Hezbollah denies link to arms ship
Roee Nahmias
Published: 05.11.09, 10:23
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1. Muslims always deny own mischief
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (11.05.09)
it is written in Quran and Sharia to lie to infidels
2. Would like to bet?
Marcelo ,   Frankfurt / Eurabia   (11.05.09)
I am waiting the first reports from UN attacking Israel for piracy while in Somalia the whole world watch and support international trups there...Ban would wellcome such a incrimination as well as Goldstones guys...
3. Nasrallah speaks the truth..
Marco ,   Spain   (11.05.09)
Its not a coincidence that the ship was captured and the implanted weapons displayed to the whole world just as the Goldstone report is scheduled to be discussed at the U.N.
4. Who are the better liars? Hezb? Syria? or the Palestinians?
JPS ,   Efrat   (11.05.09)
This is more standard behavior from our esteemed neighbors to the north. When faced with unequivocal proof what do they do? They lie. Plain and simple. It's just like what the Palestinians have done for decades - every time they kill Israeli citizens they say that Israel did it (and this started long before 1967, so none of this "occupation is to blame" baloney). The only bizarre angle is that Goldstone, an educated westerner, got sucked in by so much Palestinian propaganda. However, the Palestinians are indeed good at lying too.
5. Goldstone must investigate this piracy on high seas 4 Hague
Alan ,   SA   (11.05.09)
6. Well done Israeli Navy.
Johnnymac ,   Ireland   (11.05.09)
7. for Marco, Spain N°3...
Michael ,   Berlin, Germany   (11.05.09)
Hey Marco, what about H1N1 flu virus? That's 100% made in Israel by Zionist doctors to destroy the world, right? Pleaaaase, tell us the truth!
8.  Hezbollah
Mike Van Harris ,   Antwerp Belgium   (11.05.09)
First Hezbollah is not a terrorist organization. What the zionist did is piracy,looting and disrespecting international trade. When Israeli ships will be seized , do not ask why ? They will do it.
9. well done Israel!
Claudia   (11.05.09)
eventually the truth is revealed.
10. if it's not theirs they wouldn't call Israel pirates.
ghostq   (11.05.09)
they would probably wouldn't care I can literaly hear their teeth grinding holding back the anger, it cost them alot of money ti hi. :)
11. to #3 the only thing that needs to be implant
ghostq   (11.05.09)
is your brain. :)
12. to #8 sure they r UN resolution. :)
ghostq   (11.05.09)
14. Israil is the Big Losser
Abdo ,   KSA   (11.05.09)
I sow this news is most funniest in the world , israil try to search about final chance to end decision of Goldistone report or at lest justification what she do in plastanian people and call it (( WAR ON TERROR )) .
15. #3 But of course, how could I think otherwise?
Roman ,   Lod, Israel   (11.05.09)
I mean, surely Israel has hundreds, if not thousands, of Iranian-made rockets just lying around in storage, waiting for the day that this evil scheme comes about! Day after day, night after night the murderous Israeli commando units do their evil deeds, infiltrating Lebanon and even Iran itself, to collect rockets by the scores. Yeah. Sure. Whatever you say.
16. #8 They operate in Argentina and various other countries.
Roman ,   Lod, Israel   (11.05.09)
Blowing up community centers in South American countries, kidnapping civilians, and with the recent Turkish security forces publishing explicit warnings regarding Hezbollah operations in Turkey to attack Israeli citizens there... Yep, that's a terrorist organization alright. Even Hezbollah's approach to war, that of raining rockets on population centers to maximize civilian casualties and fear, is that if a terrorist organization.
17. for Mike Van Harris N°8...
Michael ,   Berlin, Germany   (11.05.09)
Before you start posting here, check the facts: piracy - can't be used for military officials; looting - anybody claim that they want to have that cargo back?; international trade - not works for illegal transfer of weapons and ammunition. And your peace-loving friends from Hezbollah have a military force of about 1,000 full-time Hezbollah members, along with a further 6,000-10,000 volunteers! What for?
18. To nr 17
Mike Van Harris ,   Antwerp Belgium   (11.05.09)
To protect there land, there history and there country from the Zionist . Its not up to you or to the illegal country( Israel ) who will decide what is legal and what is not. What is going on in the area is not justefied, its pure crime and its a shame that we the europeans who we call our selfs cevilised,to support and protect the zionist.
19. Attila
Solomon ,   Rishpon   (11.05.09)
You are a typical gotveren turk.
20. KSA and abdo
James ,   Herzeliya   (11.05.09)
last week Saudi Arabia intercepted a ship carrying weapons to the yemen gueriilas fighting the Wahhabist in KSA. You are an hypocrit
21. for Mike Van Harris N°18...
Michael ,   Berlin, Germany   (11.05.09)
But you can decide what is legal and what is not? How is that? Hezbollah protecting Lebanon from Christians, Zionists, not good enought Muslims etc. - who ask them to do so? You didn' know that on May 24, 2000 Israel left Lebanon? But they still fighting... Have you ever been in "the area"? Support the freedom fighters - go to Gaza! Why you stay in Antwerp like other millions of muslims, who mooved to Europe, away from this "freedom and civilization" in Lebanon?
22. Yemen seizes Iranian ship
Solomon ,   Rishpon   (11.05.09)
Fron the BBC News A boat carrying Iranian weapons destined for Yemeni rebels has been intercepted in the Red Sea, local Yemeni officials have said. The Iranian crew and a cargo of mostly anti-tank shells were seized near Midi an official told the AFP news agency. Iranian state television quoted "informed sources" denying the story. The Yemeni central government has not commented but officials have long accused the rebels of receiving Iranian support, a claim Tehran denies. Iranian state broadcaster al-Alam TV called the incident a "fabrication of the media". Last week Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh alleged that captured rebels had confessed their funding came from Iranian dignitaries.
23. Open your eyes #8
Lily ,   Binyamina   (11.05.09)
Neither of us know who sold or purchased these weapons as of yet, but we all know that NO ONE is admitting ownership. Piracy and looting is very different than apphrending a ship in seach of illegal weapons very possibly intended for enemy militia groups aimed at targeting civilians. Israel just like other nations uses measures to protect it's sovereignty and its citizens against terror groups. Your country, Belgium, eechm, would do the very same should it ever have to. I'll cut you some slack because terroism has yet to come to your doostep, but, when and if it does, come back to discuss what a terroist org is or is not. Until then, stop broadcasting your naivete and foolishness.
24. The Hizbullah’s and Nasrallah.
Ron B. ,   Lod   (11.05.09)
The Hizbullah, exist only because it is supported by the dictatorship of Syria and the fanatic Islam regim of Iran. Their moves are not fair. They have an unfair agenda. They fight unfair battles in the wrong place at the wrong time. They should be destroyd to the last. History tells us that those who came by sword will go by the sword as described at :
25. Good Job
MART   (11.05.09)
Good Job but perhaps someone should take note the Iranians have managed to put a ship in Ashdod next time it might be booby-trapped or even contain a Nuke.
26. In other news, Pope is Catholic
Danny   (11.05.09)
27. to #18 lol soverin rulling aka syria army
ghostq   (11.05.09)
is also capble to protect its own land, so acording to your logic syria is worthless and not capble of doing nothing? hahaha you don't think things through, logic 1 on 1 and Israel is legal by law that was legislated in 1947. :) hizb is terror org, just give it a rest. no matter how you look at it it. by UN definition not mine :)
28. :: Clinton: Netanyahu Offered to Stop All Construction
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (11.05.09) Will be interesting to see if there is any meat behind this story.
29. To nr 27
Mike Van Harris ,   Antwerp Belgium   (11.05.09)
With a great regret to say that the UN is corrupted by the US .
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