Olmert's ex-confidant won't be indicted
Aviad Glickman
Published: 19.11.09, 15:21
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1. mazuz the academic
alexi   (11.19.09)
mazuz is a smart professor horribly weak in the actual practise of law. His decision on messer shows how weak he is,unless messer will testify against olmert which is likely to be the case but no guarantees. look at zaken and risbi willing to go to jail for this imbecile who gained the trust of erdogan no less. Olmert didn't have the guts to look erdogan in the eye and say, you are pro syria and against us and you cannot be a mediator. He only wanted to suck up to erdogan because he was afraid. How can that be. Simple. Olmert while aggressive with jews is scared to death of non jews and would the sell the store for appeasement. Now we find out that livni differed from olmert but didn't have the guts to tell israel publically, I differ from olmert, i will not accept one arab into israel(olmert offered 50,000), and the rest I agree with him. I resign. She was gutless. She cannot be PM because she lacks guts and now she has admitted it. Returning to mazuz, its good that he is leaving office. Mazuz, go practise law in the courtroom for 10 years so you will have more confidence in your legal decisions.
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