PM: Unprecedented prosperity among Palestinians
Roni Sofer
Published: 01.11.09, 13:32
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1. Since the source of the Arab Israeli conflict is the Arabs'
Eitan ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (11.01.09)
refusal to accept Israel's legitimacy as the nation-state of the Jewish people, the new focus on the "settlement" issue is an attempt to divert world public opinion from the essence of the dispute...??
2. "PM: Unprecedented prosperity among....
Steven ,   U.S   (11.01.09)
Palestinians". I am sure that Mr. Netanyahu is smoking something funny!!!! What prosperity? You keep killing their children, destroying their homes, you steal their lands, steal their drinking water, uproot their olive trees, subject them to an apartheid rule in the west bank, and you want them to be happy and content? Are you for real?
3. PM: Unprecedented
debbie ,   israel   (11.01.09)
The Palestinians are pulling every trick out of their sleeves, to avoid going to peace tricks. Then they have the gall to complain that Israel is delaying talks. What NERVE! And the world buys their crap.
4. “The struggle with the Zionist enemy is not a matter of ...
Ron B. ,   Lod   (11.01.09)
“The struggle with the Zionist enemy is not a matter of borders” Attempts to solve the Arab/Israeli conflict regularly fail because of the refusal to acknowledge that this dispute has never been about borders, territory or settlements, but about the Arabs refusal to recognize Israel’s right to exist. “The struggle with the Zionist enemy is not a matter of borders, but touches on the very existence of the Zionist entity,” declared an Arab spokesman. To be informed :
5. Talks for what ?
AlbertoGA ,   St. George, USA   (11.01.09)
The Arabs want only one thing OK ! The total destruction of Israel to be replaced by a style Gaza Circus. There is only one solution, and it is simple. Move all the Palestinians in any place they want. Out of Israel, all of Israel. They will live productive lifes. All the rest is an impossible dream. There is nothing to negotiate now or in the future.
6. :: Preconditions
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (11.01.09)
"Therefore, we must come to any negotiations without preconditions." Utterly laughable!! Apparently Israel can make all preconditions it wants yet the Palestinians can't. This is known as hypocrisy. Bibi outlined "Israel's preconditions" in his speech at Bar Ilan eg: The Palestinians could not have any form of army. The Palestinians could not have any control over their airspace or costal region. No just solution for Palestinian refugees. No right to form military treaties with other countries. Basically Netanyahu is offering the Palestinians nothing remotely close to statehood. No Palestinian leader would accept this lame offer of 'fried chicken'. "We have taken steps to ease their lives and the Palestinian economy. The result of this is unprecedented prosperity in the Palestinian Authority." How gracious! Israel throws a few titbits (which it can revoke in a few minutes) of basic human rights at the Palestinians and pretends that this is noble gesture. In short Israel is, again, short changing the Palestinians while pretending it is giving the world.
7. palestinians have it better in wb/gaza than anywhere else
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (11.01.09)
go check in jordan, lebanon, egypt, iraq, dubai, etc and you'll see how much better they have it. well, except for hamas-controlled gaza, where the gazans long for the israeli occupation because hamas has ruined everything.
8. The Arabs can't live with two of Israel's demands:
Eitan ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (11.01.09)
1) They can't accept Israel's right to be, to exist as the nation-state of the Jewish people 2) They can't accept that any agreement signed will be the "end of conflict" between Israel and the Arabs The common denominator in the rejection of both is the Arabs' long-term hope and expectation: the annihilation of the nation-state of a singled out people, of the Jewish people. I hope our "progressive" and "enlightened" friends abroad finally realized what we have been up against for so many decades.
9. PM: Palestinians must come to their senses
DT ,   TA Israel   (11.01.09)
You have to have even a small amount of "smarts" for them to be able to come to their senses
10. Netanyahu make your choice ,Abas or Hamas?? No other choices
11. O please ! You cant pull the Horse to drik water if it....
benjamin ,   singapore   (11.01.09)
...dosent want to drink water....Pals flaunted all the chances.....Israeli lets go an wine an dine....Plas we still want to take you with us..bUT YOU ARE SUCH A SPOILT PAMPERED CHILD ! Just dont be horse !
12. #6 Utter Garbage
Taipan ,   Australia   (11.01.09)
"Basically Netanyahu is offering the Palestinians nothing remotely close to statehood.", excuse me big smart...wouldn't it be a real good idea if your arab friends would at least acknowledge the other side's right to be???? There's no reason to talk about anything while this childish refusal to acknowledge persists as it has done for decades. It is a fundamental requirement and its little wonder why no progress has ever been made while one side is completely sworn to the destruction of the other...Irrespective of ANY "deal". Yes Matty...let them have an army, control the airspace, etc.. ...while refusing to end "resistance" at any time. Its YOU and your type that have a problem realizing the ramifications of your stupid comments and assertions... More people would die on both sides if your idiotic suggestions were ever adopted. No commonsense. Not a skerick.
13. Timeline Baby
Dav Lev ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (11.01.09)
To Bibi: Abbas is following Syrias approach..( agree to return the Golan Hts, then we'll talk about returning the Golan). Abbas is no fool..but he assumes an awful lot. Take my advice, give him a deadline to talk, engage, compromise (where have we heard this before?). Deadline, timelines..and talks? If Obama can do it, you can. Perhaps 30 days to sit down with you, Liberman and Barak, would suffice. No get the point. Then let the chips roll...It doesn't really matter anyway caus they (the Musilm world) want Israel Judenrein...and worse (see Auschwitz, Sobibor, Treblinka, Buchenwald, Dachau, Grosse-Rosen). BTW, a termporary (smaller state) per will become like Hamastan.
14. When in doubt play the 'BLAME' Game
David P. ,   Central Coast, USA   (11.01.09)
it's not the message its the messenger, it's not what is said, it's how its said, it's not black, it's white, it's not hot, it's cold, the glass isn't half full, it's half empty
15. The only answer
Dan ,   Titusville, FL   (11.01.09)
It is time for the Container Ship with U-Hauls to come into port and pack up and move the Palestinians to Gaza where they may enjoy their lives living under the enlightened rule of Hamas relaxing by the sea.
16. The PA need to have their brain "Jumpstarted"
17. bad negotiator
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (11.01.09)
Netanyahu's complaints just show he is a bad negotiator. There are two possibilities The first is that the Arabs really want to exterminate the Jews as written in the Hamas, Fatah and PLO charters. In such case, "negotiations" are all part of the "plan of stages" outlined by Arafat. In such a case, Arabs harden their stance to get as many concessions as possible to weaken Israel. The second possibility is that the Arabs do want to negotiate peace. They see that Israelis "talk tough" but cross their own red lines for nothing. Since Rabin imported the PLO army, the Arabs have not changed their original demands but Israel makes more and more concessions. Even Netanyahu (unofficially but effectively) ordered an absolute freeze of Jewish construction for nothing in return from Abbas. With such amateurs, of course the Arabs will make more demands.
18. 6 matty - want us to call yu a waaaambulance?
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (11.01.09)
boohoo, stop your whining and apologizing for terrorists and get palestinians to make peace (that is, assuming they want the conflict to end).
19. Steve- only thing that would makePals happy is every Jew out
Alan ,   SA   (11.01.09)
of ISRAEL!!!
20. what is this stupidity anyway?
ben Ish   (11.01.09)
We all know the Arabs don't want peace, never have, never will. What is the stupidity of talking to them? There is no chance they will ever honor any agreement that allows Israel to exist. When there is a PM that admits the truth, then Israel has a chance. As long as the leaders try to make themselves look like "peacemakers", there will be failure. In 60 years the Arabs have proven themselves that there is no solution on the land of Israel so long as an Arab breathes.
21. Israel was rejecting talks for 8 years
Hopefully Palestinians won't be that stupid.
22. "...assuming the conflict to end". Well, when Israel is no
Eitan ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (11.01.09)
more the conflict will end, and for this the Arabs hope, Palestinians and otherwise. How else one can explain their refusal to coexist in peace alongside the nation-state of the Jewish people? They were offered this opportunity in details in 1937 by the British Peel Commission and rejected it. They were offered this opportunity in 1947 by the United Nations and rejected that too. Between the years 1948 and 1967 during which the entire West Bank, eastern Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip were Jew-free, "cleansed" by their ruling Arabs in 1948, they did nothing to establish their own state there, nothing! They were offered an autonomy in 1978 by Saadat and Begin, one that in time could turn into an independent Arab state, but they rejected that too. The rejected the Clinton and Barak offer of 2000. They rejected Ehud Olmert's offer of 2998. They simply could not accept, in any of these cases, that they would have to accept Israel's legitimacy. And they couldn't accept one more thing: the demand that any agreement signed includes the agreement that "this is the end of the conflict". The reason: the conflict will be over from their perspective only when Israel is no more - a UN member state, mind you - annihilated, be it in a full-scale war or in stages.
23. To: No. 6
Sarah B ,   New York / Saviyon   (11.01.09)
Those who lose wars do not set preconditions. The Arabs, on "behalf" of the Palestinians, lost all six wars with Israel. The Palestinians brought terror to the world on a previously unknown scale. Preconditions? Oh, sure -- do you mean like the preconditions that the Allies let Nazi Germany set following World War II? Or perhaps you are referring to the preconditions which the Japanese were allowed to set following that same war? As a matter of fact, I cannot think of a single war where the loser set terms or conditions for anything. Unconditional surrender seems to have always been the rule of thumb. Why should a special set of rules apply to Israel? What is hypocritical in this whole sordid mess is the fact that the Palestinians had three opportunities to accept a two-state solution. They declined each time. Guess what? There is every likelihood that the two-state solution is off the table. There already is a Palestinian state. It's called Jordan. As to short-changing the Palestinians -- Did you know, Matty, that when Israel acquired Judea and Samaria in 1967, fewer than 20% of homes had electricity? Did you know that less than 20% of homes had indoor plumbing? Did you know there was only one hospital? Did you know that there was sewage system, and raw sewage ran in the streets, causing frequent outbreaks of cholera? Did you know that under Jordanian rule, Judea and Samaria had one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world? Did you know there were no universities? Did you know that there were virtually no paved roads? Did you know that there was no self-sustaining agriculture? Israel fixed all that, and more. They provided jobs within Israel proper, and many Palestinians took advantage of this and earned rather a nice living. Of course, since the Palestinian Authority took over, its gone back to pre-1967 conditions -- this despite billions of dollars and billions of euros in cash aid that has been lavished upon the Palestine Authority. I don't know -- and I don't particularly care -- why you have such a vicious hatred for the State of Israel. But if you wish to be fair-minded, you need to examine both sides. As nearly as I can tell, you have not bothered to do so. You seem intelligent and articulate enough to do some independent research. I think you should.
24. There goes the ranting M.Groves again
James ,   Israel   (11.01.09)
See everybody,she does not change her stance,expects My Prime Minister to offer the whole of Israel to our enemies. To that I say:bullshit. If the pals do not accept,TOUGH! Their only aim is obvious and we are not about to commit suicide madam.The ones who allways short change things on the ground,are THEMSELVES for asking the impossile they WILL NEVER GET.. Once bitten twice shy. And if you think we are going to give in to their demands which never stop,then think again.And if I may add:YOU ARE THE BIGGEST HYPOCRITE and NOT Israelis. Let me remind you who's country this is:It is the sovereign ISRAEL,which will neve acquiesce to any of their deals I asure you. Now go to your unwanted ranting.
25. Briefly put:Eitan
Kate ,   Israel   (11.01.09)
Spot on and no need for further discussion because we know exactly what is in their demands. We will notbend to their spurious dictums,which is a laugh in itself to begin with. By the way,at this rate with their continuous demands they will never get a state.What is more there is already a palestinian state called (Jordan)artificially created,but all their brethren live there.Away to all of them once and for all.
26. No Steve wrong there@2
Kate ,   Israel   (11.01.09)
The one who ios smoking the substance is none other than YOURSELF. Sounds to me you are not one of us. Steal ther land? Who are the palestinians? Answer me this: Who was their king? Any artifacts found about them? What was the name of their currency? I can add more,but no point to your likes.Youneed to open the historical narrative before uttering such naseous response. Seems you are not for real.
27. And this comes out from:
Kate ,   Israel   (11.01.09)
The mouth of the "HOLOCAUST" denier par excellence.(Abass & Co) I will not add more,for your good response said it all in FULL thanks
28. #8 Eitan, "Enlightened Progressives" Don't WANT to Realize
David P. ,   Central Coast, USA   (11.01.09)
or seek truth in the matter, they simply want to revise it truth to fit their ideology In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. --George Orwell ...
29. what is this stupidity anyway? @ 20??
James ,   israel   (11.01.09)
Yes we all know it backwards.same old same old. As fare as our P.M admitting truth in the main it is just political expedience & hyperbole.But hope he does not stray from the rue path.Give them an inch,they'll take a yard. There is nothing to talk about.The talks have been exhausted and we know why. The only claim to fame was/is demands,begging from the worldbodies,using the monies for weapons thus Enabling them to kill Jews with impunity.While us Jews who are the cleverest knowledgeable,ones who give the world all the technical,medical,and the list being tool long,so will desist in quoting all our great points would sound far too immodes.By Hey If you've got it why NOT FLAUNT IT?
30. To Sarah B. Such a good response...
Kate ,   Israel   (11.01.09)
And so well presented,But to the deaf and blind(not to mention the biased against Israel)is like putting caviar in front of PIGS,sorry to say. That woman has not just begun her bias recently,but she appears in every Israeli news sites.I guess,the others have curtailed their comment /forum section? Economy or what ever.So, the denigrators of Israel go to any lenghts just to get a glimpse for further information about us Jews/Israel. Amazing lot, to obsess with only our tiny country while the rest of the world is in dire straits daily..i.e Pakistan and the hundreds killed. Same in Iraq,Afghanistan same.Need I go further?I think not. But if I may, I congratulate your effort ,and thanks.
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