Brazil protest againt Peres: Shimon Hitler
Amnon Meranda
Published: 12.11.09, 22:16
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1. Protests in Brazil
Barbara ,   Israel   (11.12.09)
Palestanians don't kill innocent children? Want to bet? Shall we exchange pictures ?
2. Arrests would be better...
Peter Morris ,   New Zealand   (11.12.09)
Following from the Goldstone Report anyone connected with the Israel Military and parts of Government deserve to be arrested. A new version of Guantanamo just for Israeli's would be the Ideal solution.
3. if they think
steven ,   united kingdom   (11.12.09)
if they think Shimon Peres is like Hitler they should want to make friends with him, I thought Palestinian leaders of the past were actually very good friends with Hitler.
4. #1
You dont have pictures. and even if u did manage to get two or three palestinians would still have thousands
That's the kind of gratitude you get for trying to make peace.Just tell them to get lost Shimon and don't let the bastards grind you down.
6. Israeli leaders can never escape....
Marco ,   Spain   (11.12.09)
They have not only been certified as war criminals at the UN, but also in the hearts and minds of people world wide. What did this old man think? Was he expecting to be met with roses?
7. Child murders?
Sarah B ,   New York / Saviyon   (11.12.09)
Rather two-faced of these Brazilian demonstrators, in light of what has been a chronic problem in Brazil for a long time -- the murders of street children, often by the police. And, of course, we all know about the favellas, where so many Brazilian children live in utter filth and misery.
8. I think these people showing swastika...
Carsten Schmidt ,   Germany   (11.12.09)
...are just what it looks like: Nazis. Nie wieder, never again!
9. Hey, Sarah, way to deflect the issue!
Noor ,   Palestine   (11.12.09)
I've noticed something about you and other Zionist war crimes sympathizers. When confronted by a situation such as this, in which protestors call Shimon Peres and other Israel leaders WAR CRIMINALS, you reside to criticizing those people, instead. Sarah, I know it is difficult to defend war crimes. But please, look at your actions before pointing your dirty finger to others. Two wrongs dont make a right. Maybe Eema and Abba never explained that to you as a child. My parents did, though.
10. just a dozen of jerks
smith   (11.12.09)
like Marco from Spain
11. It's just democracy working
Roberto ,   Rio, Brazil   (11.12.09)
Next sunday, hundreds of Brazilians will gather to protest the upcoming visit of Ahmadinejad and I bet they'll also equate him with Hitler. It's called democracy, be it in Israel, the US or Brazil.
12. These are arabs
Keren ,   IL-BR   (11.12.09)
These are arabs and very bad ones,because there are lots of good arabs in Brasil. This kind of arabs are poisoning Brasil. They are heavily poisining Brasil. THERE ARE palis terrorists infiltered all over Brasil ,poisoning the enourmous potential for good that that land had.
13. Better wake up and smell the coffee
Peter ,   Vienna-Austria   (11.12.09)
Lets be reasonable here. When one hears the name Israel,the first thing that come's to one's mind is nothing but air-crafts blowing up houses,solders killing innocent people,settler's acting in the most uncivilized way(and destroying Palestinian tree's) and etc. Does this country have any reputation left?? You guys hardly have friends left.Antisemitism exists because of your own deed's. You better wake up and smell the coffee,or else the way thing's are going,in a few years to come,the jewish future wont look bright.
Living here in Israel nothing scares me.Not even the fear of going down,but if we go down we take morons like you and Marco with us,have no doubt about that .
GO. I always wanted to go to Brazil ,G-d willing.And I know how to handle demonstrators and hecklers with a swift kick to the Brazil-nuts.
16. to 2 and 6
Barney ,   USA   (11.12.09)
it is amazing what left wing anti Israel anti semitic media can accomplish. fortunately those that are unbiased and clear thinking know how to seperate the horse crap from the truth.
17. To: No. 4
Sarah B ,   New York / Saviyon   (11.12.09)
Try looking up Ma'alot, where Palestinian terrorists murdered 22 Israeli schoolchildren. Then you can look up the Naraiya/Avivim school bus attack, which killed nine children, three adults and left 19 others crippled. Following that, read up on the massacre of eighteen residents of an apartment building in Kiryat Shmona; including nine children. Then there was the bus hijacking on the Coastal Road. That one left 35 innocent people dead, and 100 injured -- including many children. I remind you that the missiles fired from Gaza every day for eight years deliberately targeted schools and day care centers. Moreover, do you know how many innocent children have been killed by Palestinian suicide bombers? There are plenty of pictures available, if that's what you're into. Seems pretty gosh-darned sick to me, though. And I have a major problem with your "thousands" -- I'm betting you cannot document a a fraction of that. Stop lying. Violence seems to be the lingua franca of Palestinians. If that is the only language that they understand, you cannot fault Israel for replying in kind.
18. What happens when you let Arabs in
Daniel ,   Canada   (11.12.09)
Brazil has a big presence of Lebanese Arabs. It's no wonder that these people show up with hateful signs like that. How can these people be so vile? That's what happens when misguided immigration policies allow all kinds of creatures from extremist ideologies into modern culture.
19. If Brazilians want a Hitler they should look in Matto Grosso
Alan ,   SA   (11.12.09)
where all Nazis fled after War
20. #7 satisfied by comparable analogy of street children murder
observer   (11.12.09)
21. about 40 people were there. does not count as relevant.
Hoje ,   Brazil.   (11.12.09)
22. More Lebanese live in Brazil than in Lebanon
Brazil=dustbin ,   Israel   (11.12.09)
And why? Because of the Zionist occupation of the Sheba farms (5 square km or how much?) of maybe because they massacred each other in the civil war - 100,000 people? I guess they don't really want to go home if they don't understand that blaming Israel for all world's troubles will get you nowhere. BTW, waving posters with pictures of dead children* a will make sure that in the next war wounded children will be rushed to the TV cameras, not to ambulances. Just like in the last 2 wars. *human shields and child fighters that didn't reach 18 y.o.
23. The Hitler comparison was stupid.
Addle ,   Toronto   (11.13.09)
But they got the "child killing" part right. And no Israel. You can't blame every child killed with the excuse of being used as a human shield. Sooner or later, you guys will have to open up to your crimes. If only the Goldstone Report had more power to pressure Israel.
24. Slow down Sarah B. The protestors are not average Brazilians
Oren   (11.13.09)
Before you start attacking the Brazilian people, who for the most part could care less about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, try to look deeper into this brief news piece. First, there are no pictures showing more than half a dozen demonstrators, so this is a minor thing. However, more importantly, these are people of arab origin or descent living in Brazil. They would be protesting no matter where they were located, including NYC. The Brazilian media is reporting no demonstrations and only shows a picture of Shimon smiling and hugging a famous soocer player. No need to attack innocent Brazilians. Let's try to deflate the anger geared toward poor people living in shacks. They have enough problems as is and don't need more negative sentiments directed toward them from New York, Saviyon, or Bat Yam.
25. Dear neighbor Palistinians
Baruch ,   Israel   (11.13.09)
No rockets + no suicide bombs + building strong educational and industrial facilities in Gaza + hate elimination = No War in the Mid-East. The equation is simple.
26. Coffee From Brazil/Venezuela?
Dav Lev ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (11.13.09)
Israel asked for an apology from Sweden, when a magazine editorial linked the IDF to the murder of Pales for their livers (or kidneys). THEN, the same writer had the chutspah to speak in Israel. What is wrong with Israel I ask? Ben Avi wasn't given a visa to come here to speak..caus his application showed some nefarious behavior. Yet Israel is afraid of what, annoying the Swedes? Oy vey! Re: Brazil: hey guys, forget their coffee AND the coffee of Venezuela ( was nationalized last week by Chavez, who shook the hands of Herr Obama, the do-nothing Pres). What is this world come to folks? Hitler is laughing in his grave. Ever heard of Citgo..if not check it out.
27. To: No. 9
Sarah B ,   New York / Saviyon   (11.13.09)
My parents didn't have to explain anything to me. The numbers tattooed on their arms spoke volumes. Too bad more Palestinian mothers and fathers did not explain to their offspring that terrorism is wrong. Why is that? Complete lack of moral compass?
28. Shimon Perez
Harold ,   Syracuse, USA   (11.13.09)
Perez has blood on his hands too. When he was the Defence Minister and then Prime Minister bombed and killed hundreds of civilians in Lebanon while they were hiding in shelters. He also ordered the distroy of the main power station in Beirut that supplied electrictiy to civilians. His crimes cannot be wiped out even when he is a presdent of a state.
29. #7
Harold ,   Syracuse, USA   (11.13.09)
Don't change the subject. We are talking about Perez, the Israeli president, and not Brazil. Wise-up.
30. 4
Rachel   (11.13.09)
Actually,Israel does have pictures of children injured from suicide bombings, and other terrorism acts. Generally speaking though,they don't parade the bodies of their dead babies in front of cameras. Because Jews value life and want their children to be remembered for what they were when they were living, not as cold, injured or, disfigured corpsed to garner sympathy from a world, which would soon forget them anyway. And besides, even if Israel did show every picture of every single Jewish child murdered by terrorists it sadly would not make one bit of difference to the antisemites, which are mainly the type of people who hate Israel so much they come on the internet to post about it.
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