Demjanjuk trial opens
Sarah Stricker
Published: 30.11.09, 18:16
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1. Can't they just kill him in 20 to 30 minutes?
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (11.30.09)
2. When he is hanged I will celebrate his death.
Johnny ,   Stockholm Sweden   (11.30.09)
3.  And if he was Sami Kuntar?
Roland Seener ,   London England   (11.30.09)
4. why not just put him in a dark cell
gal1 ,   israel   (11.30.09)
with no windows and let him count his final days.
5. Mossad agents really do need to get some target practise
zionist forever   (11.30.09)
I hear the shooting ranges in Israel are not very good but I hear that in Germany they have a very good one called Demjanuk. This man murdered jews he should be brought to justice by the end of a jews gun not by a Germany court.
6. Hear O Israel!
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (11.30.09)
And we are about to set free 980 criminals? Are we mad?
7. May he continue to go through only a fraction of what his
Eitan ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (11.30.09)
thousands of victims experienced, only for the fact that they were Jewish. And some, even these days, still deny the past while at the same time calling to repeat it, to wipe the approaching six-million Jewish community of Israel off the map; if not in mass murders by the pits than through the death of rockets launched from Lebanon and Gaza (and some hope of course from the West Bank), and if not in crimatoria than through the use of long-range missiles with atomic warheads aimed at Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and Beer Sheva. When will the world ever learn...?? When will they ever learn...??
8. Do to him as he did to 6 million innocent people
Talula ,   Israel   (11.30.09)
Only he IS guilty of horrific crimes - he's evil personified - and he deserves to feel fear and dread before he dies. Feh!
9. What an actor.
Aviva ,   Israel   (11.30.09)
He needs an academy award for acting. He makes out he is so sick he can't open his eyes. Look at his mouth wide open. Hang the beast !
10. 20 to 30 S.S. and 150 ex-prisoners of war
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (11.30.09)
Less than 200 Nazis killed hundreds of thousands of unarmed Jewish men, women and children. How can anyone doubt that the Jewish people need their own country and a strong army?
11. He enjoyed health and youth
Rivkah ,   Israel   (11.30.09)
He at least had a chance to have health and his youth, unlike many in the camps who did not.
12. Alas... there is No Sign by Zionist to learn from history..
RJBH ,   Methil   (11.30.09)
The great Gaza Prison camp still under seige.. the deliberate Collective Punishment.. starving the inmates of Camp Gaza a Zionist policy.. I hope the Guilt Ridden Germans cast an eye towards Israel for their next War Criminals.
13. 12 - suffers from selective understanding
israel   (11.30.09)
and even there he's having problems. Try looking BEYOND the 'great Gaza prison camp' try looking for the reasons - and stop thinking like a Loser.
14. Demjanjuk was in constant pain and suffered from periods of
israel   (11.30.09)
mental absence - What?!?!?!?!? does he expect sympathy for his dirty murderous father? I hope he suffers the worst pain an indignity a human can suffer.
15. To: No. 12
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.30.09)
The "Great Gaza Prison Camp" is of Hamas' own making. On the other hand, Sobibor and the other extermination camps were NOT of the Jews' making. There is no parallel. Your analogy is both inapposite and inept. Try to do better next time, won't you, Haw Haw?
16. #15
Invicta   (11.30.09)
The prison that is Gaza is Hamas' making? Who built the wall around Gaza? Who mans the watch towers? Who shoots the farmers? Who drops the phosphorous shells on children? Who stops the free boats from entering Gaza? Who sends in the soldiers to kidnap Gazans? Who stops the students from leaving to study or the ill from visiting a hospital? Who controls everything that goes in and goes out from the beseiged territory? Who broke the ceasefire? Who pulled the triggers that killed thousands but a year ago? Israel
17. 3 million palestinians were killed too
abo arab ,   al quds   (11.30.09)
we want to see all war criminals who killed three million palestinians children and women to be trialed too
stude ham   (11.30.09)
this mass murderer in a wheel chair with the oxygen tube... to appear as some kind of frail old man in need of sympathy. what a joke. he was able to walk tall when he slaughtered his victims... and when he went to the plane to munich... he is as revolting now as when he slaughtered his victims. give him a much sympathy as he gave his victims... and be rid of this cancer against humanity.
19. Why is this Drek Still alive??
Feiglin Supporter ,   Lod   (11.30.09)
If we had Moshe Feiglin as PM, his ashes would have long ago been dispersed in the sea.
20. my prayer is for all concerned
Galut ,   Selah   (11.30.09)
healing is long overdue.....the bitterness in our hearts is poison to our own spirit and soul...whether this man is quilty or innocent...justice will be exacted whether by man or God. by the way Gods justice is eternal... lets heal our own souls
21. the Torah says an eye for an eye
zionist forever   (11.30.09)
Courts are to good for him. Poor old man has health problems so he isnt fit to go to jail - I didnt see him saying those poor old jews are sick lets not use them as slave labour today? He has a team of lawyers looking to get him off and find legal loopholes to keep him out of jail. He should be deported to Israel and there sent to a jail where he will have to do hard labor everyday & get fed minimum rations. Let him rot doing hard labor in Israel for the rest of his days. If we can't have that then if he gets off and stays out of jail because of his health etc then Israel should send somebody round there in the middle of the night break tell the man he is now looking into the eyes of a jew who is about to kill him preferably in a slow and painful way.
22. #20 God tells us to set up courts, and use them.
Johnny ,   Stockholm Sweden   (11.30.09)
We shall sentence the guilty ones here on earth according to the creator.
23. Pure evil
zvi ,   LA USA   (11.30.09)
Demjanjuk deserves to be severely punished for his crimes against the Jewish People. May the Lord "avenge the blood of his servants"--- although it is scant justice now over 60 years and 27,900 lives later. Still, "Justice, justice thou shall pursue".
24. I wonder...
nathan ,   hoboken, nj   (11.30.09)
...if there is some point at which you should have compassion for a man that is so obviously not "with us" in a normal sense. Compassion doesn't mean to forgive, we cannot forgive him, but what greater good does this serve? I kind of makes us look a little bit monstrous that we go after retribution with such lust. It would be different to me if he were not tried nearly constantly for 30 years.
25. # 24
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.01.09)
Your opinion only stems from the fact that you have not lost any family to the Holocaust. We Jews must never forget & never forgive.
26. # 17
Israel Forever ,   Israel   (12.01.09)
DONT bring your sad sop stories about Palestinians to this thread. This is about a mass murderer who killed innocent Jews during the Holocaust.
27. Trial
Marilyn ,   USA   (12.01.09)
This trial is going to be problematic for Americans. It does not fit our ideas of how a trial should go, so everything is probably going to be analyzed. However it's a weak case, so it's not going to be able to stand up to a whole lot of scrutiny.
28. I Soo Look Forward to the Day .. when Arial Sharon will
RJBH ,   Methil   (12.01.09)
be wheeled into face trial for his war Crimes.. The Slaughter of 1300 Palestinian refugees at Sabra and Chatlia refugee camps Beruit.. The only difference .. one group of Victims is Jewish... One group is Palestinian... The results the same.
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