Alon Pinkas may be Israel's next UN ambassador
Roni Sofer
Published: 30.10.09, 21:55
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1. In the States, we like Pinkas more than we do Shalev.Pinkas
is a real man.Shalev ,   just looks like one.   (10.30.09)
2. Pinkas served as chair of the national LGBT ...
Benjamin ,   Singapore   (10.31.09)
Yeah right we need more TROUBLE ? Can you put some one who is of good character ! Not Pinkel Please ! I am afraid to sent my children near him !
3. As for Shai Bazak
BENJAMIN ,   SINGAPORE   (10.31.09)
the boys Tony Gelbert and Warren and Ted Struhl send our regards :-) The Golan isn’t Gaza, or even Judea and Samaria and maybe we will share Golan with the exception of four Druze villages only. Tell Shai Bazak to keep his promise !
4. Shai Bazak you LISTEN
benjamin ,   singapore   (10.31.09)
The Golan isn’t Gaza, or even Judea and Samaria. It has no Arabs residents, with the exception of four Druze villages. Live it that way ! Tony Gelbert and Warren and Ted Struhl and Benjamin will enforce your promise :-))))
5. shalev's spoken english is incomprehensible, unfortunately.
debra ,   usa   (10.31.09)
so, yes, lieberman is right in replacing her.
6. not familar with Pinkas but Reda Mansour in Atlanta
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (10.31.09)
consulate could be an excellent choice for the UN High ranking officer in IDF, Poet, speaks outstanding English, a Druzee with the highest loyalty for Israel more than most Israelis I have become acquainted with him and he is a very impressive man, a true and effective defender of Israel
7. Accuracy in Reporting?
Herut ,   New York, USA   (10.31.09)
Pinkas was consul general in New York, not Washington...but it is a common mistake (made by people who also write articles that don't mention the absurdity of Lieberman, the so-called right winger considering the appointment of a lefty like this!)
8. Pinkas is a very good choice.
Caroline ,   Netanya, Israel   (10.31.09)
On my opinion, Prof.Gabriela Shalev is not strong enough to fight the hostility of some of the UN decisions and declarations. I have been following Alon Pinkas for some years and have always found his way of thinking very rational and decisive. Definitely he will do better job in the UN right now when we need more than ever someone capable and determined.
9. Pinkas is a little too pink for Israel
jason white ,   afula,israel   (10.31.09)
We would be better off with a clone of bibi.
10. political appointees
sad ,   israel   (10.31.09)
the ministry of foreign affairs should be closed. they are doing nothing. a waste of time and money. they are bankrupt.
11. Goodbye Shalev
Shlomo Kamra   (10.31.09)
Replacing Shalev is good, but replacing him with a pinkarse? Ha ha ha!
12. Pinkas is a great spokesman !
Choose ,   Alon   (10.31.09)
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