60 Yemeni Jews settled in US in secret op
Published: 31.10.09, 11:24
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1. The handful of Jews still living in Arab countries are....
Eitan ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (10.31.09)
...expelled, their countries being "cleansed" of the remnants of their Jews, yet the same Muslim-Arab world demands that the tiny nation-state of the Jewish people admit, millions of Arabs into Israel. Is the world out there totally ignorant of this grotesque situation?
2. file refugee status in the UN
zoe ,   jerusalem   (10.31.09)
Even though they didnt emigrate to Israel, the state should file for them at the UN and request refugee status. Then it should also request refugee status for all the Jews who were expelled or forced to leave the arab countries where their families lived for centuries. And then, we'll exchange: NO palestinian refugees to Israel, and NO jewish refugees to arab lands.
3. Too bad they went to live anti Zionists
jason white ,   afula,israel   (10.31.09)
4. Jews fleing from Arab countries...
MMLK ,   Arab from Sweden   (10.31.09)
We Arabs should be ashame of doing this. Although some Arab Countries have protected Jews in the late decades (source: International Religious Freedom) - the Arab Countries should do more. And compensate those who have fled... justice is importan for everyone!
5. MMLK, ya ahi, I agree. We should be asheme of dealing with
Fawaz ,   Halifax, NS Canada   (10.31.09)
Jews this way. Being a Palestinian from Haifa who reached Canada through Lebanon, I was taught to hate Jews, but when I started meeting them, Jews from Canada and Jews from Israel, I have learned to appreciate them and to realize I was taught to be an Arab racist. It is ashame this is how we deal with others.
6. Why did they say to Hell with Israel, jason?
Cameron ,   USA   (10.31.09)
Life amid the goyim a better option than aliyah, and living in a Jewish state? Speaks volumes, mate.
7. Why didn't they go to Israel?
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (10.31.09)
8. why to the usa? they belong here with us
temania ,   israeli   (10.31.09)
#4&5 you've both restored my hope in humankind, may the G-d of abraham bless you both.
9. to 6 & 7 They were brain washed by the
jason white ,   afula,israel   (10.31.09)
anti Zionist satmar sect. What about the tens of thousands of other Jews that came from yemin over a half century ago. Better to live with Jews than goyim. Besides how much contact will they have with outsiders there? Besides there are goyim that love Israel and Israelis more than these hara-di cults. And stop calling me "mate"!
10. #4
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (10.31.09)
Maybe there were a few isolated incidents of Arabs protecting Jews, but since the early 1900s the Arabs have pursued a policy of apartheid and ethnic cleansing, destroying ancient Jewish populations in the Middle East. Only in Israel did the Jews succeed in protecting themselves, despite the British support of the Arabs and Saudi oil wealth. The number of Jews who lost their homes due to Arab aggression far exceeds the number of Arabs who escaped Israel during the war of extermination the Arabs waged against the Jews in 1948.
11. Glad they went to US
Rod ,   Tel Aviv   (10.31.09)
At least i the US they can preserve their deep traditions and Torah values. Here in Isra el they would be left to rot and their kids taken off the path of Torah. I wonder who knew better than to come here...them or the religious division of the government?
12. "Better to live with Jews than goyim", jason?
Cameron ,   USA   (10.31.09)
The sheer no. of Jews living in the lands of the goyim apparently says otherwise. Why did they bag the idea of setting up shop in Israel? Easy enough to call that one. After lives of Arabs breathing down their necks (so to speak), they had no desire to wind up in Israel, and find themselves "leaping from the frying pan right into the fire". The facts of the matter speak for themselves, sport.
13. Plenty of Room for Canaanites
Bluto ,   Cincinnati, USA   (10.31.09)
Now that the arab countries are nearly judenrein, they'll have plenty of room to absorb the Canaanites living in Israel including Judea and Samaria!
14. Fawaz ,
Galut ,   Selah   (10.31.09)
perhaps you can have influance to change other arab racist to be more constructive
15. they were desperate
Matt T.   (10.31.09)
but not desperate enough to make aliyah, yes I can understand that.
16. #3 + #15
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (11.01.09)
Why do you think they were let out of Yemen? Only because they were taken into the hands of one of the most notorious groups of anti-Zionist Jewish fundamentalists there is.
17. Yemens to Monsey
yy ,   denver, coloado   (11.18.09)
The Yemen families arrived to Monsey and are all very happy. We all remember the Magic Carpet, where they went to Israel and all their judaism and observance was forced out of them, as well as the corruption with the kids that were taken away from them. Here in Monsey they are not forced they are happy, content, as refugees. Children are all in school, and day care. ESL and Math are taught. and then a choice of great schools. yy goldstein
18. The final 'Yemeni Jewish Exodus'
samir S. Halabia ,   Geneva, Switzerland.   (12.20.09)
Before the rest of those poor Jewish yemenis leave their homes in the yemen, they should spend the rest of the time there with protector Dogs which can be donated through willing jewish donors, these are special dogs trained in protecting their owners from being attacked, they are today being used by the russian army. 'Black Russian Terrier Dogs' approx 75c/m - 85c/m weighing around 60-70kg. The Muslims won't dare go near any Jews with dogs that size, they will run for their lives, as those dogs fully trained can easily overpower those cowards, and if they struggle well it will just be to bad for them. I own two of these dogs and no arabs would dare to come within 5metres of me.
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