Minister slams both Jews, Arabs over Temple Mount unrest
Amnon Meranda
Published: 28.10.09, 18:20
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1. Jerusalem is not Islam
ben Ish   (10.28.09)
Non-Muslim are not allowed into Mecca. How about evicting all Muslim from Jerusalem in the same way?
2. I completely agree
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (10.28.09)
Both sides needs to tine it down. The moderate majority on both sides should not allow the radical minority to inflame the situation
3. #1 - HERE! HERE!
I agree! It is Arab youth that cause 90% of the trouble here. They are bored and feel like they have no macho outlet for their energies. The Islamic leaders USE them to vicariously fight their battles.
4. Israel Beiteinu
Ricardo Macher ,   KarneiShomron Israel   (10.28.09)
People like Aharonovitch, afraid of defending what is his duty to defend,, pretending that keeping status quo is an important goal are the ones that make people happy for not having voted Israel Beiteinu. Shame on him!!!
5. why do they say 'arabs' and 'jews' ?
why is one ethnic while the other is religious? It's not 'arabs' and 'jews', it's 'muslims' and 'jews'. Christian arabs did nothing there. but i guess ignoring the real problem is one of israel's plans. god forbid they actually utter the word 'muslim' in public.
6. Israelis to blame for riots on Temple Mount
Doyle ,   Charleston, USA   (10.28.09)
Say what? Why would the Israelis, who legally, Biblically, and technically own the place, be responsible for a bunch of Arab squatters rioting on the Temple Mount?
7. Israel can't have an anti-Jewish Police Minister
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim,   (10.28.09)
B"H - Aharonowitz: "I hereby declare: Enough with the delusional groups in the Jewish sector ... Stop messing with Temple Mount. - ABY: Aharonowitz, you are messing with the Jews by stopping them praying on Judaism holiest site! Peace is not above everything: Jewish rights are.
8. @ben Ish
Al-Musafir   (10.28.09)
do you also wanna expell all Christians?
9. Political correctness will be the death of the WEST!
the enemies are ,   watching!   (10.28.09)
10. Jerusalem is Jewish. Jews are not at fault. Shut your trap
Avraham ,   nyc   (10.28.09)
11. So it is now a crime to for Jews to pray
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (10.28.09)
Internal Security Minister Aharonovitch is in violation of international law. Freedom to worship is a right under international law. Time to get rid of these leftists from our government.
12. I am a delusional Jew Aharonovitch
Zvika ,   Israel   (10.28.09)
I am a delusional Jew that Aharonovitch referred to. I am delusional despite the fact that when I visit the Temple Mount- the holiest place for the Jewish people, I am forbidden to pray there. I can't take a book of psalms- Tehillim and read them. You Aharonovitch and your kind are delusional for I am not the problem- you are and your denial or ignorance of what Har Habayit or the Temle Mount is. In 67 we lost the opportunity to reclaim the Temple Mount, but be"h Har Habayit will return to us as the third temple will be rebuilt.
13. #12 Yes you are delusional and a fraud!
David ,   Los Angeles   (10.28.09)
You are forbidden to go there by every serious Rabbi since the destruction of the Temple!! Even the leading Rabbis of Religious Zionism (R' Shapira and R' Eliyahu) movement forbid you to go there!! So what motivates you to insist on going there? It's not Torah, it's your extreme Right Wing politics! So don't fraudulently talk about what is holy for the Jewish People, hypocrite!!!
14. To Al-Musafir
Villgott ,   Noway   (10.29.09)
Leave the Christians alone: not even you are forbidden to enter Rome...
15. #13 Everyone in Israel is delusional
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (10.29.09)
because Rabis forbade to recreate the Israelite kingdom before Messiah arrives. this was pronounced to avoid further Jewish lives lost after the destruction of the Temple when the country was not under Jewish control But we did it and since times have changed and the land of Israel is again under Jewish control and therefore Temple Mount is open to Jews too. The entire Zionist enterprise was against the wishes of the strictest Rabis and they are the same ones that prevented Jews from resisting during the Holocaust Even if you are right why let non-Jews be there and claim it as their own?
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