US congressman: We must act, or Israel will
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 28.10.09, 22:13
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1. Israel will Act- We have to!
Zvika ,   Israel   (10.28.09)
Obama's policies of appeasment does not and will not work with our Arab neighbors. They only understand and respect force. It's quite sad yet quite obvious. Enough deadlines- the time has come to act, and we will. Let's hope and pray that President Obama won't make things difficult for us in Israel. Be" h we will show him and the world the might and outstreched arm of the Lord
2. ARE WE TO BELIEVE.....................
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (10.28.09)
That Iran is going to react to the tune being played at the moment simply because of the fact that Israel would possibly make an attempt to attack it?I am very right in thinking that Iran's decision will have no bearing of this media hype.Israel knows it very well indeed the cost of such a misadventure.No need to bring in this factor to undermine the Iranians.They have calculated all the likely consequences and I bet it also includes the possibilities of Israel's possible strike.
3. Berman, Kouchner & others join Israel & attack Iran
Adam ,   USA   (10.28.09)
Who is stopping you? America won't send its boys to die in Iran to guarantee Israel's monopoly on nukes & WMDs in the mideast.
4. #3
us of a   (10.28.09)
maybe not our boys, adam, but we should suppoort israel...surely you know the consequences of deranged pyschopatic killers that have made numerous death threats against both our country and israel.....if that iranian nuke hits american soil you will be regretting the stance of not supporting israel. at least they have the balls to do it, whereas our beloved president (savior of the world, NOT!) thinks he has everything under control. and no i'm not racist for disagreeing with obama. fact is if that iranian bomb does touch american or israeli soil, america will have no other option but to send our troops out there...the only question is, are you willing for massives amounts of bloodshed and death be the deciding factor for that decision?
andy ,   orlando,u.s   (10.28.09)
6. #2....Mahmood
Rich - USA ,   Boston   (10.29.09)
And how many times have the Arab nations made dire miscalculations? Answer: At each and every opportunity. The Muslim Brotherhood. Mr. Arafat. Mr Hussein. And dont forget all time loser Hafez al-Asad. We all know the history of these men's monumental losses. Ready to add one more name to list? Ahmadinejad. These men are all on the wrong side of history. Iran is a paper tiger and the Israelis and the west know it.
7. Iran having reactors in any form is a problem for Israel
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, Texas   (10.29.09)
The uranium is the small problem the major problem is the nuclear reactors. With the reactors running then Iran can make nukes at some point using plutonium. With uranium Iran could make afew nukes but with plutonium they could make alot of them. Israel only good option is to destroy reactors and take out some of the centrifuges, while most the world is willing to let Iran have nuclear energy with some controls.
8. to the ignorant israeli #1 Zvika
Arab ,   Arabia   (10.29.09)
What do the Arabs have to do with this you ignorant dumbass ? this is about Iran and persian Iranians not Arabs read the article well you ignorant buffoon !
9. to the dumbass #6
Arab ,   Arabia   (10.29.09)
again for clarification purpose only these arent the Arabs you are dealing with its the Iranians are you people all that stupid ?
10. TIme to go it alone
Ken mark Mann ,   Australia   (10.29.09)
The time will come soon wether or not to go it alone. If this is the mentality behind obama then so be it. His tactics are not working well enough, I agree that this is moveing to slow, the iranians need more pushing but even the obama people know that things are now going in the right direction with them and obama knows for sure if you push them harder from this point they will re-neg , so as it is, it is like every thing else, it boils down to a very thin wire which no one seems to be able to see. But israel must keep a close watch on this line, these guys seem to be empowered by all of this , I think it may be a stall effort, we are all not so stupid, they have been stalling for years so they wont capitulate untill they have a bomb and hidden beneath the ground for use in the future , so this must be stopped. It may well be the case that the war between israel and iran is inevitable.
11. Hey Adam, we will not agree to be threatened for your oil
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (10.29.09)
to be cheap. our existence is much more important than your financial wellbeing
12. US Bombs Iran, Iran Bombs Israel?
Dav Lev ,   Burbank, CAUSA   (10.29.09)
Years ago, many Israelis, most especially, B. Netanyahu predicted that the Muslim world would get the bomb. Pakistan now, and Iran soon, made those predictions come true. He also made statements about suicide bombings..they would spread to other countries besides Israel. Came true. Iran has a vote in it's says it is just tweaking the noses of the Jews (Ahmad). Then it scorns Israel, making it an illegal Zionist, racist state. Ultimately what is it's goal? Saddam threatened to incinerate Israel. The 67 War witnessed Arab shouting from roof tops, jihad. Would Iran risk massive nuking or threatening Israel, I don't know? US pundits are divided. The real question for the US, Israel and the West is simple, do we chance Iran will decide against? I saw a movie, "Miracle Mile". on TV. It's an old movie..LA is nuked..very frightening. Will Tel Aviv be nuked? One was fiction..what is the reality? If Iran tests the bomb..will that thwart any thought of attacking it. There are pluses and minuses. Iran said it will destroy the heart of Israel..nothing said about the USA. Think about it. The US bombs Iran, and Iran bombs little Israel. Maybe that says it all?
13. # 4 us of a
Logic   (10.29.09)
thats a load of crap and you know it. even if iran has a nuke, don't they know the price they will pay should they use it. they will be nuked back to oblivion. dick cheney and his shot-gun are more of a threat to america than iran
14. Does Israel want more War Crimes?
Edithann ,   USA   (10.29.09)
Why do we have to act?.. If Israel wants it so much..let them do it..are we always doomed to carry Israel? And anyway, why would Israel want more War Crimes on it's head..don't they have enough problems? TATA
15. #2 - Agree and Disagree
Christy ,   Boston, US   (10.29.09)
I agree that Iran is probably not open to diplomacy or sanctions, unfortunately. The current Iranian leadership seems eager to forge ahead with their nuclear program. However, I disagree that the Iranian leadership has realistically calculated all the likely consequences They very well may believe they have counted up the costs, but I don't believe they are able to make a realistic assessment. The Iranian nuclear program doesn't just threaten Israel, it threatens its Arab neighbors and many nations around the world. It's a threat because of Iran's leadership and how it's acted, even against its own people. Israel may very well strike first in order to remove Iran's nuclear capability, but if things escalate other nations will join in and help Israel. However, I don't think Israel will need military help from anyone, if Israel feels forced to act. It's been a few decades since we've seen Israel go all out in a fight. In those fights where she did go all out, she won against tremendous odds. I believe Israel can fight and win, even with a nuclear armed Iran. I don't believe the Iranian leadership really knows or understands what Israel is capable of, let alone the rest of the world. I hope it doesn't come to military action on anyone's part.
16. America/Obama/American Jews Support A Nuclear Iran
David H ,   Marietta USA   (10.29.09)
And a lot of Jewish kids are going to have to die to prevent it from happening. I would not want to be in Netanyahu's shoes right now, but the reality, the realpolitik is quite stark. I pray Bibi is up to the task. So far, he has not shown that he is. God save Israel, and God save America.
17. @#6 rich
Asad ,   Qum Iran   (10.29.09)
Lol Rich Iranians are not arabs, they are our quran it says that arab leaders are hippocrites...ur country israel couldn't even defeat hezbollah, how on earth do u think they could defeat their creator in iran? dumbest comments ive ever seen come on now iran is a big country rich.
18. Iran is too weak to stand Isreal's strike. Paper tigers.....
Asher ,   Ny,USA   (10.29.09)
19. To: No. 3
Sarah B ,   New York / Saviyon   (10.29.09)
Actually, as nearly as I can recall, not one single American has died in the defense of Israel -- unless, of course, they are Jews who emigrated to Israel from the United States. On the other hand, plenty of Americans have died coming to the defense of Moslems and Arabs in various countries. So no worries, dear. Israel does not want or need American help. You'd just get in the way. Because you acquitted yourselves so well in Afghanistan, in Iraq and let's not forget the fiasco that was Somalia, where the full faith and credit of the United States military forces were beaten back by a handful of barefoot primitive warlords using World War II vintage weapons. Yeah -- the last thing Israel needs or wants is United States "assistance." Really.
20. To Rich #6
al ,   usa   (10.29.09)
Rich you forgot the biggest looser Gamal Abdel Nasser.
21. Who's Going t Bell The Cat?
emanon ,   USA   (10.29.09)
Maybe this is lost on some, but it is a childhood fable where some mice decide it is a good idea to put a bell on the cat so they can hear it coming. Problem is, no one wants to actually do the job because they might get eaten. Same story here. Iran needs to be stopped, but we're all afraid of reprisals. We're all afraid to get killed doing the job. We all want someone else to do it. In the mean time, the cat is getting fatter. Iran is getting closer to to reprisals anyway.
Marvin ,   Sunny California   (10.29.09)
Mahmood always makes fair and rational points. Too bad his side doesn't have his sense of even handiness. and the respectfull venue he portrays....
23. Adam #3
marvin/San Francisco ,   Home of the free   (10.29.09)
Your an American? I doubt it.. Your reasoning is typical Arab Middle East. So far Israel has not threatened anyone with whatever they have including Nukes..It's that idiot in Iran who is making the threats. Being an anti semite makes you blind to anything other than hate for Jews...Americans tend to be fair and unbiased which you are not..
24. The Vienna Nuclear Talks – and Iranian/Western Rashomon
Y Hartuv ,   Israel   (10.29.09)
Reports in the Iranian media on the Vienna talks differ considerably from those in the Western media. The following are the main points of difference: (Continue)
25. Maybe choosing Obama is not the right decision
david ,   new york   (10.29.09)
He cares only about u.s. Giving him the Nobel Peace Prize was a big mistake, Obama has never got it - the "act president", only nice talking.
26. Acting against Iran
DT ,   TA Israel   (10.29.09)
If Israel does not act the consequences for not doing so will be far far worse. The West will be publicly "outraged" but privately relieved to have someone do what they never will have the courage to do.
27. Why we should strike now.
Ron B. ,   Tel Aviv   (10.29.09)
On December 14, 2001, former president Ayatollah Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani famously declared, "The use of an atomic bomb against Israel would totally destroy Israel, while the same against the Islamic world would only cause damage. Such a scenario is not inconceivable." On February 14, 2005, Ayatollah Mohammad Baqer Kharrazi, secretary general of Iranian Hezbollah, said, "We are able to produce atomic bombs and we will do that. We shouldn't be afraid of anyone. The U.S. is not more than a barking dog." More at :
28. Who is who in America?
fuaad ,   Canada   (10.29.09)
Any person who is using his Intellegence Freely would ask Why America and Israel ? they some times look like the same country. What relation between Congress who is the Body that takes care of the US interest also takes care of Israel Interest? Do the american leaders really americans or Clandestine Zionists/ This is remarkable? The Middle east needs a new power that should bargain the interest of the Muslims...
29. The Iranians will go after America too
Steve   (10.29.09)
If Iran is allowed to develop nuclear weapons, first they will go after Israel, and much of the world will remain silent, as they are not Israelis. Then radical Islam, led by Iran, will go after moderate Arab states, and the many nations will remain silent, because they are not moderate Arabs. Then radical Islam will go after the Europeans, and nobody will speak up, because its 'racist' and 'Islamophobic' to object to the threat of radical Islam. Radical Islam is already gaining a foothold in Europe and will likely be victorious. Then the empowered radical Muslims shall go after America, and it will be a very bloody war. Eventually, in their quest to conquer the world, they will come for you, just like the Nazis came for the Jews, and nobody will be left to speak out. If we don't send a clear message that we, the civilized world, will not go down without a fight, then we shall lose this war in the future.
30. If Berman were a merman, maybe he would love for His portion
Kerwood Derby ,   Frostbite Falls, MN   (10.29.09)
to dwell in His portion. As it is, he loves those with kelipah. He advertises in pEACEnOW without flenching and says he loves the Yehudim and the land named for them. He supports arming and training those that come to kill you including pasha Dayton. Don't expect him to make any miracles to prevent Iran doing in an instant, what the arab leftovers in your midst have been doing 10 minutes after they came into Dodge.
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