Netanyahu urges Abbas to resume talks
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 09.11.09, 19:57
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1. Israel Must Halt Settlements Before Talks Can Begin
Joseph Blough ,   NY, USA   (11.09.09)
Clearly if Israel cannot abide by its previous commitment to halt settlement construction and remove illegal outposts, there is no reason for anyone to expect Israel to keep its word on anything negotiated moving forward either.
2. Oh... yeah no time to waste for peace..... funny
George ,   Canada   (11.09.09)
Netanyahu, you can have a 1 Km long peace speech, no body taking your words serious or worthy to listen to. Same old game, same old words, same old crap. Prime minister elected by extremist settlers cannot make peace.
Well done,keep telling 'em what they want to hear.But just the same old B.S of course.
4. Netanyahu has done everything except
Al   (11.09.09)
bend over and ask his rapist to be gentle. He is shaping up to be the biggest loser Israel has ever seen as a PM. He will sell you down the river bar none. You have gone from bad to worst.
5. Palestinians will start talking only ...
Palestinian ,   Safad /Palestine   (11.09.09)
when you tell your residents in Maali adomin(or whatever the hell its name ) to prepare themselves for a Palestinian citizenship ,or leave .. we have been telling you since 1990 that it is illegal to build east of the greenline .that is too bad . Facts on the ground means nothing just like the germans created facts on the ground in Paris ..that is BS . that paper is as worth as the one who wrote it (Sharon/Bush ) ...worth nothing . so,just like the palestinians inside the green line they took your citizenship .. that is only then that we know that you are serious my friends. .. Obama will tell that hard headed fellow tonight ,(good thing that he doesn,t have an accent ,)may be he will understand . that is if he does want a 2 states solution ... what BIBI is doing is pushing for a one state ,let me tell you .... the first application for the israeli citizenship will come from abbas himself .,which is even better for the palestinians . you really screwed either way . . this is it ........ Obama to Bibi tonight : what is this you are calling for peace now sir ??? .. do you want one state sir it and bear the consequenses ...on your own .myself and the fellow befor me advised against that .. 2 states is 1967 line ..fine as well . how hard is that . how could you call for peace and you are still building in occupied territories .. sir the ball in your court since 2002 beirut summit .stop calling for peace ,and think everyone is stupid ..just do it ...1967 line .. and please ..don't call me ,i will call you when you make up your F***** mind . got more importent things to do sir . now get out of here .
6. :: Joseph - You are right
Matty Groves ,   Fairport   (11.09.09)
Sadly Israel has not kept its word in the past on a whole host matters so now we can't believe a word it says. Only by Israel's actions can we know if it serious about peace. Israel's first baby-steps towards peace should be: 1) Acknowledge the right for the Palestinians to attain full statehood. 2) Remove all the illegal settlements in the Palestinian WB. 3) Reroute the Apartheid Wall onto the 1967 borders. 4) Stop the inhumane siege of Gaza and allow free movement of goods/etc. Only with positive actions like one mentioned above will Israel be allowed to sign a peace agreement with the Palestinians and neighboring countries.
7. Peace with who, the Pals?
Eyal ,   USA   (11.09.09)
Ha ha jokes lol. No need for peace with the Pals, they don't deserve peace. The Palestinians are barbarians, how do you expect them to make peace. When Rabin almost gave them all, they changed their minds and started the intifada? Even if you give them 100.1%, they will also want the whole of Israel. Question: Do they accept Israel as a Jewish State? Does Hamas even recognize Israel? Does Hamas recognize Fatah? I say no peace with scums like the Pals, they don't deserve peace. Move them to Jordan, Lebanon, or better yet, Iraq? I hear there is great fireworks. Peace with the Palestinians, that's funny.
8. Title should be: Netanyahu BEGS Abbas to resume talks
Paco ,   Canada   (11.09.09)
Talks wont get anywhere near Peace as long as Israel occupies the Palestinian land - Israel will never leave those lands bcse they THINK stealing it in the 50s makes it theres. They will keep building on Palestinian land and destroying with bulldozers Palestinians home in order to build upon them.. the only way to stop that is total WAR.
9. To# 1 and #2
Jennie ,   NYC   (11.09.09)
Clearly, Joseph, Israel should not be obligated, nor it would be justified for the Jewish State to hault any necesary defensive or preventive actions within the sovereign territory of Israel. The West Bank is a sovereign Israeli land, deliberated during defensive wars and terror acts, waged on Israel...Do you know any other country in the world, who would return such land to an enemy, whose only objective is the innihilation of Israel? Do you know how many times Israel returned land for so-called peace, only to have more war from the very land that was given away? When did the palis keep any part of their end of numerous agreements? Did you forget the Camp David peace agreement failure, when arafat refused to sign a peace agreement, granting him 95% of all of his demands, by which he would have the pali state & everything he wanted, accept the right of the so-called return of about 2 million palis to Israel....Any agreement now with the terror organizations would not be worth the paper it would be written on, because chamas,hisbollah & fattah would suddenly have no one to fight & terrorize and to blame for their misery...Can you immagine that? And george #2- you are a naive ignorant little person....
10. I can see the fear in the eyes of Bibi and the...
Noor ,   Palestine   (11.09.09)
rest of the Israeli leaders. Well, that's just too darn bad now, isnt it? Arab corrupt kings and puppets are the reason for Israel's flourishment in the MIddle East. Abbas was not only a puppet but a collaborator. Looks like Israel's interests are going down the drain.
11. to #9: This is NOT your Land, its Palestinian's Land
Paco ,   Canada   (11.09.09)
Palestinians aren't terrorist like Israel's propaganda is spreading it and everyone none pro-U.S. and Israeli KNOWS that! now stop bragging out about that being Israel territories bcse its not. Israel has to return the land it Stole without argument = Israel is the terrorist in that. Palestinians are defending themselves and trying to get there OWN land BACK. ur one a soil that is NOT urs Jennie.. tahts why ur living in NYC afterall. Bcse jews had technically no REAL land for them until the 1950s war.
12. Eyal, I can't help but take your comments...
Noor ,   Palestine   (11.10.09)
as naiive and condescending. "No need for peace with the Pals, they don't deserve peace. The Palestinians are barbarians, how do you expect them to make peace." Well, you can start by not dehumanizing your neighbor. Israelis are not superior to the Palestinians and vice versa. We are all part of the same human race. As a Palestinian, I am glad to say that. "When Rabin almost gave them all, they changed their minds and started the intifada?" The intifada was the imminent consequence of the ongoing illegal Israeli occupation of the territories. Thie frist was a largely non-violent movement. The second intifada occurred when Sharon stepped inside the Haram ash-Sharif along with 1000 soldiers and policemen, for the purpose of inciting violence. You talk about how Rabin almost gave the Palestinians a state. Remember that at that time, the settlement enterprise was expanding, in the process illegally expropriating lands designated for the future Palestinian state. Israel continued to demolish homes and uprooted lots of vegetation, leaving many without sources of income. The occupation was tightened through a series of increased number of checkpoints, and closures. Ambulances were either being detained or sent back and Israel reduced the number of working permits. "Even if you give them 100.1%, they will also want the whole of Israel." We, the Palestinians would love to retrieve what we lost in the 1948 and 1967 wars. But, as rational thinkers, unlike you, Eyal, we accept the two state solution as it is the only reasonable and realistic solution to the conflict.
13. Eyal part 2
Noor ,   Palestine   (11.10.09)
"Do they accept Israel as a Jewish State?" You see, Eyal, we dont have to. What the Palestinians are required of is to accept the two state solution or suffer the consequences. That is completely different from accpeting Israel as a Jewish state. International law does not demand a nation of people to recognize a state as either Muslim, Christian, Jewish, or any ideological practice for that matter, in order to be granted statehood. "Does Hamas even recognize Israel?" No, just like Israel doesnt recognize Palestine. But, unlike Israel, Hamas accepts the two state solution and an end to violence. When Saudi Arabia initiated the Arab peace Plan of 2002, all Arab states in attendance at the Arab League voted in favor of the Plan, which called for normalization of ties with Israel and acceptance of the two state solution. Hamas sent a delegation of its own to the League where it signed the document, authorizing its support for the two state solution. Not only that, but it halted all suicide operations as of August 2004. Recall that Hamas was notorious for sending suicide bombers into Israel. Not only that, it called on Israel to renew long term ceasefire agreements in exchange for Israel to stop dehumanizing and starving thr Palestinians in Gaza. might I remind you that Israel rejected such peaceful proposals and so rocket attacks ensued. "Does Hamas even recognize Israel? " The real question is: Did Israel recognize Hamas as the democratically elected government of the Palestinian people? The answer is profoundly NO. But, not only that, it is intent on destroying Hamas, and the Gaza war of this past year proved exactly that. In other words, that is like slapping the face of the Palestinians and rejecting their deomocratic ambitions. "Does Hamas recognize Fatah?" You know, I was always told that there was no such thing as a stupid question. I never beleived it, and it is because of your question. Fatah has been in power for years now, even before Hamas was elected. Did Hamas ever try to overthrow the Fatah govt? NO. Did Fatah try to overthrow hamas? YES. With American made weaponry and the military training assistance of the US and Israel. "I say no peace with scums like the Pals, they don't deserve peace. Here's the funny part. A minority group of Israelis do have roots in Palestine, but the vast majority are immigrants with roots in Europe and across the Middle East. Hey Eyal, my ancestors are from Palestine. My grandparents were born and raised in Palestine. What about yours?
14. To the big smarty person #9
George ,   Canada   (11.10.09)
The 22 Arabs countries in 2002 Beirut summit, ALL including PLO (and Hamas hinted of its acceptance as well ) offered a generous peace initiative plan to Israel during Sharon government based on 1- Full political recognition and economical relations and an end to the state of war with Israel. 2- In return Israel will have to return to pre war 1967 border, which mean withdrawal from the occupied Syrian territory, the Golan Height, the West Bank and East Jerusalem .They were willing to compromise on the right of return and the refugee problem. Israel trashed this proposal to garbage and continues expanding settlementsfor extremist jews with the old maneuvers and circle around BS. You Israeli are professional in manipulating the facts and have huge media resources at your side to brain wash public opinion.
15. #11- delusional
Maia Kane ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.10.09)
Look, this is reality now. A state of Israel exists, and the sooner you and other like minded individuals accept that fact, the sooner we can achieve peace. What would have been your solution after WW II for millions of Jewish refugees? What would have been your solution for millions of Middle Eastern Jews kicked out of their countries, in which they had rich and long histories? What is your solution for the hundreds of pogroms against Jews in Europe? There is one Jewish state, about the size of New Jersey with only a little more than 6 million Jews. There are over 30 Arab and Muslim states, with populations totaling over 1 billion-- those of the same heritage as the Palestinians-- that are unwilling to take care of their own people (ex. Lebanon who keeps the Palestinians in refugee camps denying them any form of citizenship). This is a bit more complicated than you wish to make it seem. I would recommend reading a history of Zionism as well as the history of the modern Middle East. Let Israel have its little sliver of land and let the Jews continue our existence in peace.
16. No peace
Proud Israeli ,   Israel   (11.10.09)
The Palestinians and other Arabs cannot get along with each other, so why does the world expect us to get along with them? They only want the destruction of Israel, nothing else.
17. Paco, dont mind people like Jennie.
Noor ,   Palestine   (11.10.09)
Whether she likes it or not, the Palestinians will achieve statehood, with or without Israeli cooperation.
18. Noure
Jennie ,   NY   (11.10.09)
But what do u think would chamas,fattah&hisbollah do if they had no reason to fight Israel? Hypothetically speaking, because you are not that naive, as not to know the vey reason of the invention of a so-called palestinian people was needed by Arab countries to be used as a tool and reason for Israel's destruction....FYI even in 1948 there were no palestinians. Only with the flooding of the arab refugees to Gaza after 1967 war, waged on Israel by all arab neighbors the concept cought on.....
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