Teitel operated by Shin Bet in past
Published: 06.11.09, 08:59
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1. Teitel is hired gun of Shin Bet -Killed on behalf of Shabak
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (11.06.09)
I just wrote this days ago as soon as this murderer was apprehended but my talkback was censured NOT CLEARED FOR PUBLICATION Some elements in Shin Bet used him to kill Leftist Jews. I came to this conclusion after reading some talkback of extreme rightist zionists here. They could kill anybody including jews if they conflict with them. Teitel is just one of them.
2. Something to think about
TC ,   Far away   (11.06.09)
Shin Bet knew from the beginning who he really was. What would have happened if this 'relationship' has indeed yielded some results? Would Teitel still be free??
3. it's normal in moral community
ale ,   Italia   (11.06.09)
where everyone is MORAL.... is possible that : terrorist and Shin-bet are in partenership "ties between the general security service and Teitelis" ties between yaakov ("murder of two Palestinians, assaulting Prof. Ze'ev Sternhell and a teen from a messianic family in Ariel, placing explosives ") and leaders of israelis (MORAL) community.... it's normal in MORAL community of jewish israel....
4. #1Typhus
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (11.06.09)
Your conclusion is based on your ignorance...not concrete facts. Teital is a criminal, as was Baruch Goldstein... a different from Kuntar. All of them doing the wrong thing, blinded by their reasoning.
5. teitel
tom ,   tel aviv   (11.06.09)
Thousands of israeli victims and only one or two "jewish"terrorists?!: well, we should've beed given a medal for honorable self-restraint, possibly "honorable stupidity" but all I hear&read is the expected chest-pounding or as our Christian cousins say: mea culpa, oy vey!
6. Nothing surprises me
Shalom   (11.06.09)
I wouldn't be surprised to hear that of a whole Yigal Amir/Shabak/Teitel/Peres partnership to discredit the right wing
7. Teitel
Ari ,   Ashdod   (11.06.09)
#6 : Discredit the right wing? They ARE the right wing--or a small part of it.
Army base.Gee,the man sure gets around.
9. Shin Bet are stupid to recruits a mentally ill informer!!!
Sami ,   Lebanon   (11.06.09)
And the Shin Bet are leftist right?…….. funny. Recent poll showed 78% of Israeli population supports the extreme right-wing and of course the Netanyaho –liberman moderate government was elected by the tourists! This terrorist survived 12 years of free terror not by coincidence in such security paranoid country as Israel where the measures to fight terror are the highest in the world. Not surprising if the time will reveal he has an inner back up from high authority. Israeli history has similar cases..
10. In regards to # 1 in Turkey
Lou ,   Mi Ami, Israel   (11.06.09)
So I guess that is Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan (the killer of Fort Hood) is an agent of Tayfun from Turkey as well as Hamas, Hizballah and the rest of that evil gang.
11. #9 I'll tell you what is more likely to be true
Jake   (11.06.09)
That there is no sovereign country of Lebanon and no Lebanese government, except for a few puppets in suits operated by the puppet masters: Hizbullah and Iran. As for the Shin Bet, what's your point? They already admitted contacting Teitel in the past to get information from him: "Yaakov Teitel was handled by the Shin Bet even after his interrogation in the year 2000," the agency said in a statement. "As part of our inspection of him and in light of his ties with extreme right-wing elements, we held several meetings with him which did not yield a thing, and immediately afterwards the ties were cut."
12. TYPHOON THE BABOON BUFFOON is one more insane Isalmist
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (11.06.09)
as all truly observant Muslims are
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