They’re not scared
Alex Fishman
Published: 02.11.09, 10:07
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Arn-Orao. ,   Sweden-Srbia.   (11.02.09)
2. no deterrence
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (11.02.09)
Of course there is no deterrence. Week after week Israelis see how violent radicals assault police and soldiers in the Biliin and Naalin riots, and the police are unable to do anything.
3. This article is crap.....
Brian ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (11.02.09)
...I can't believe it was published.
4. A civil war is brewing in Israel just below the surface
Bloodyscot ,   Dallas, Texas   (11.02.09)
Lines are being drawing in Israel and could lead to a civil war unless Gov. takes actions soon but if it tries then the Gov. will fail and new elections needed. Any peace deal that removes very many settlers will set it off but without a peace deal there will be another war in 10yrs inwhich Israel could lose. I think Obama will have a peal deal before he leaves office and that could rip Israel open with Jews being the terrorist on Muslims, the leftwings and the Gov.
5. Jewish terrorist Ya'acov Teitel
ale ,   Italia   (11.02.09)
for all world he is a terrorist. in all world he spent all days into jail in us or israel he would be tortured and killed........ but only if he was arab. he is jewish, like baruch goldstein and rabin's killer..... he is a terrorist like livni father.... terrorist of the world.... all criminals. but REMEMBER. jewish terrorist IS A HERO. he is moral!!! terrorist but MORAL. probably just few years and "Jewish terrorist Ya'acov Teitel " become a israelis Prime Minister.... livni history learning..... REMEMBER. Jewish terrorist Ya'acov Teitel IS MORAL, MOST MORAL OF THE WORLD. HE IS JEWISH!!!!!!!!!!!!
6. the difference between protest and murder
Michael ,   Haifa   (11.02.09)
Both right and left wing protestors engage in violence, but political murders seem to be carried out almost exclusively by the right wing fascist, racist, homophobic elements in our society.
7. let's have a little think..
two lone Jewish terrorists from the same illegal outpost....yeah! right they acted all alone...no infrastructure no hot house of right wing terrorism...sure thing
8. #5 Oh, cut the crap.
Roman ,   Lod, Israel   (11.02.09)
Your allegations of supposed sentiments of Jewish racial supremacy are quite familiar - after all, we Jews have heard them in Europe for centuries, as part of that good old claims how us Jews are evil little blighters who hate all the Christians and want them dead. Now, you confuse Tzipi Livni's father (who led paramilitary operations against British occupation forces) with actual terrorists like Baruch Goldstein and Ya'acov Teitel, and political assassins like Yigal Amir. You further imply that we Jews (being the twisted, evil buggers that we must be) call them heroes. Well, we don't. We call them murderers, terrorists, and people who don't actually deserve to be called human. We call them scum, Ale. And now, head on over to the Palestinian Authority, and see what the Palestinians call suicide bombers, people who shoot up families, and so on. Go on, ask and listen. We call actual Jewish terrorists scum, Ale. The Palestinians call their terrorists Shahids. Martyrs. Heroes. A person goes and blows himself up in a bakery, and he's a hero of Hamas. Go figure.
9. No.5
Eli ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.02.09)
There is no such thing as a terrorist who is a hero! There is no such thing as a moral murder! Terrorism and murder can not be condoled irrespective of religion. You are absolutely deranged!
10. #6
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (11.02.09)
So you are saying that Hamas and Fatah, including Arafat himself are "right-wing, facist, racist, homophobic elements"? I am glad that we can finally agree on something. There is hope for peace.
11. #9 He is not justifying the acts, Eli.
Roman ,   Lod, Israel   (11.02.09)
He is, on the other hand, implying that Jews in Israel are all deranged and violent, willing to call a terrorist a hero because he's Jewish. He's not justifying murder (at least not this time) - he's justifying anti-Semitic bigotry. He has this image of Jews and Israel in his head, and he expects that we will all fall in line with it.
12. thousands of weapons are coming in daily
Fred ,   iSRAEL   (11.02.09)
Thousands of weapons are coming in daily thorugh the Gaza Tunnels. If I srael can not stop this, you expect they can stop a few guns coming in a crate. Wake up!!
13. Apartheid
Why is it that when he killed two Arabs he wasn't sent to jail, but was released after questioning however, now that he killed a Jewish person it makes the news, and will deservedly spend time in jail. Is Jewish blood worth more?
14. simpleminded leftist tripe
ben Ish   (11.02.09)
Alex Fishman is an excellent example of the corrosive effects of simple-mindedness on society. He whines about "Oh boo hoo, a person acting alone committed a heinous act." What then? Start requiring the IDF and Mossad do regular invasive unnanounced searches of ANY and ALL residences, at any time they want. Question anyone anywhere. Make absolutely sure that everyone is questioned and searched on a regular basis. Leave no stone unturned. Keep detailed information on all citizens and activity. Start identifying and eliminating any freedom or liberty that allows people the opportunity to do bad things at any time. Monitor and restrict all communication and movement. You simple minded cretin Alex. Even with invasive restrictive measures like this and beyond, there will STILL be individuals committing heinous acts because they were not detected before hand. But that does not stop people like you from enacting, piece by piece, the slow but steady march towards totalitarianism to "protect" the innocent. You will NEVER eliminate aberrant humans and their aberrant behavior, but that doesn't stop liberals from putting society itself into a cage trying to do it. Simple minded fixation on idealistic goals is a corrosion on society because it pursues unrealistic goals at the very real expense of liberty and freedom. Are there random acts of murder by Israelis several times a day, every day? Or is it more like 0.05%? If we are closer to the latter, then we have to decide if we want to change Tel Aviv into East Berlin circa 1980, to try to stop that 0.05%. (Which won't happen anyway) No I don't agree with terrorism or murder, but neither do I agree with punishing all of society because a small percentage have mental issues that YOU have difficulty accepting.
15. #13 Here we go again.
Roman ,   Lod, Israel   (11.02.09)
The man was not arrested for the two murders he committed in 1997 - the police didn't link him to the events at the time. He was investigated in 2000 regarding a *different event*, of which he was innocent, and the real perpetrator was a different man altogether. It wasn't until he was caught *now* that he admitted to the two murders in 1997, and was tied to the evidence in that case. He was *never* allowed to walk free over murder "just because it was Arabs", he was never identified as the murderer in the first place until today. The only apartheid exists in your head.
16. well-argued
Naomi ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.02.09)
this article is spot-on.
17. sorry lod,BUT you are a evidence!
ale ,   Italia   (11.02.09)
lod, SAID :"you confuse Tzipi Livni's father (who led paramilitary operations against British occupation forces" .....I CONFUSE..... lod SAID TOO...just two lines back!!!:"The Palestinians call their terrorists Shahids. Martyrs. Heroes..." if tell about arabs:they are terrorists... livni father?...."paramilitary operations against British occupation forces!!!!!".... or you are confused o you are a typical fan of israelis apartheid system...... dear lod....you smile, but 2+2 in Italia is 4......and not only in Italia.... probably for you...(little hero...) 2+2 is 7.... you are a EVIDENCE!!!!!!
18. #6:Only right wing is illegal & sits in jail uncharged
Adam Eliyahu Berkowi   (11.02.09)
There are no illegal left wing parties. For some reason, any right wing view is considered extremist, even if it is a clear majority of the population. The shin bet works strongly against the right wing and doesn' even glance at the left. Is it any wonder no left wing crimes are uncovered. How about all the left wing incitement and violence against soldiers and police? Shouldn't those jerks sit in jail?What about left wing conspirators helping arab terrorists? Doesn't exist? Guess again. It just doesn't get prosecuted.
19. Sooner or later the price will be paid.
George ,   Canada   (11.02.09)
What is go around comes around .For years Israeli Police cover up the religious settlers criminal activities and bully behavior against Palestinian. Their political power is going out of control and sooner or later the whole Israeli population will pay the price and a civil war is seeding with roots growing up slowly. For 12 years they couldn’t caught him??!!!Or more precisely they didn’t want to catch him. American brought black people from Africa at the beginning of the century, exploit them made from them slavery and guess what, they are paying the price now. Good luck.
20. Your criminal, my hero
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim,   (11.02.09)
B"H This is one of the most horrendous of articles I've ever seen ynetnews to publish. It openly advocates the return of a totalitarian regime like that of Hi**er's or St**in's. Why? For the benefit of enforcing governmental law-and-order. "When the people fear the government, there is tyranny; When the government fears the people, there is liberty" - Thomas Jefferson. No, we shouldn't live in fear, not for un-G-d-ly causes.
21. #6 Go and read your history.
Roman ,   Lod, Israel   (11.02.09)
The predominantly left-wing Mapai, the great builder? It's responsible for the first political murders in Israel, all the way back in the British Mandate. Across the world, there is no discrimination between left, right, or center when it comes to murder based on ideology - it simply requires unwavering drive. You can be a Fascist, a Communist, an Anarchist, a Democrat, a Monarchist, a Green, or whatever. Political murder is color blind when it comes to its origin or the ideals and beliefs that bring it about. It requires drive and self-righteousness, and possibly some degree of insanity. Nothing more, nothing less. And quite frankly, the Left is no less full of that in Israel - possibly even more. It's no surprise that Mordechai Va'anunu first tried to sell Israel's nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union, that anarchists do their best to maim policemen at protests, and so on. The hardline political left in Israel has simply yet to return to the full violent capability it had before, and which it has across the world to this day. Just a matter of time before some right-wing politician is shot to "save the country from itself". And why not? It's precisely the logic Yigal Amir used, and it's precisely the same reasoning of left-wing spokesmen and politicians today whenever they speak of Netanyahu, or the Evil Inhuman Settlers (TM). I've heard incitement to violence from the left more than once - eventually, someone will act on it. Because trust me, the right doesn't have a monopoly on self-righteousness.
22. #17 The name is Roman, I live in Lod.
Roman ,   Lod, Israel   (11.02.09)
Further, yes, Tzipi Livni's father attacked British military targets. That was the sum total of what he did to drive out what he, at the time, perceived as a hostile military presence. Had Palestinian organizations limited themselves to attacking military targets within regions under Israeli military control, I wouldn't have considered them terrorist organizations - the very definition of terrorism is using violent means to strike fear into your enemy, by any means necessary. The Palestinian organizations crossed the line when they made Israeli civilian targets the *norm*, rather than anything resembling an exception. I doubt they ever fought the IDF at all - they were too busy killing Israeli civilians. Livni's father, in contrast, attacked the British soldiers stationed in British Mandate Palestine in attempt to make them leave. Do note the difference, please - military targets versus civilian ones.
23. #20 you scare me.
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (11.03.09)
This murderer is your hero? And I thought we were better than barbaric Palestinians who sympathize with terrorists. I am ashamed that a zealot like you exist on our side. What you want to defend is hardly "liberty", it is dangerous anarchical vigilantism.
24. Of course he IS NOT A TERRORIST
Eliezer ,   USA   (11.03.09)
It is so obvious. The left wing media refuses to call Arab murderers "terrorists". Why should they do differently now? Call him something familiar like "activist" . Also, if these Jewish "activists" kidnap one Leftie "activist" and hold him hostage for several years, shouldn't the government release 1,000 Jewish militant's like Teitel as a good will gesture? Shouldn't government also give them money and weapons to support "moderates" among them? We see it done regularly with the other types of "militants". As we all know, a murderer today is a Nobel Piece price winner tomorrow!
25. #20 - Out of context
Lily ,   Binyamina   (11.03.09)
Regardless of the article, your misuse of a famous quote by Jefferson is out of place and unappreciated. Who would you rather live in fear of? A radical serial killer, cloaked with a vigilate, self serving ideology or a government attempting, albeit not always intelligently, to persercute those jeopardizing society as a whole. You choose. It is a sad day when the State of Israel declares that public enemy #1 is a "quiet, nice, polite, settler from Shvut Rachel". Leave TJ out of this.
26. #20: & when 1 group of people take over its facism!
and facism fits you and your ilk! But it doesn't suit the rest of us!
27. terror or crime
shefa ,   jerusalem   (11.03.09)
i think both are the same . but the differance was existed after septemper event . and goldstone report was evedence that it is the same .so return to basics that it is crimes infront of the law .. i think if septemper event was judge as crime not terror it would produced better results than the war on terror .. evry one think that the law is weak but the gone is better and so terror is not a crime and the crime is not terror and it is confusion over evry act against the humans and against the morals and against the religion and against this or that race .. i think the law must be over all these the crime is a crime .. it is not strange to change the law to adapte the crime . and they do crimes under the new laws
28. And I repeat:
ben Ish   (11.04.09)
Alex, you are simple-minded and corrosion on society. I repeat myself only because it bears repeating. When I see such wildly ignorant and dangerous tripe being trumpeted around like wisdom, by so many mindless lemmings, contrasted by the PROFOUND historical failures of these ideals and the immense tragic cost in human life that comes with them, I finally think, so be it. If in the light of a billion murdered souls, humans can still be so blindly suicidal, perhaps it's all for the best anyway. Rock on.
29. #23,25,26 Yes he is a hero ,not for just for #20 fellows
George ,   Canada   (11.04.09)
He is a hero for the majority of extremist settlers ,and who are by the way a serious number in Israel.
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