Israel insists there is no crisis with US
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 18.11.09, 00:10
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1. Obama is an idiot
Charles ,   Cleveland   (11.18.09)
2. Crisis or not, the anti-Jewish racism promoted by the US
Eitan ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (11.18.09)
government must cease if we, Jews, are to be supportive of the present US administration. To ask Jews, only because they are Jewish, to refrain from living in neighborhoods of their capital city; to ask them not to dwell in villages and towns in their homeland of nearly 4,000 years; to expect Jews to stop life... is a form of racism, anti-Jewish racism and this must cease now!
3. Racism?
Lewt ,   San Francisco, CA-US   (11.18.09)
First of all, Jews are people of a specific religion, not race, so unless hating a christian or muslim is racism, hating a jew is not. Second of all, it's not hatred of all jews, just the zionists and their radical agenda, and it's not just americans, the whole world is tired of your "oh we're so persecuted" doublespeak as you kill palestinians and steal their land. Let me guess, you're stealing it back right so it's ok? I guess 2 wrongs DOES make a right if you're israeli.
4. #3
D   (11.18.09)
Goodness, not another half-informed liberal from SF attempting to be a professional about Israel. If you've ever been in the area, Gilo is actually just a neighborhood in Jerusalem. A couple more houses built right next to the zoo absolutely does not contribute to Palestinian suffering, no matter how you look at it.
5. Netanyahu is too dense and arrogant to understand he was had
Al   (11.18.09)
by Obama. He was shown the door and told to bend over for a whipping. Olmert was a BSer but he knew how to play it. Netanyahu cant even play it..He is too obvious as a suck up.
6. expansion
alexi   (11.18.09)
Next hing you know, obama will condemn israel for building new homes in tel aviv. That is the point. Obama has a right to his views. He believes firmly in rashid kalidi's narrative-the jews kicked the arabs out of the country named palestine. it was all the work of the UN which felt guilty about 6 million killed in the holocaust. Jewish history never existed as expressed by the arabs. Obama has muslim exposure in his youth and fully identifies with the arab cause. That is his right. It is also israel's right to disagree and to hold to its own positions. US pressure will be intense even to the point of rupture of dipomatic relations. who helped israel in WWll. Nobody,. Israelis, stock up and keep your guns ready. Under no circumstances do you give up the golan. Also, you make arrangements vis a vis the west bank. Do not pull any withdrawals before making arrangements. Israel has to place on the table jordan part of mandate and 700,000 jews compensation for being thrown out of arab countries.
7. To Lewt #3
Ben Zeitlin ,   New York, NY   (11.18.09)
You are wrong Lewt from San Francisco. Jewish is not a religion, Judaism is. Jews are a tribe and there are many sects within that tribe. Your point of view is wrong and misinformed. Most Europeans know that Jews are a tribe, while Judaism is a religion, but many people in America misunderstand it because there are essentially only three races recognized here, white, hispanic and black. Everyone else is filed under white. You should do some research before posting, showing your ignorance to the whole world. Cheers!
8. so thanks to our loudmouth ministers and officials
Danny   (11.18.09)
The US will probably have to do something that is more than show.... Aren't we lucky to have people who put country before feeling important to the press.
9. Don't Tread on US. 48 Changed Everything
Dav Lev ,   California   (11.18.09)
Two wrongs don't make a right, oh come on guy! Read Six Days of War by Michael is revealing on what the Muslims planned for we Jewish people. None would have survived had they won. In 1973, they attacked us on our holiday, violating the prior cease fires. Both Intifadas are illegal and criminal..thousands of Israelis, Jews/Christians, have been murdered by suicide bombers, drive-bys, snipers, etc. So go preach to your brothers and sisters elsewhere, not here. During WW2, the US/England killed millions of moral reservations there. We won that war..if lost, most in San Fran would have been gassed. Get it! Jerualem was occupied by Jordan for 19 yrs and no one cared when grave stones were used for latrines..or every Jewish building destroyed, OR IN 67when Jordan fired on Jerusalem, even though asked to avoid the war. The 48 War in fact nullified all prior agreements, the UN partition and other legal niceties. Wake up. We will fight for Jerusalem..and be serious. Don't tread on US.
10. GOT NAILS !!
B.E.MOSS ,   ELKO,U.S.A.   (11.18.09)
11. Israel's deed to all of the land is in the TORAH
Dan ,   New York   (11.18.09)
The ONLY people that have any right to the Land of Israel are the Jewish people. Our deed is the Torah. Read it. Even the Islamic Quran backs the Jewish people's right to the Land of Israel. The Palestinians are the real occupiers of our land. We can build anywhere we want in the Land of Israel including all of Jerusalem.
12. #3 you're on land stolen by force from the American Indians
Ely Greenhut ,   Tzfat Israel   (11.18.09)
RETURN IT. Get off their land. It does not belong to you.
13. Lewt from San Francisco is an idiot!
Jack ,   Los Angeles   (11.18.09)
14. Well said, Lewt!
Robert ,   Germany   (11.18.09)
15. Bully
David Kadish ,   Toronto Canada   (11.18.09)
The world hates bullies and right now Israel is a bully, so i dont need to say anymore, i am sick and tired of constantley having to defend Israels actions, sometimes they are just not defendable,not all jews are israelis and not all jews agree with israel.halt the settlements and advance peace.
stude ham   (11.18.09)
17. Some 3000 years ago, the one and only G-d gave Israel,
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.18.09)
including ALL of Jerusalem to the Jews. The nut cases at the UN think they are number 1 and G-d is number 2 but that is NOT the reality. No one but the Jews have any claim to any of Jerusalem, it is not a question of stealing it back, you can't steal something that you have owned for over 3000 years. Some dolts with no belief in G-d will try to convince the world that the UN is in charge of the world. Too bad for them, the Jews are in charge of Israel including Jerusalem. o-BUM-a has given himself a two year time limit to solve the middle east peace problem. Trouble is, he and his corrupt Chicago friends are not Jews and they can't give the country away. Too bad for the Jew haters, great for the Jews.
18. Jews are a people, religion and a race!
Paul ,   Ft. Hood, TX   (11.18.09)
The Jewish people, the religion of Judaism, and the Israelite race. It is ironic that an Afican president of America could be such a racist. SHAME ON YOU Mr. OBAMA!
19. US should mind it's own business
usa   (11.18.09)
20. Newt or Lewtt
Marvin ,   San Francisco/USA   (11.18.09)
I get suspicious of people like you who go off 100% on the Jews and make the others seem like innocent bystanders...It's a dead giveawy of who you are and from wence you come. Never a mention of the mean spirit of the so called Palestinians and the mortal threat they are to the world...My hunch is you should go back there and help them instead of spreading hate, propoganda and falsehood in the Bay Area
21. No wonder, the promoter of anti-Jewish racism is a deciple
Avihu ,   Jerusalem   (11.18.09)
of Rev. Wright and a long close friend of Min. Farakhan... I have stopped being surprised by him who calls himself a liberal and progressive. Jerusalem is governed equally by a single set of laws and regulations applied to all in the city: Arab and Jew alike, in the northern, southern, eastern and western parts of this capital city of the Jewish people for the past 3,000 years.
22. with whom you will be in
nora   (11.18.09)
when night is falling you will be with palastinians in one bed .america will be far away .obama will laugh with more white teeth
23. We Jews, we are a RACE and PEOPLE!
Gavriel ,   Budapest, Hungary   (11.18.09)
Lewt, Nr. 3 Israelis and Jews in other countries are members of the same people, even those American Jews who are now so proud to be "Americans". Religion connects us but not only: culture, common history, decent, destiny, even antisemitism and current anti-Israelism help us to feel this connection! I'm sorry for you if you cannot understand this in "sunny California". And yes, Obama is not a friend of Jews! if he attacks Israel, he attacks the Jewish People!
24. #15 David, do you know what Kadish really means ??
Ely Greenhut ,   Tzfat Israel   (11.18.09)
Once Israel stops building, on its own Jewish land, Israel will be vulnerable & in danger of more attacks. Would you give up your comfortable home in Toronto if the Canadian government tells you it is for a good cause? I do not think so. You would fight to the death to keep your home too. So, Why should Jews in Israel stop building on their own Jewish land for a cause that will only make it worse for Israel in the future? Or, like what your last name really means ,Kadish, to say Kadish a Mourners prayer for the dead---Death of Israel. Something tells me you would really like that. Are you really Jewish? hard to believe you are so selfish.
25. I believe there is a crisis. I think ignoring it
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (11.18.09)
and saying it doesn't exist is ignoring a real problem. Obama has no patience...and has no fondness for the Jews. You are in his the objective of peace in his mind. His idea of peace is a joke......but you are getting in the way of it none the less. Therefore he is your adversary and a real problem for Israel. I personally think he would abandon you... if not for the votes he so desperately wants. He might have you vote for him.......but he won't help the Jews. You can be sure of that. This guy doesn't want you to build anything. He wants no ripples in the pond about building anything in his Arab buddies newspapers. It's his way or the highway. He will try to put Netanyahu out on his butt, if he can get away with it.
26. Dear US,
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (11.18.09)
We don't interfere with your housing projects - don't interfere with ours. Jews need places to live. Allow them the same freedom to build and live wherever they want in their homeland as you allow all American citizens, regardless of race, color or creed to build and live in the US. That is the only fair and moral thing to do and is the very principle that the US adheres to within its own borders. It is insulting for you to dictate where Jews may or may not live.
27. G-d promised land to Ishmael's descendants
observer   (11.18.09)
LORD appeared unto Abram, and said, Unto your seed will I give this land. Lord said Ishmael will be the father of twelve rulers, and I will make him into a great nation. Ishmael was the One singled out for the promise as Lord said seed not seeds.
28. "Racism?" Certainly!! Judaism is the civilization of a peope
Eitan ,   Qatzrin, israel   (11.18.09)
of the Jewish people, part of which civilization is also a set of evolving beliefs and rituals. But first and foremost it is the the civilization of a nearly 4,000 years of a people, a race. To single out this people, this race and expect of it standards not expected of other peoples other races is a form of racism, anti-Jewish racism. It is high time the present American administration, if if wishes to be perceived as "liberal", as "progressive", as "anti-racist" cease acting in a racist fashion towards the Jewish people whose nation-state is Israel and whose capital city for the past 3,000 years has been Jerusalem.
29. Thanks for construction you will leave free of charge
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (11.18.09)
I am not against Israeli construction as long as they left it at the end of international pressure free of charge to Palestinians.
30. Livnot u'lhibanot ba :P
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.18.09)
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