Israel insists there is no crisis with US
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 18.11.09, 00:10
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31. confused I guess..
Lewt ,   SF   (11.19.09)
Many of you are correct, my opinion is no more informed than a good half the posters here, but I'm curious, how are a people that can't even support themselves due to being walled off from their own people and the world for that matter, be considered a "mortal threat" to the world? As for the jews being a tribe and thus a race, what tribe are palestinians, and where are their rights? I never claimed to be 100% authority on this subject, just giving my 2 cents, and from my point of view I see my country giving israel billions in aid yearly and getting nothing in return. The problem is your inability to take criticism, and to understand the plight of a people that's shaping up to not be too much different than your own past. Go ahead and hate me for my ignorance instead of trying to rationally explain where my view errs. The rest of you look more american every day..
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