Settler suspected of multiple hate crimes
Ynet reporters
Published: 01.11.09, 18:10
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1. a self-hating Jew
observer   (11.01.09)
2. Please, do not bash settlers on this!
David ,   Shilo Israel   (11.01.09)
Incitement to hatred is an ugly act, no matter where it originates?
3. Wot no terrorism...
John ,   Jerusalem   (11.01.09)
Man shoots and stabs civilians. Sets off bombs. But not one use of the word "terrorist" or "terrorism". Funny that.
4. Terrorist, should be tried and punished heavily
Nour ,   Palestine   (11.01.09)
5. Please, prosecute him, but what about his right to council?
Seth   (11.01.09)
Do we not live in a society that values the rights of the accused?
6. Punishment - demolish his house
Javier ,   Paris, France   (11.01.09)
Now le'ts see if Israel is a truly democratic country with no discrimination, and his family's house is destroyed without delay. They do that for palestinians...
7. #Javier - In fact...
Amih'ai ,   Jerusalem   (11.01.09)
When they're jews, they do not need to be terrorist for having they houses destroyed. It's happenin all the time. Just because some think a jew cannot live at some place. (oh, and about the "without delay", if it means for you something like a whole year...)
8. what no jokes about dead palestinians
tip of the iceberg ,   asia   (11.01.09)
Time and time again palestinians complained about settler violence and time and time again it was dismissed as "palestinian lies" HE was arrested for attacking jews, not for killing the 2 palestinians, he was released even though police knew he shot the palestinian shepard in 97 the settler community in israel is responsible(look at the way they are defending him) and the settlers should be treated the same way as hamas militants.If not then israel is a lie and nothing more
carol ,   eilat   (11.01.09)
This is very common amongst the settelrs.
11. Thanks YNET
john ,   jerusalem   (11.01.09)
Glad to see you are using the "t" word in your headline now (even if it's in quotation marks). And encouraged to see universal condemnation of this guy by talkbackers. Wouldn't get that on a Palestinian site, sadly, in a parallel situation.
12. #3 That's because he acted alone.
Roman ,   Lod, Israel   (11.01.09)
At least from what we know so far. If he was operating as part of a known terrorist organization (like Kach) or in any way connected to it, then this would be reclassified as terrorism. As it stands, he's just a man with hate in his soul and access to firearms - he outsmarted customs officials and police for years (sadly not that hard to do), and seems to have been operating solo. Honestly, this is yet another black mark on the Israeli police - to have failed to capture this man for so long shows yet again just how incompetent and publicity-seeking our police had been for years, focusing on politicians and celebs when murderers get ignored.
13. Jerusalem
Michael ,   Jerusalem   (11.01.09)
Is he more mentally unstable that the High Court of "Justice" judges ? I prefer people like him that Abbas.
14. We in Israel are all pleased with the fact that this thug
Eitan ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (11.01.09)
was found, captured and will be brought to justice. I wish to congratulate both Israel's Police as well as Israel's Security Services (Shabak). Yishar Kohakhem!
15. If this is true - of course he is a terrorist....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (11.01.09)
Most Israelis would say this.
16. To the jails with him
Naor ,   USA   (11.01.09)
Throw this crazy man into jail where he belongs with his Palestinian terrorist brothers.
17. Selective blindness
Maks ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.01.09)
To all the commentators who cry that the guy wasn't called a terrorist: Reading really helps, both the title and the article call him a terrorist who committed acts of terror. If you don't like the Israeli state be at least not too obvious....
Ben Avraham ,   Tel Aviv   (11.01.09)
19. A terrorist is a terrorist.....
Abir ,   Chicago, IL   (11.01.09)
Regardless of his religious affiliation. He should be treated no different from any Palestinian terrorist. Should be given the same sentence given to other terrorists, commensurate with the crimes .
20. Jewish terrorism.....
Marco ,   Spain   (11.01.09)
Not the first Jew involved in terrorism and wont be the last. Palestine and its beautiful people will live in our hearts forever.
21. my god, what a freaking nut
jerusalem   (11.01.09)
hope he doesnt get out on that infamous "mentally unstable" BS, hope he goes to jail for life. what kind of parents have such a horrible son...what the hell have they been teaching him?
22. settler suspected
debbie ,   israel   (11.01.09)
Javier of Paris, Who made you the judge of whether or not Israel is democratic? Are you similiarly concerned about the democratic values of various other countries in the world, or is it just Israel that obssesses you so? Better you should look into the islamization of your own country and where France will be in 10 years from now. Seems you have enough to worry about.
23. Shame on Shin Bet;shame on Israel!
Keren ,   IL-BR   (11.01.09)
In the first place,this kind of terrorizing- like police should not exist in Israel towards Jews.If he is to be arrested,to be so in the light of the law and not in this shameful way. In the second place,if Israel were a protective and respectful state towards its own,this kind of things would not happen. If those running this country don't believe that this is a country for Jews,better get out and go to live elsewhere and let in Israel only those who believe so. I am not justifying the yet *supposed* acts of this guy,but if he is eventually guilty,he would be the product of governs that dont know what is their own ideological direction. Politicians in Israel should have hystory classes delivered in the Knesset daily.They should know their 3800 years of history deeply and act consequently and coherently .
24. This terrorist thug is not a unique example
George ,   Canada   (11.01.09)
The condemning reaction of the talk backers is highly appreciated .This ideologically criminal type is not a unique example, the majority of the extremist settlers do similar thing to Palestinian and go away from the punishment .This guys got caught because the live of other jews were involved.
25. Hey Keren
Seth   (11.01.09)
You sound like a bigger nut job than this guy, try to read your words before posting them, perhaps by someone who knows English too if that is an issue.
26. Good this guy was caught!
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (11.01.09)
and Marco, been smoking your hubbly bubbly tonight, have we?
27. 3# innocent until proven guity
avrom ,   bet shemesh   (11.01.09)
This guy is a suspect and he is suspected of acts of terror.if he is convicted then he is indeed a terrorist and mad and evil you do not bomb somebody because they disagree with your views .Acts of force are the sole perogative of the state NOT the individual .The article says "domestic acts of terror" terror and terrorism are more or less synonymous .i think you should apologize foy your mistake
28. Don't ya just love Israeli De-MOCK-racy
Debbie ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.01.09)
Guilty until proven innocent and if you are proven innocent the press will never report that.
29. Oh look, Israel arrested a terrorist, let's make a big deal
To #6 ,   Israel   (11.01.09)
When was the last time Palestinians, Iranians, or Lebanese arrested people for killing Jews, huh? Go teach them manners, elitists from abroad. And no we won't demolish his house, this is done only to dead terrorists you can't punish. He will serve time in jail. And BTW, mr. French Guy, I don't see French UNIFIL soldiers arresting Hezbollah arms smugglers in south Lebanon, the fact is that you're afraid of them.
30. # 3
Birdi ,   Israel   (11.01.09)
If you re-read the main page of this article you will see that it reads; "JEWISH TERRORIST ARRESTED"
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