Minister Livnat: We are facing an awful administration
Ilana Curiel
Published: 26.11.09, 22:25
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31. two points--
arik ,   usa   (11.27.09)
1) Obama should be careful of this violent women as she has a history of physically assaulting those whose views she disagrees with. 2) Aside from being offended by an administration which has more publicly show its "disapproval" of the settlement, Livnat has nothing to worry about since the stranglehold AIPAC has on the congress is such that Israel's yearly pay out together with the automatic US veto in the UN are not in danger--seemingly no matter what. All this "hard-talk" by Obama has nothing behind it. Let's see him threaten to shut off aid.
32. Don't bite the hand that feeds you.
Addle ,   Toronto   (11.27.09)
If the Obama admin was really that bad then they would of cut off all the millions of American tax dollars that get funneled into Israel already.
33. I agree with Livnat.
Wise Saba ,   Netivot   (11.27.09)
Obama is destroying America & won't be happy until he destroys Israel as well. His muslim roots are showing!
34. How Awful of Obama!!
David ,   Tel Aviv   (11.27.09)
How dare Obama ask Israel to halt its illegal settlement construction in the territories?? Why can't he just allow the settlers to illegally build in the West Bank until a viable, independent Palestinian state is no longer possible??? What an awful, awful man!!!
35. Israelis are paranoid
Katherine ,   Australia   (11.27.09)
I find Israelis to be very paranoid. This whole belief that everyone is against them is just ridiculous. Did you ever stop to think that maybe the rest of the World is right and YOU are the one who is in the wrong? Just a thought.
36. She gets my vote
Russel Harris ,   Johannesburg   (11.27.09)
37. #35 only the paranoid survive...and considering
Frank ,   USA   (11.27.09)
the murderous actions of the 22 murderous Arab regimes + Hamastan+Hezbollah+Fatahstan+Iran, Israel must feel paranoid. Israel is not like Australia surrounded by water. She borders the vile states like Syria.
38. "Illegal settlements"
Allen ,   Israel   (11.27.09)
I am sick of people telling the jews where there are allowed to live
39. @35 "Paranoid Israelis"
Boris ,   Zurich   (11.27.09)
in 1933, the Jews were not paranoid enough.
40. I agree with Livnat, she is 100% correct!
Miriam ,   IL   (11.27.09)
41. Limor Livnat
Bob Weiss   (11.27.09)
Sharon became Sharona. Bibi became boobah. And the lone 'male' voice comes from Limor Livnat. She's the man for me. All the men in Israeli politics can go back to the Ezrat Nashim.
42. 31 & 32
NYC Girl   (11.27.09)
These days with America's economy hurtling down the crapper, cutting aid to Israel would have more of a negative impact on us than it has on them. In case you're not aware of it, one of the conditions of U.S. aid to Israel (as opposed to the nearly equal amount given to Egypt with virtually no constraints other than that they play nicely with Israel) is that all weapons must be purchased from American companies. So it's unlikely our defense industry would like to see American aid to Israel being cut off any time soon. And as far as AIPAC is concerned, I'd suggest that any American who uses a credit card should worry a lot more about the powerful banking lobby with their usurious interest rates and Mafia-like tactics at a time when a lot of people don't have even a job...and stop losing sleep over Israel.
43. The government of Israel is not any better.
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (11.27.09)
The government is full of corrruption, and just voting for a Prime Minister or Party Head doesn't get corrupt leaders, like Livnat, out of office. If there is going to be anything that looks like Democracy in Israel, a new political system is needed.
44. #3 and #13, you people are fools if you believe
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (11.27.09)
that President Obama is in charge. He's just a puppet of the criminal international bankers who are running the US and Israel. Wake up people! You are fooling yourselves.
45. Katherine # 35
Lou ,   Mi Ami, Israel   (11.27.09)
Katherine, the answer to you question is NO... Now, your very statements proove that you are against us. You have no understanding. Without even having to get too much into well know facts, Israel is a legit country that has had to fight for our very survival many times. We were attacked, and we won land like any other country in war that wins. The difference is that it was our land to begin with. Most of the people claiming it to be their land came from other countries anyway. Israel remains the only democracy in the Middleeast. Most of the world is becoming politically bancrupt.
46. nyc girl...
arik ,   usa   (11.28.09)
I am fully aware of how the $3 billion annually is given to Israel. This is money our country could use to improve our schools, health system and put people back to work (as you have expressed concern over the unemployed). Instead these weapons are being used irresponsibly by Israel with the effect of further destabilizing the region. The $2billion annual bribe to Egypt to play "nice" with Israel is also a joke and a waste of money as the Mubarak regime is deeply corrupt and repressive. In any case, it's clear that with or without the money the Egyptians have a deep (almost pathological) loathing of Israel. We are so deeply in debt as a country that this kind of spending would be irresponsible even if Israel were to somehow play a more constructive role in the region. As for AIPAC, it is known to be one of the most powerful lobbies in Washington. It, together with the other lobbies, have a deeply negative and undemocratic impact on this country. You sound like a smart person who, due to an emotional attachment to Israel, has difficulty forming a balanced view.
47. # 46
Birdi ,   Israel   (11.29.09)
If you have a problem about your tax dollars (aid) being sent to Israel, why not take it up with your congressman.You could also pitch a tent & protest. NYC girl cant help you.
48. this is coming quite a while after but still
just a guy   (01.21.10)
right and wrong are a matter of perspective. There are very few things in our world (if any) that can be called objective
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