2 Israelis lightly hurt in West Bank stabbing attack
Efrat Weiss
Published: 26.11.09, 17:00
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MORAL: West Bank town of Kiryat Arba.+ Kiryat Arba-Hebron Regional Council + Jewish settlement in Hebron.....(illegal but moral) settlers stabbers are MORAL .... palestinians stabbers residents of hevron el khalil ....are TERRORISTS. becouse ther are not jewish or MORAL.... all into kyriat arba....illegal settlement in MORAL jewish Kiryat Arba-Hebron Regional Council (illegal too.....but moral too) to stab: if u are arabs....u are terrorist.... to stab: if u are jewish into jewish contry...u are a moral hero.
2. And he yelled over the mouse
critical condition? ,   Il   (11.26.09)
Al akhbar- the condition of this savage criminal is not our concern- doesnt deserve even to be mentioned
3. Israeli town of Kiryat Arba
Marcel ,   Florida   (11.26.09)
The surrender and capitulation by the weak and faithless Jewish leadership does not lead to peace but in the opposite direction. Can you see what is coming when Netanyahu turns into a Neville Chamberlain ?
4. terrorist or mad ?
Jean-Pierre ,   Nazareth   (11.26.09)
Was this man memeber of a terrorist organisation ? When such an event is a jew stabbing an arab, he is mad. When he is arab, he is a terrorist !
5. #1 terrorism
Haider ,   Gothenburg, Sweden   (11.26.09)
Semantics and playing with words don´t help much. Terrorist is a terrotist. Settlers are de facto terrorist and so is this fellow. Put him away for a long time is what he deserves. I am certain that only a few arabs/palestinians are of this kind. I don´t believe that God sanctions killing in his name for whatever reason.
6. Lies, lies and more lies. These people claim to be the
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.26.09)
"religion of peace" and then act like the terrorist scum that they are, indeed even invoking a fake name of the Creator of the earth while trying to kill.
7. #4 jean pierre
michael ,   canada   (11.26.09)
Glad to know you move to nazareth now a good spot to be an observer kol hakavod!! hmar..
8. #5
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (11.26.09)
Strange that Haider from Sweden is an expert on Kuran. With respect, the Saudi and Hamas Muftis who probably have more knowledge then you, say that such killing is a holy mission.
9. To #1 and #4
Ricardo Macher ,   KarneiShomron Israel   (11.26.09)
Seems to be that you don't know history nor read the Bible. Hebron was bought by Avraham Avinu thousands of years ago! We are the legal owners of Hebron, Hebron is the second holliest place for us Jews. If you think this is not fair, I'm terribly sorry, but you will have to live with this fact. We are here to stay!!!
10. Does G"d wants to be neutral?
Roland Seener ,   London England   (11.26.09)
What otherwise can the answer be to the calamities that befal us "His" Chosen People.? Are we to blame in HIs heavenly abode for incidents like this ?To blame ourselves constitutes a National" Loshon Ha ra " .As at the moment we live in "Olam Hazeh" ,and to err is human,we have no other option than to br vigilant and separate ourselves from violent elements...Kol Hakavod to this soldier.Pitty he couldn"t shoot straighter and kill the so and so! I hope that I would have had the courage to have done it.I am quite prepared to answer for it in the next world and take the consequences and so should every Jew.I wish the Israeli wounded "a Rfuah Shlema" as quickly as possible
11. 2 Israeli Settlers lightly hurt
observer   (11.26.09)
but, what those settlers were doing in the West Bank; desecrating the Muslims' Holiday of Al-Adha? do you imply that they weren't armed to the teeth?
12. # 11
Birdi ,   Israel   (11.26.09)
The muslim holiday of Al Adha is tomorrow. Friday 27th November. The town of Kiriat Arba is populated by Jew & is a Jewish town.To live in Kiriat Arba you dont have to be a settler.
13. #12 Al-Adha starts today
observer   (11.27.09)
planting Jews inside the West Bank doesn't make them looks like less than settlers.
14. # 13
Birdi ,   Israel   (11.27.09)
thats garbage & you know it.
15. it's just an isolated case
Neville Chamberlain ,   UK   (11.27.09)
Doesn't sound like a terrorist. He's just a mentally disturb individual.
16. attacker is my direct cousin is mentally disturbed
Jay ,   USA   (11.28.09)
attacker is my direct cousin is mentally disturbed...his parents are uphold and in shock of their sons actions, they are strong advocates of peace between the Israelis and Palestinians. It is only the few that spoil the bunch
17. Terrorist stabbings
Wallace Brand ,   Alexandria, VA USA   (12.06.09)
"The terrorist got out of a cab holding an axe and a knife. He approached the gas station, yelled 'Allahu Akbar (Allah is the greatest)' and began stabbing people. A soldier shot and injured him." Sounds like the Fort Hood killer. He attacked and wounded two jews, a man 49 and a woman, 52. An amateur video circulating on the World Wide Web shows an Israeli settler driving a car over the Arab terrorist who stabbed the man's wife. The car is thought to be a Mercedes Benz. After the stabbings, the Arab had been shot by an IDF soldier who happened to be nearby but was only moderately wounded as the soldier aimed for his legs. He was on foot when initially run down. Perhaps the stabbed woman's husband thought it prudent to further deter an enraged Arab armed with an axe and knife. Investigators arrested the stabbed woman's husband under criminal charges of attempted murder but as yet I have seen nothing suggesting the Arab will be charged. The Arab terrorist has announced his intentions to use for civil damages.
18. When is an attacker a terrorist
Wallace Brand ,   Alexandria, VA USA   (12.06.09)
When he shouts Allahu Akbar (God is Great) as he makes his attack. You then can be sure it is religious jihad or holy war.
19. ynet dosnt tell us all the facts
h3x3   (12.07.09)
y is ynet not refering to the car driver who has run over the palelstinian man after he was shot? see here thanks so much for not telling the whole story.... -.---
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