Case of Israeli chutzpah
Orly Azoulay
Published: 30.11.09, 12:06
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1. G-d is number one ingredient of israel
gal1 ,   israel   (11.30.09)
security. G-d bless Gilad
2. Biting the hand that feeds them
Avi ,   Israel   (11.30.09)
She more that likely learnt that from the charideem
3.  Does Orly Azoulay deny that G-d runs the world?
Natan ,   Herzeliyah   (11.30.09)
Obama is new to politics, and as Natan Zahavi says "Fresh Khara stinks worse than old Khara" Obama despite what he thinks does NOT run the world and certainly not Israel. Every penny that the US gives us is earned in giving them intelligence reports, letting the use our ports and storage facilities in the negev and testing enemy weapons that we capture from the enemies of teh USA. We are not a nation of schnorres . We provide service for every penny unlike the Palis who take and give nothing in return Azov et Obama
4. The USA will do what is best for the USA not Israel
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (11.30.09)
I am not a Likudnik and I do not like Minister Livnat but she is right! The Obama Administration is showing itself to be another one that kowtows to the Arabs. Obama's shilly-shallying on Iran is the perfect example. The lunatic regime in Tehran is playing him and he just cannot or will not see it! As for Israel's security well, Orly Azoulay, that is called the IDF! Yes, we get a lot from the USA which we pay dearly for both in cash and in kind. The Americans get OUR technology, our intel and know damn well that if their forces get into trouble in the Gulf we are right here with the biggest and most stable aircraft carrier in the world. Its name is the "State of Israel" and it does not rock and will not sink!
5. who cares about settlements?
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (11.30.09)
last i checked, gaza is now free of settlers and settlements. that great 'evil' was reversed as if it didn't happen, yet people still complain about existing settlements like they are eternal barriers. whoever complains about settlements is just looking for something to unnecessarily bash israel about. but they are all frauds.
6. What a vile article!!!
Israeli 2   (11.30.09)
With articles like these, all anti semites may rest. Livnat is right, Orly! She told the truth. What you are doing is not only low and vile but typically Left and sick! What are you trying to accomplish with such articles? Get an invitation from OBama? You were a good reporter until now. Sorry.
7. How about when a US president badmouths an Israeli PM?
Danny   (11.30.09)
8. I agree with # 1
mike1947 ,   Raanana ISRAEL   (11.30.09)
I find Orly Azoulay quite out of touch with Israeli public opinion. 94% of Israelis answered on surveys that they do not trust this Obama administration and do not see Obama as a friend to Israel. Does't that mean anything to the writer. Bottom line, Livni is correct in her voicing this view. We are being pushed by the American Administration in ways that clearly go against the voter mandate of the State of Israel. And, I do believe that G-d will make the final calls on our fate--we just have to believe in him.
9. Its not chutzpah
ussishkin ,   tel aviv israel   (11.30.09)
It is plain and simple stupidity to talk in such a manner that your only ally might, justifiably, decide to reconsider the levels of military aid that this article so clearly details. Now Livnat like many Israelis like her can simply shrug her shoulders and say "Az Mah'-So What?" But at a time when her government is in such disarray and at every step isolates us further and further, it isn't so easy to shrug off. We need all the allies we can get and the US is becoming the only one left, biting the hand the feeds us in this way is practically suicidal. Sadly I don't see that Netanyahu will do much about this - its one more part of the internal complex of political support he depends upon just to survive one more day. Livnat is at his door, as it were, whilst Obama is several thousand miles away.
10. In the eyes of the left the one who doesn't toe the line..
m   (11.30.09)
Is out of line. How dare Livnat not comply and worship Obama the annointed one of the left? Maybe because she is not blind?
11. MY title :Livnat criticizes obama's hutzpa !
Trumpeldor ,   eurabyeh   (11.30.09)
How dares he try to impose his failed polycies on Israel ,loyal supporter of the Usa ??? No criticisms from him about ME dictatorships ?? Why? oil ?islam ? I am disgusted by the tone of this article !
12. Israel right - US wrong
Paul ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.30.09)
It is this fearful, paranoid, low-national-esteem and constricted conciousness, that has led to all our problems in the world. The world needs us, we don't need those that do not support national aspirations, and absolutely moral right on every single issue, the former-great-nation called the US, has disagreements with.
13. trap
Ben Miron ,   Israel   (11.30.09)
settlements are the trap we put on ourself and now only ourself to blame
14. Jim Baker: Shut Up & Just Give Us the $Money$, eh?
Moderate Jew ,   New Jersey, USA   (11.30.09)
15. Israel Is Now Alone
MK ,   Philadelphia, USA   (11.30.09)
Face the fact that Livnor didn't go far enough. The US has been taken over by radical, America-hating, Israel-hating leftists. They are currently trying to destroy the US and they are certainly not going to be helping Israel with anything, as they hate Israel even more. This is the self-hate of the lunatic left. Israel has no ally in America, now. That's just how it is. And, the minute that Israel takes out Iran, the US is going to join the EU in trying to kill Israel. There is nothing that can be done about it. The die is cast.
16. Case of Israeli chutzpah
Ruud ,   Tel Aviv   (11.30.09)
Great article, couldn't agree more! Limor livnat is an absolute shame for Israel.
17. To #9 ussishkin
Ricardo Macher ,   KarneiShomron Israel   (11.30.09)
Dear ussishkin, Who if not you would come to defend this disgusting article claiming that we should lick Obama's boots as if we were dogs? Did you ever heard about what proud is? I am proud of being Israeli, I am not proud of being so close to the USA!
18. Such fools
Pete ,   Bat Yam   (11.30.09)
if you think Israel exists by the Grace of the USA, you live in LaLa land. The US does what is good for it and it serves US interests to have us as their ally. We exist by the Grace of G-d and only by the grace of G-d. We survived the Jew hating Jimmy Peanuthead Carter, we survived Bush Sr. whose father's bank financed the building of Auschwitz through it's client Fritz Theisen, we survived Alan and John Foster Dulles, "James F*ck the Jews" Baker and we will survive Obama with his Rashid Khalidi, Reverend Wright, Tony Rezko, Bill Ayers, Louis Farrakhan, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, Robert O. Malley and the rest of his Jew hating staff
19. between friends we can disagree sometimes
dovdevan ,   ashdod,israel   (11.30.09)
that's what mr joe biden said ! we have to think about the interest of israel first even if our ally is not pleased with that ! israel will have to show the US that the only ally is got in this region is israel by destroying the iranian threat israel will gain a lot of respect in the world and will pave the way for a peace treaty with all its neighbourhood
20. Arrogant Israeli Idiots
David ,   Los Angeles   (11.30.09)
What is wrong with people like Livnat and those who support her? Someone hands out billions of dollars to you, and provides technology and intelligence that they don't give to anyone else, and you insult them? (And a Likud conference was calling the Obama administration "antisemitic" a few days ago!). All Obama has asked of Israel is to make a little bit of effort to make life easier for American foreign policy, and this is how you people act, like a spoiled teenager? What a disgrace, what a shande! And even that's not good enough for you! Zionist Diaspora Jews who love and support Israel are insulted, condemned and ignored for being insufficently right wing. At least Ariel Sharon had the foresight to see that if Israel continues down its current path, it will lose the support of Diaspora Jewry. Not mention its only ally (America). Can you people act any more childishly and irresponsibly?
21. Oops! It was a lapse. She forgot Israel is a VASSAL STATE
Marcella   (11.30.09)
It puzzles me why aren't there more outraged Israelis at the way the government has surrendered sovereignty to a foreign state. You did not vote for Obama but still he is the one micromanaging your country. Using an army of spies to make sure you don't build even a doghouse in Judea and Samaria. How humiliating! It's your country! For those who still have illusions regarding the "good intentions" of foreign powers, please Google: - Francisco Gil-White - Is the US an Ally of Israel? Professor Gil-White is an academic who has done extensive research on the sad history of US control and then abandonment of Israel during times of difficulty and war.
22. David from LA
Eyal ,   USA   (11.30.09)
What are you talking about exactly? Israel made so many concessions towards peace and you still have the Palestinians not talking to each other (Hamas and Fatah)? What has the Palestinians give up exactly? or what concessions have they made? Nothing has changed with the Palestinians, they still don't believe in a Jewish State, You still have Hamas who just want to destroy all Jews, you still have incitements coming from the mosques, text books and from their leaders. What is next, freeze Jerusalem construction to have peace with the Palestinians nomads? I don't think so....I do think the administration we currently have is completely out of line with their number one ally (Israel). You will see, nothing will come out of this and when Hamas and Fatah continue not speaking to each other. I think you need to ask yourself if the administration really understand Middle East Peace? or whether they understand Arabs?
23. As An American Citizen
Aryeh ,   New York, USA   (11.30.09)
As an American citizen I am offended that anyone tries to stifle criticism of the American or any other president on the grounds that it is Chutzpah. The right to speak our mind is part of our Bill of Rights, a stronger document than the Israeli Basic Laws. Here, we do not silence those who have opinions but rather challenge them to defend them and prove that they are right. What should bother the author is the obvious. Israel depends on the USA for everything necessary to exist as a country. That is an unhealthy reality. A hostile American President or Secretary of State could make it very hard for Israel to go ahead and implement steps to maintain its national security. Take that to its logical conclusion…..
24. It's a seed thing.
David ,   USA, exile   (11.30.09)
Hey Israel, has anyone over there paid attention to your Torah? It has only been a couple of weeks since Parasha B'resheet. Does anyone pay attention when HaShem tells of the two seeds that is in the world? QUIT BLAMING AMERICA! The Obama administration is of the wicked seed. Not all America is in line with this administration. You have friends here and you have brothers and sisters here. Wake up Israel. Livnat is 100% correct about the Obama administration. She may have been unwise to voice it to the entire world, but she was correct in what she said. Bad mouthing America in these talkbacks are equally unwise. Do you want to make enemies of the millions of Americans who support you? Do you think we set here and read these things and become more loving toward you? Are you able to put the shoe on the other foot and think how you would take it if we were to bad mouth you publically? Please try to be a little understanding and quit grouping all Americans into the leftist pot. After 5 years of reading these things I find that my heart is somewhat less admirable of the Israeli public. Is this right or are many of you of that evil seed called the seed of nachash?
25. Foolish
Shimon ,   Cincinnati, USA   (11.30.09)
Once the words leave your mouth, you no longer own them...and frequently regret having said them. She might be right from HER point of view, but she isn't the PM nor President, is she? She's done nothing but vent hot air and add to problems. Women are supposed to be smarter than that.
26. God bless her.
Brad ,   USA   (11.30.09)
Someone has to tell the truth. U.S. media won't do it. U.S. politicos won't do it. She is 100% right. The Osama Obama admin. won't even do what's right for the U.S. What makes anyone think it will do what's right for Israel? And, by the way. If this juvenile administration is dumb enough to undermine Israel further, and totally turn it's back on her, the God of the Bible, who chose Israel, is supremely powerful, and well able to preserve her as He said He would. God has used the U.S. to partner with Israel, in a mutually beneficial alliance. Do we really think that the One who spoke the universe into existence out of nothing, is without resource, if the U.S. does the unthinkable? Give me a break.
27. If this is true, the worse for Obama. I agree with Livni
Rose ,   netherlands   (11.30.09)
28. Reality Kudos to #20 David in LA!
Moderate Jew ,   New Jersey, USA   (11.30.09)
A "spoiled teenager" ignorant of their own bad behaviours evokes the prescient awareness of Israel's future if she continues on her current, loong time self-destructive path ... not smart for anyone. Simply reading ignorant Talkbacks here about the growing number of "self-hating Jews", belief of what God demands and much more is more than disturbing. Americans and the World are awakening to this misguided nonsense and will eventually cause Israel to behave as our Torah and humanity demand!
LARRY ,   USA   (11.30.09)
30. Pete in Bat Yam, I sent your comment to President Obama...
BBSNews ,   Charlotte, NC   (11.30.09)
I for one, am an American who is sick and tired of years of non-stop Israeli insults to America even as this country ensures you can make it one more day. I, and millions of American are fed up with the constant arrogance, the constant insults, the fact that most Israelis seem to have no concept of what constitutes actual antisemitism as opposed to well-deserved criticism of the GOI. I think every single penny from the US should be shut off. Since Israel seems to have no use for America then I see no reason not to accommodate you. The terrorism your insane and illegal occupations have brought the world are reason enough for a UN Chapter Seven resolution, and it gets closer everyday. I got news for ya, there is no imaginary god protecting Israel, the good ol' USA is keeping Israel afloat. I for one have had quite enough of it.
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