J'lem dedicates 9/11 monument
Tal Rabinovsky
Published: 13.11.09, 00:04
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1. I'm All for Remembering 9/11 Victims, But...
Ari ,   Los Angeles   (11.13.09)
Perhaps there are better uses of $10million shekels? Why not use the money to help the numerous homeless people who sleep on the streets of Jerusalem? Why not put the money toward helping Ethiopian Jews? I'm all for monuments and all for remembering 9/11 victims, but perhaps there are more humanistic ways to show respect to the victims, by putting the money toward the needs of living Israelis and Jews.
2. and when
Mo ,   The world   (11.13.09)
the classified info becomes declassified 30 years from now ..the world will get to know how much you knew about this before it happened ,what a shame .
3. just another reason
Sam ,   US   (11.13.09)
to grab more land from the Palestinians .. you really Care about 9/11 .
4. Where is it in Jerusalem?
YR ,   Israel   (11.13.09)
5. Thank you.
Frank ,   NJ, USA   (11.13.09)
Toda Raba to all our Israeli friends for this monument. It means a lot to us and we remember our friends.
6. Israeli monument is nothing more...
Marco ,   Spain   (11.13.09)
than a cheap attempt to kiss american @$$.
7. Good point Ari...
Bob ,   NYC, USA   (11.13.09)
I agree 100%. And the US should no longer give any American tax money to Israel. You keep the 10M NIS and we keep our 2.8 billion USD per year. Sound fair?
8. The $10 million spent for this silly monument
Bob   (11.13.09)
would have been better and Miriam Weisshoff would no doubt have been more pleased if it were given to a yeshiva whose students would say kaddish for those who who perished in the hands of terrorist. What a waste of millions of dollars. And then they say there's no money for children and yeshivot.
9. what do you know Ari #1`
Sam ,   Jerusalem   (11.13.09)
most of the homeless people you talked about are arabs you evicted or demolished their homes ... but thanks for noticing from LA that we have homeless .. we would be much better off if you F***ing take care of your Homeless in LA and will take care of ours here ..
10. I didn't know...
Zainab ,   Dearborn, MI, USA   (11.23.09)
There's homeless people in Israel?
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