Cabinet approves 10-month West Bank settlement freeze
Roni Sofer
Published: 26.11.09, 00:32
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1. Good first step.
Silvan ,   Jerusalem   (11.25.09)
Brave first move by Bibi. Should have been bolder on Jerusalem.
2. first step to self-destruction
Steven ,   San Francisco   (11.25.09)
The Jews then have no right to any land anywhere in the area, if they do not have any right to Yesha. That is the only logical conclusion one can make. Particularly if the one making the conclusion is a Palestinian. Shas should pull out of the government.
DAVID ,   JUDEAN   (11.25.09)
That is the only word that comes to mind. The Likud is the same scum as Kadima and Labor. Secular Zionism is a stain on the Jewish people. So now we build without the government( we have been for the past 4 months already).
4. talk about what
sami ,   jerusalem,palestine   (11.25.09)
PM Fayad told you guys the blue print of the palestinian state : 1967 line ,no israel east of the green line or between palestine and jordan . have a meeting guys among yourselves and let us know . 4 letters .........1967 .......(east jerusalem of course is anonnegotiable asset)
5. Has it occurred to anyone
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.25.09)
that it should be the Palestinians courting Israel, and not the other way around?
6. If you want to see the Palestinians
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (11.25.09)
negotiate in good faith I say set up a government step by step plan to settle the West Bank and every year that goes by without good honest efforts to resolve the conflict Israel builds a new neighborhood occupying as much ground as possible and annexe's it into Israel permanently. Once they see that stalling, and conflict sets them farther behind they'll step up to the table to salvage what is left. Or better yet, be the losers they are and lose everything. Which in my opinion is just what they have deserved over the 40 years I've followed the arab Israeli conflict
7. settlement freeze will only have negative
avrom ,   bet shemesh   (11.25.09)
consequences history has shown us that appeasement and the peace process causes death destruction and terrorism whereas standing firm pursuing Israel's security and settlement interests is always good for Israel
8. Great way to ruin Arab economy!
David ,   Shilo Israel   (11.25.09)
The Jewish enterprise has benefited from Arab labor, and vice versa. I bet that the photo was taken somewhere like Har Homa, and that the labourer is an Arab. I also bet that those same workers will not be too happy to appease Abbas. Still, politicians are famous for only caring about their own interests, and what does Obama really know?
9. palestinians have pulled Bibi's strings and
Avrom ,   bet shemesh   (11.25.09)
have what they want a settlement freeze
10. a sad day
hanan ,   eretz yisroel   (11.25.09)
No matter what political moves or games the select are playing, the fact remains that the nations of the world receive their sustenance and all their blessings through the Jewish people's mere living and performing the mitzvot in the land of Israel. You would think that anyone who values life and its fruits would not discourage Jews from fulfilling this end, but rather, for their own sakes, encourage them not only to live on all the land that the one G-d promised as an eternal inheritance, but encourage them to do the spiritual and physical work that is needed to bring down these blessings. I invite everyone reading this to see if there will be true peace that will come in any parameter other than this.
11. Hanan ,what is that
Sami ,   Palestine   (11.25.09)
is this what they teach you guys in schools and temple . this is psychotic ,paranoid mind . amazing .
12. Natunyagu - not a jewish government.
Ben ,   US   (11.25.09)
13. Another Israeli PR stunt
aaron ,   Chicago   (11.25.09)
Of course the Palestinians can't accept a half-freeze that does not include Qods. BB knows that, which is obviously why he made the offer. Too clever by half.
14. Have you HUMBLED?! High Flying Israel Landed at last!
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (11.25.09)
When Israel says no! Bla bla blaaa At the end Israeli cabinet surrendered to US demands Despite this last move by Israeli cabinet is also a preparation for Striking Iran, It is quite far from satisfying Arabs and Muslims to be neutral to Israeli aggression agains Iran Especially during religious days as Israel planned
15. The exact reason I voted for Ichud Leumi
Brian ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (11.25.09)
and will continue to do so, everyone who voted for Likud or any party to the right of Likud needs to do some research on Ichud Leumi, you might be surprised and actually find the list represents your views and beliefs, better than any other, both before and AFTER elections. Instead of listening to a bunch of Left Wing propaganda, look into it yourself, and make up your own mind. The list is made up of several right wing parties, the one of which I belong to is Hatikva, the Zionist National Party, it is nonsectarian, contrary to what some on the left would have you believe, Ichud Leumi is not made up of only ultra religious members, and,"settlers" the one common denominator joining us all is a belief that the only thing we are trading for peace is peace, and are against giving away land or any concessions, and a strong, independent Israel.
16. 22 Arab League Nations
David ,   rhode island   (11.25.09)
Have 6 million square miles and Israel 8000? The arabs don't have room for the palestinians? What about the land the arabs stole from the indigenous Jews when they expelled them their countries when Israel was created by the UN?
17. Wont work ...O has your number BiBi...
Ami's Eden ,   SF,USA   (11.25.09)
This is not going to satisfy anyone but especially Obama administration now... Obama FINALLY understands what your own analysts at INSS know : "When the United States understood that it could extract from Israel only a partial and time limited freeze, a perception of a Netanyahu victory over Obama and the Palestinians was created, which strengthened the Israeli prime minister’s internal political standing." Strengthening you means the pervers Greater Israel nonsense lives on. Keep it up Bibi you will retun US policy to Jim Baker days! That will be your legacy.
18. Feiglin, Sackett
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim,   (11.25.09)
B"H I wonder how Feiglin, Sackett justify now of signing people up to Likud: bunch of anti-Jewish idiots
19. The Palestinians, funny
Eyal ,   USA   (11.25.09)
They have had so many chances to make peace, but continue to fail fail fail (Thank G-D). The Palestinians will not do anything productive, but only complain that it isn't good enough (business as usual). The PA will never get Hamas to accept Israel and give up terrorism..This is why peace with the Palestinians will never ever work and the Palestinians will fail again and again. Thank you G-D for that. Like I said in previous boards, the Palestinians are doomed and should never consider any part of Israel. This is what you get for being sub-human, barbaric and dirty people. hehehe hahahahh hohoho
20. No, Sarah.
Noor ,   Palestine   (11.25.09)
"that it should be the Palestinians courting Israel, and not the other way around? " Silly, you, of course not. Israel is the occupying power, as identified by supranational organization to which it is a member of. Israel must promote not a peace, but a just peace, based on the fundamental principles of international law. The Palestinians are not the occupying power. The Palestinians are not the ones perturbing the rest of the world with their illegal settlement expansion. The Palestinians are not the ones preventing a state from happening. Therefore, they are not the ones with the "courting" to do.
21. Note to fascist Netanyahu.
Noor ,   Palestine   (11.25.09)
Who do you think you are fooling, Bibi? Even Abbas wont fall for this premature move. Let's look at this rationally: You commit to a permanent halt of all settlements starting from now and then the Arab World will embrace you and your government. As of 2002, the Arabs have been committed to normalizing ties with your country and accepting the two-state solution, a particular triviality that is directly opposed by your party's charter. Put up or shut up.
22. Building Freeze = Nonsense
Rick ,   Calgary, Canada   (11.25.09)
Who is Netanyahu trying to fool? He has just made an offer which he knows the Palestinians will not accept. Another cynical excuse for Israel to run around bragging that she tried to reach a settlement. Everyone should know by now that Israel does not want peace with the Palestinians. What an ugly joke.
23. You deny History and Geography too!
bro ,   Lebanon   (11.25.09)
History tells us; Israel of today used to belong to the Canaanite (Palestinian) 2500 years ago. Geography tells us that Palestine started officially right after Jews were dispersed by the Roman. Facts can never be denied. For the Palestinian to share their land with foreigners is an incredible generosity and good will, but for the foreigners to dictate the destiny of the real land owners is a mockery and it will be short lived. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Ishmael will deliver justice at a due time; I have no doubt about that
24. #10 - unbelievable narcisism....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (11.25.09)
"the nations of the world receive their sustenance and all their blessings through the Jewish people's mere living and performing the mitzvot in the land of Israel." So the nations of the world receive sustinance and are blessed for no other reason than we are here in Israel? Are you smoking crack cocaine? This is a good compromise from Bibi - who is the head of a centrist government. If the Palestinians reject it - F them.
25. #14 - Tayfun - your ranting and raving....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (11.25.09)
is the most boring bullshit on the internet.
26. Reply to #4
Sam boosak ,   NY, NY   (11.25.09)
Sami, remember, you "guys" attacked in 1967, AND LOST. This isn't a game. Had you succeeded and driven Israel into the Mediterranean, do you think we would get our land back?
KACH 613 ,   Judah, Israel   (11.25.09)
Bibi you are just like Sharon, you are the phony I knew you would be, same goes for Avigdor Liberman, you both stab the people that voted for you in the back. How can a so called leader of Israel reword terror?? Have you no shame?? Your now talking to the Hamas Murderers about how many thugs we must release for Gilad Shalit. Ill tell you what I would do, The only way I release anyone is. 1)Targeted assassinations resume the second after the swap, so we keep the thugs prisoners in their own home. 2)Israel implements the death penalty for anyone that is involved in terror that threatens the state of Israel But I wouldn’t hold my breath Netanyahu had direct involvement in the “Disengagement” we all know where he is heding in Yehuda and the Shamrone.
28. PM Netanyahu hands Israel's enemies a huge victory.
Steve   (11.25.09)
President Barack Hussein Obama is under increasing attack in the US. Prme Minister Netanyahu has strengthened the beleaguered US president's anti-Israel / pro-Muslim world hand. Mr. Netanyahu exhibits weakness and pusillanimity; not strength and resolve. Women in Green's Nadia Matar reportedly accused Netanyahu of strengthening the vehemently anti-Israel president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Women in Green said, "You grew the Iranian threat, you were the first to blink, you demonstrated weakness."
29. #18
Brian ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (11.25.09)
Don't blame Feiglin, he had the right idea, and best intentions, how would he ever guess BiBi could ignore the primary results, and undemocratically push him down the list? Who would guess the Likudniks would allow it? Feiglin, needs to join Ichud Leumi, and bring his following, this is the banner true nationalists should be gathering under. When the next election comes I predict the turnout will be historical, and the results shocking to the world. Israel is waking up, slowly, but it's happening. Don't panic........don't panic......OK PANIC!!!!!!!!!!!!
30. Sam's false accounts of history
Noor ,   Palestine   (11.25.09)
"Sami, remember, you "guys" attacked in 1967, AND LOST. This isn't a game. Had you succeeded and driven Israel into the Mediterranean, do you think we would get our land back? " Mistake#1: The Arabs never attacked Israel. Israel attacked the neighboring Arab states in what was known as a "pre-emptive" strike, due to fears that Egypt or Syria were planning an invasion. There is no debate on this. Mistake #2: You assume that lands taken during the '67 war were justified because of Israel's pre-emptive strike. However, international law stiplutes that it is inadmissible to acquire territory as a result by war. Therefore, all lands expropriated by Israel in '67 must be given back. Mistake #3: Besides the fact that Israel must return the lands it stole in 1967, Israel's military power is what needs to be taken into account of. Yes, Israel "won" the 67 war. That was 42 years ago. If you have studied Middle Eastern politics since the first intifada, you would know that Israel's military power has eroded. It failed epically against Hezbollah in 2006 and I have a respectable analysis that can prove this. The Gaza war of 2009 was no different. Israel has failed to achieve its objectives in the past two wars which may explain why israeli symapthizers like you continue to cling to such a relatively distant past.
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