Ilan Pappe silenced in Munich
Sarah Stricker
Published: 12.11.09, 08:59
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1. hahahaha that is so sweet
ghostq   (11.12.09)
oh glorious karma, the lest wingers silenced an idiot for shooting his own foot, not not only left wingers don't want to hear him cause he is from Israel, now the Israely comunity won't hear him cause he go against their state, enjoy the unemployment line big mouth. and stop ignoring past facts. you politicize the education system is one step from communism or totalitarian ruling but surly as historian he should have known that. I give his behavior an I(for idiot) it's way beyond F. hahahaha
2. left = "palestinians", complain, complain, complain.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.12.09)
The left contributes NOTHING of value to the world, Enough already, shut up and find a way to be useful.
3. Ah, well done, Israelis
Cameron ,   USA   (11.12.09)
You are starting to play this game just as the Left plays it with you.
4. Poor leftie traitor..
Hornet   (11.12.09)
Thumbs up for Munich polic e! Ban Pappe and all "revisionist" self hater"historians". let them go to the only spot earth they belong to: Iran ! This is the true nazi country
5. Pappe is not a professor!
joe ,   afula   (11.12.09)
get your facts straight!
6. "Words don't kill, but rather open the mind"
Kudos   (11.12.09)
Isn't that what Goebel's words did to the Germans? Opened their minds. Well, look what that mind-opening did for the Jews. Thanks to Munich mayor for silencing this hateful man inciting people against Israel. "We are not seeking to criticize Israel, only to hold an informative-scientists discussion," one of the associates said." What the hell is an informative scientists discussion? Now they are scientists?!!@%$# Give us a break!
7. Abuse of the freedom of speech...
shadoil ,   Jerusalem   (11.12.09)
thats what the municipality gaurded against. Bravo Munich!
8. Forgive my ignorance..but, .. and I have myself a new Hero
RJBH ,   Methil   (11.12.09)
I had never heard of llan Pappe before.. Now I find..he is a Jew with similar views to myself.. and expounds those views on a global scale.. Bless Him Considered "an honourable academic with integrity and conscience," and is a member of the Advisory Board of the Council for Palestinian Restitution and Repatriation (CPRR), an organization declaring that "every Palestinian has a legitimate, individual right to return to his or her original home and to absolute restitution of his or her property." Maybe there is Hope for Jews yet...:'o)
9. kol hakavod le mayor of München
Jerry   (11.12.09)
well done, and he is himself leftie
10. Pappe reaps what he sows. Why listen to an Israeli?
JPS ,   Efrat   (11.12.09)
Well waddya know... Pappe wants a boycott of Israel and now he's complaining that he's being boycotted? He should be happy and thank them for honoring his wish to be boycotted! Or is he simply a pig from Animal Farm and he's telling us that all animals from Israel should be boycotted, but pigs are more equal and shouldn't be?
11. Not a historian but a lying fraud
Gilad ,   London UK   (11.12.09)
Pappe supported students who MADE UP massacres by Israelis. He still to this day supports the theory that is not backed by evidence but is a total lie. The soldiers involved won a court case against him and his student. He is not a professor regardless of title, he is not an historian regardless of subjects studied, he is not an honest person regardless of his claims and he doesn't open minds, he only closes them and shuts them with nails. In interviews (from 1998) available on his own website, he states that what matters IS NOT the facts, but the narrative, and the point is to convince people your narrative is correct. He fights for ideology, to rewrite history, not to tell it as it was! He is a liar, a fraud, a sham and a scam. He fills young peoples heads with lies about Israel, not opens them to honest debate. I am glad German public property was not used for his disgusting ilk. Good on you for not letting such a scam artist use your public property as a launching site for lie-based false 'narratives'
12. if a left winger is a Jew then does his...
being a Jew takes precedence over his left wingness? Looks like the folks in Munich answered that one with a resounding Yes!!! Why am I not surprised?
13. idiot - words do kill
martin ,   stevenage uk   (11.12.09)
words began the holocaust. no wondeer you came to england, to share your leftwing fascism with your fellow jew haters. saul became paul, was he the first jewish traitor? certainly, many of the ultraleft have followed him
There once was a Professor Pappe,who liked to talk crap, the political left common sense they are bereft,he should do like I do and stick to rap..
15. "Words don't kill, but rather open the mind."
david ,   tel aviv   (11.12.09)
really?? his words are his thoughts. and isn't there an old phrase: be aware of your thoughts, they might become your actions
16. The traitor is the plague.
Ron B. ,   Lod   (11.12.09)
“A NATION CAN SURVIVE ITS FOOLS, AND EVEN THE AMBITIOUS. BUT IT CANNOT SURVIVE TREASON FROM WITHIN..” – CICERO. Jews who defame Israel are the most pernicious tools in the war against Israel and Jewry, those who, to paraphrase Cicero, move among us freely, teaching our young, their sly moral equivalence, which equates Israel with its tormentors, heard in the halls of government itself. They preen and strut as supposed devotees of “peace” and “justice.” More at :
17. to #8 lol no not forgiving your ignorence
ghostq   (11.12.09)
cause palis came from the Arabia paninsula, that's y they r called Arabs, needless to say they got no colective history.
18. Pappe's silence
should be permanent.
19. I guess the germans had their fill of
jason white ,   afula,israel   (11.12.09)
nazis. pappe should be stripped of his Israeli citizenship.
20. Its very refreshing to see that....
Marco ,   Spain   (11.12.09)
more and more prominent Jews are speaking out against Zionist criminals.
21. Pappe hasn't been a "historian"
Danny   (11.12.09)
since at least the late 80s. He is simply a propagandist. I wonder how long it is before Exeter regrets hiring him.....
22. Classic self hating jew - thinks it will earn him points
Andrew ,   Miami,FL   (11.12.09)
23. Pappé is political scientist; NOT HISTORIAN
Howard Klaus ,   London   (11.12.09)
Ynet is getting its facts wrong. Pappé IS NOT a historian, but a political scientist. However, an obscure British school employed his as a professor in history after he left Israel. But again this does not make him an academic expert in history, and Ynet should correect its misstatement.
24. To Marco 20
steve ,   London   (11.12.09)
He has converted to Islam. He is a muslim and not very prominent!
25. Marco #20
Truth Hertz ,   UK   (11.12.09)
MOOR gloating comment from Islamic occupied Spain.
26. Israel radical academics
Prof. I. Barr ,   Michigan, USA   (11.12.09)
Anti Israel rant became major occupation of some Israeli academics. Their classes became hot houses for anarchists, marxists and in particular anti Israel violent propaganda. Mostly self serving these academics are accepted by European and American radicals on the left despite the fact that many of those have anti Semitic attitudes. The decadent behavior of these academics spear headed by Ilan Pappe and Neve Gordon means that their criticism is destructive not accurate, fair, balanced, responsible or open to criticism. Mostly they publish out of Israel and Israeli may not be aware of the damage that they create to Israel. They spit into the well from which they are drinking water. Frequently they are paid by Palestinians such as Hanan Ashrawi and radical anti Israel organizations which arrange sabaticals, publications, lecture tours. Israel treasury never studied the money that these get for which they do not pay income taxes. Ilan Pappe got a well paid position at Exeter University UK because of his radical venomous anti Israel propaganda which may be part of his contruct working at an Arab funded university. Freedom of speech is not a licence to kill. Israel has to make it's academics accountable for what they say and do.
27. Professor?
Raanan ,   Haifa   (11.12.09)
Where did Ilan Peppe get his professorship? When he left Haifa he was only a Dr. and not a Prof.
28. Ilan Pappe
Adam Grayman ,   Miami, USA   (11.13.09)
Ilan Paape said 'Word Don't Kill' , but the Holocaust started with words. Ilan Pappe should be ashamed of himself
29. IIan Pappe
Robert ,   Toronto, Canada   (11.16.09)
Now, now you little Jew boys. Don't get all tied up in knots. Just because someone who really knows you, Good's choosen misfits, is telling the truth you malign him and would like nothing more than take his freedom of speech away. One of these days the pendulum will swing the other way and your artificial country will be no more.
30. Ilan Pappe is a "useful idiot"
allyson rowen taylor ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.16.09)
Who would have thought that 60 years later, the strongest defenders of the Jews and Israel would be Germany and Poland? Pappe is a pawn of the people who when done, would throw him into the ovens too.
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