Merkel: Iranian threat to Israel threatens us all
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 03.11.09, 20:46
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1. zero tolerance
colin   (11.03.09)
All the talking in the united nations and at every venue of political calling angry words are directed against Iran. ZERO TOLERANCE Does anybody in the UN known the meaning of these words???All talk and no action The cowardly new world approach.
2. By me,Bundeskanselerin Merkel is the greatest!
Alan ,   SA   (11.03.09)
3. Lip service
Sarah B ,   New York / Saviyon   (11.03.09)
Words mean nothing without concrete action to back them up. There's a lot of talk about increased sanctions and military action in all manner of Western capitals, but the simple fact of the matter is, the West is waiting for Israel to do its dirty work for them. Nothing new under the sun. Well, Chancellor Merkel -- and Sarkozy -- and Obama -- and everyone else can breathe a sigh of relief. As usual, Israel will clean up your mess.
4. Germany finally wants to be on the right side of history
Yaniv ,   Israel   (11.03.09)
Merkel is a great human. There are still too many German nazi/socialist people who are pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel/anti-Jew, who hate Merkel with a passion, but I'm sure she has the courage and the integrity to prevail over them. I can finally say G-d bless Germany!
5. Angela Merkel
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (11.03.09)
The promises of Angela "Erika" Merkel mean exactly NOTHING.
6. merkel
Birdi ,   Israel   (11.03.09)
Lip service or not, at least Chacellor Merkel has the gumption to speak up when most of the world is bashing Israel left right & center.
7. # 4
Birdi ,   Israel   (11.03.09)
Yaniv, part of your post has been answered by # 5 !!!!!
8. dear angela zero toleranc to german
hans ,   stuttgart germany   (11.03.09)
big businness with iran
9. All world leaders listen up. Iran has ZERO tolerance for the
rest of the world. ,   Y'all are powerless.   (11.03.09)
10. Yes, it's only talk, but it's good talk.
Yaniv ,   Israel   (11.04.09)
It's not expected that Germany would ever do something militarily to stop Iran. If not from Obama's America than much less from Germany. But Israel clearl a blessing to strike Iran and c'mon, let's face reality, we knew all along we would eventually have to do the job ourselves and save us and the world from the tyrant in Iran, just like we did in Osrak, Iraq in 1981. There will still be world wide condemnation like last time, but hopefully less this time. Anyway, our survival does not depend on popularity in the first hand, but resolve and unrelenting strength. That's the only way the majority of the world is ever gonna respect us. It is because the state of Israel, that we're no longer homeless, and our strong defense, which has made us more loved by the Gentiles than ever before. Trust me, pity and victimhood is not what the Gentiles respect the most. They respect more a nation that fights back and crushes the enemy. That has always been the nature of man to stand behine whomever they think is on the winning side.
11. this is important
dani   (11.04.09)
at a time when the obama administration is questioning the strength of american ties to israel, and when some ultra liberal americans are aggresively trying to promote a change in this relationship with israel its important that a german can come to america and make this point. merkel might make some people realize that america is NOT the last bastion of pro israel support and its not just AIPAC that supports israel.
12. Merkel has BIGGER Baitzim than Nobama.
Chaim ,   Baltimore   (11.04.09)
13. #7 I read that post, but I don't agree
Yaniv ,   Israel   (11.04.09)
You take what you can get. I have never expected Germany to do something militarily, but her words do make a difference in the right direction. At least she has never said that Iran must never be attacked militarily like many other nations and have left those options open on the table for Israel to decide. Germany has given us all she can give us at this point in time and we should gladly accept it. We must still do the dirty work nobody else will do, but it's very possible that we will receive less world condemnation this time than we received after the attack on the reactor in Osrak, Iraq, 1981. Time will tell.
14. And Germany is Irans biggest EU trade partner
Gimmy a break ,   NY, USA   (11.04.09)
kind of hypocritical to say the least
15. Israel's dirty work
Robert Carey ,   Brisbane, Australia   (11.04.09)
#3 "the West is waiting for Israel to do its dirty work for them". What a load of codswallop! As Israel is the major contributor to the reasons behind why the western world is facing a backlash from the Muslim world, Israel should have a presence in Afghanistan. I don't remember any reports of Israeli soldiers returning from Afghanistan in body bags.
16. Europe should be sweating!
Mark   (11.04.09)
What this woman may not realize is that her words aren't just lip service...oh no.. first Israel then Europe-bet on it. She's speaking the truth more than she may realize it.
17. Rather thermal, but it may work.
Ypip ,   Canada   (11.04.09)
18. Merkel: Iranian threat to Israel threatens us all
G-dWrestler ,   San Francisco CA   (11.04.09)
I've had this question in mind for quite some time; why hasn't any member state of the UN referred Iranian's President Ahmedinejad on charges of incitement to commit genocide. It only takes one member state to refer the charge to the UN per Article 8 of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. I think Germany would be the ideal candidate.
19. Merkel stands to her words!
David ,   Köln Germany   (11.04.09)
Germany stands on the side of Israel! Sure Germany will never do military actions alone. But will do all in connections to other nations to stop the Iran of devoloping nuclear weapons! If Iran goes on this way, Merkel and the german government will more and more restrict the business relations with the Iran, which will hit the Iran economy hardly (Btw the USA trades also with the Iran)! I really cant agree posts 5 & 6. The german people are pro-Israel definitely! We know about our historic responsibility and appreciate the only democratic country in the middle east!
20. BLA-BLA-BLA- !!!.
Arn-Orao. ,   Sweden-Srbia.   (11.04.09)
"A nuclear weapon at the hands of an Iranian president who denies the Holocaust, threatens Israel and negates its right to exist is simply unacceptable." "Iran knows the specifics of our proposal and it should also know where we will draw our red line. "We must show zero tolerance to the possibility of Iran getting hold of nuclear weapons. It threatens us all," she said, to roaring applause. WHAT DOES YOUR READ LINE CONSIST OF ???., MORE SANCTIONS AND BLA-BLA-BLA- ???. IF THAT IS THE CASE, YOU CAN GO AND BLA-BLA-BLA- WITH YOUR BACK IN THE WOMENS ROOM. Arn-Orao.
21. Stop them
Ken mark mann ,   Australia   (11.04.09)
its about time some one stood up and made statements publically , yep it had to be germany and it had to be merkel. I congratulate her for doing so. Now some of you other states can back the germans with the same confidence, every one knows that nobody has the right to threaten the jews with anihalation. She knows how serious this is and obviously worried, The iranians must be stopped very soon, or something else must stop them, and we need to make it clear to these iranians once and for all, because if you dont act now, the result of it will be the beginning of world war 3 , rather than the stopage of world war 3, and we all know, especially merkal what the cost is when the whole world collides. total catastrohic devestation which will take years to fix - if not decades. If we remember how long has it been since world war 2, the world is still hurting from this , imagine the pain and suffering from world war 3 from the hands of amadinajad, he like hitler does not give a crap of any of the destruction they will seek, So for them its another attempt at changeing the world, and these guys seem to think , once its done the world will be better for muslims, therefore they can create there own version of the master race under sharia laws.its tottaly absurd and they probably cant wait to start it.
22. people back off give the lady a creadit
ghostq   (11.04.09)
maybe in totalitarian regims the prim minister can dectate the free market what to do but in democracy so back off cause this lady have more courage than any politician in the west world.
23. Germany is the best friend of Israel in Europe and the
Shraga ,   Hadera, Israel   (11.04.09)
econd best friend in the world. We must appreciate it and be greatful in all our doing with Germany. Today's Germany is not the Germany of the middle of the 20th century. I say it as one of old Germany's victim and survivors.
24. I agree with you, Shraga, 23.
Rivka Shmulevitz ,   Tel-Aviv   (11.04.09)
25. iran with nuc's?
toey ,   USA   (11.04.09)
Thank God for people like Merkel. If our so call president would not do anything to stop iran than someone else has to pick up the paton and rund with it. Any president who denounce the existence of another people or country should not be tolerated and should be dealt with the with the ultimate response. And that should be military action if we have to, to eliminate this threat. How many resolutions is it gonna take? Our Lord and Savior will punish evil, I know that for a fact. For you folks who don't believe, read the bible(NKJV) the end is pretty clear. God will deliver His people. Praise God! Thank you Merkel for siding with Israel. May God bless Germany. Hitler might have done all that evil, but God is a God of mercy and grace. He forgave Germany. His word said if those people who did evil turn from their wicked ways and repent and ask for forgiveness, than He will forgive their sins and heal their land. Thank you Jesus!
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