IDF strikes targets in Strip
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 24.11.09, 09:21
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1. Phew phew phew :-)
Benjamin   (11.24.09)
IDF thanks man :-) You are the best :-) cheers ben singapore
2. " operate with a firm hand..." DOES ISRAEL LEARNING ?
atilla karagözoğlu   (11.24.09)
"The IDF will not tolerate attacks from terror organizations on the State of Israel's territory and will continue to operate with a firm hand against any attempt to disrupt the calm in Israel's towns and the south of the country," an IDF statement said.
3. (singing) "what goes up...
ghostq   (11.24.09)
must come down... spining wheels goes round and round..." same old thing rocket than retaliate rocket more retaliate rocket still retaliate, declare seace fire than rocket than retaliate than palis whine about the retaliation aftermath, mmm they behavior patern is predictable and boring.
4. Pity Zionist critics dont spend time as an Inmate of
RJBH ,   Methil   (11.24.09)
the Great Gaza prison... Ha!! but when they resist.. they are the "Terrorists" right! Lift the siege of Gaza Now!
5. to #4 your rocket killed arabs in the Israeli side
ghostq   (11.24.09)
ironic isn't it, they Israeli arabs didn't turn to terror, while you did.
6. To: No. 4
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.24.09)
Israel withdrew from Gaza leaving intact greenhouses, irrigation systems and hydroponic farms. Also left intact were homes, apartment houses, schools and hospitals. The greenhouses, sophisticated irrigation systems (important in Gaza) and hydroponic farms were dynamited to make way for a terrorist training center. Tbe homes, apartment houses, schools and hospitals have not been maintained and have in a few short years taken on the air of the worst slum in Delhi or Calcutta. Gaza is an open sewer -- all the handiwork (or complete neglect) of Gaza's Palestinians. That is the legacy of first Fatah, then Hamas. Why use international aid to support your people or maintain their homes and improve their condition, if you can just as easily use the money to buy weapons, to train terrorists and to buy lavish second and third homes in Europe and set up very generous personal foreign bank accounts? That is why the Palestinians will NEVER have a country. They have no idea how to govern, and they manage to take high-functioning infrastructure and well-maintained homes and public buildings, and reduce them to nothing in no time at all. The Palestinians are a dangerous and fractious lot that cannot even agree amongst themselves what time of day it is, let alone agree upon anything major. A scant six hours after the lofty announcement by Hamas that an agreement had been reached among the disparate Palestinian terrorist organizations present in Gaza to stop firing missiles into Israel, one such missile was fired into Israel's civilian area to the south. And you think these people are capable of government? Hell, they cannot even arrive at a consensus that lasts longer than six hours! Country, indeed! Not in this -- or any other -- millennium. As to the so-called "siege" of Gaza -- have you forgotten that Egypt also has a border with Gaza? It has been hermetically sealed for quite a while now, but there's no reason why Egypt cannot be compelled to open its border to its fellow Arabs in Gaza. Or do you suppose that, like Israel, Egypt has a very good reason to keep its border with Gaza sealed? Have you bothered to contemplate why Egypt and Israel should feel the same way about the terrorist training camp that is Gaza? Wonder why it is that both Egypt and Israel want no contact with Gaza's terrorist inhabitants. Hmm. I wonder ....
7. #4 - Or Hamas can just quit their terror activities
William ,   Israel   (11.24.09)
Hamas' terror activities DID come long before any "siege" was enacted. So, let's take a lesson in this "cause and effect", shall we? Besides, the borders with Israel, the air space and the sea, are all under Israel's jurisdiction as outlined in the Oslo Accords. Besides this, because Gaza is a non-State and present a real danger to both Israel and Egypt, Intl law again supports Israel in the containment of this Jihad factory, which was Hamas' goal from 1987. Funny, as a so-called "humanist", you really don't have much scorn for the ruling body that tosses Gazans off of roof tops, threatens the population at gun point, uses civilian homes for booby traps, and steal food from their mouths so the rulers can eat well. Or is that common in the Arab world?
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