? The guy RUNS AWAY FROM THE PALESTINIAN ISLAMIC HEAVEN TO FIND SANCTUATY IN "DEMONIC" ISRAEL??????? ARE YOU ALL FREAKING BLIND WITH HATRED AND RACISM?
23. #6 Moshe, Rehovot
wildmandxb ,   M.E.   (10.28.09)
what makes you think that the palestinian is the one getting it from the end? Just a humble question, maybe we missed something, or maybe you know something we don't!
24. to #19 hahaha the first gay setller.
ghostq   (10.28.09)
they don't let jews live on their side(raccist you bet).
25. #20 don't misquote the Torah
Informed ,   Jerusalem   (10.28.09)
Everyone ALWAYS misquotes the Egyptians drowning line. If you bothered to learn it on the inside instead of hearing it from G-d knows what source and thinking, "Oh that sounds cute" you'd know that Chazal said G-d told the angels that HE wouldn't sing while His creations were drowning--- that it's not for Him to sing when the wicked perish but it IS for us to! As far as Bein Adam l'chaveiro, again if you did any learning you'd know whenever the Torah says, "your friend" it means "your fellow Jew." I don't care if what this guy did was right or not and I don't care if you shouldn't have been insulted or if maybe you really are stupid but please just stop misquoting the words of our holy rabbis?
26. Gay haters can all just
Sarah B ,   New York / Saviyon   (10.28.09)
shut up. I remind the religious contingent of the special relationship between David and Jonathan. Gay? Oh, I think so. Guess what, folks? Gays are people, too. I'd sooner see a terrorist dead long before I would wish anything evil on someone who is merely expressing his sexual orientation -- whether or not it meets with anyone's approval is really rather irrelevant. Who are we to judge the quality of anyone's love?
27. Gay finds shelter
RayS ,   USA   (10.28.09)
GOOD for the settler.. Doing the decent thing for a fellow human casts credit on the Jewish Community as a whole and honor on the settler and his family.
28. Not a choice, and my cousin in a settlement would do it too
Avishai ,   Tel Aviv, Florentin   (10.28.09)
I didn't choose to be gay; it chose me. No one in his right mind would choose to differ from the norm in such a radical way. I feel gay as much as you straights feel heterosexual. Obviously the religious settler grasps this concept, unlike most of society, and is doing the humane thing. I think pulling the resident permit just to cross the line for a humanitarian visit and then not returning it is torture and makes me ashamed to be an Israeli. When we needed shelter, the whole world was against us, including the USA. If this is the way my country treats an obviously innocent gay person, then I myself feel threatened.
29. #25 I was quoting Midrash not Torah!
If I misquoted it so sorry. As far as Bein Adam l'Chavero I think you may need to expand your horizons and remember since time immemorial Jews have had friendships with non-Jews. Or have you forgotten about who served amongst David HaMelech's top generals and aids! As far as misquoting our holy rabbis please do remember that the oral tradition of which the Midrash is part was just that oral and we are meant to argue with it and reanalyze it! Don't believe me go back and have a look at how a page of Talmud is set up! You aren't the only informed Jew in Jerusalem...bear in mind that informed is only half the story...compassion is the other half and that seems to be something you are seriously lacking!
30. again to #5 (#20)
it is irrellevant all your talk about who's life is valuable to God, i just said you are misquoting. nefesh achad byosroel means a JEWISH life. so , you are wrong . as #25, informed from jerusalem also noticed, you are taking the words of torah and messing them up to prove a point. the only point that proves is that you are stupid.
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