Shalit deal: Dispute over female prisoners
Roee Nahmias
Published: 01.12.09, 11:33
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1. This photo is offensive
Jean-Pierre ,   Holon, Israel   (12.01.09)
Could Ynet please take the photo of this murderer away and replace it with one of a tree, for instance? It is very shocking to see this terrorist smiling as if she is proud of herself. So, Ynet, show some sensitivity. Thanks...(why a tree? it reminds of Aman and his sons who were hanged on a tree).
2. 1 Jew =worth 1000 Arabs. Now that says something about Jews.
Cohen   (12.01.09)
Not only 1000 Arabs, but 1000 terrorist Arabs with blood on their hands murderers and maiming thousand of innocent civilians.
3. to # 1 All Photos are offensive,
Ali ,   Gaza   (12.01.09)
All Photos are offensive, those who killed 1500 in Gaza last winter have no offensive photos ??
4. The whole idea is absurd
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (12.01.09)
Any system of justice is built on the basic principle of punishing the guilty. And the more severe the crime, the greater the punishment. Without this, all civil society collapses. The Arab terrorists and murderers who were caught must pay for their crimes, as does any criminal, anywhere. Trading hundreds of criminals for a single abducted soldiers simply makes no sense. It will do nothing but encourage further acts of terrorism and criminality since the perpetrators know that any sentence decreed against them will be curtailed in the "next deal". Not only is there no mechanism for detering future acts of evil, but there is no justice.
5. #3 absolutely right!
tom ,   toronto, canada   (12.01.09)
perhaps israeli papers could learn from the arab press and publish pictures of bloody, dismembered corpses, tastefully posed for artistic effect? or perhaps israeli television could learn from hezbollah to use the bodies of dead children as props for faked news? hamas has fired over 10,000 qassams at israeli civilians, up to 100 a day, even after the last israeli left gaza. israel did not start that fight, and it was the cowards of hamas that chose to fight from behind women and children. hamas is responsible for their deaths and for the suffering of their people, as part of their "heroic struggle" against a fictitious occupation.
6. tree!!!
Yafa ,   Palestine   (12.01.09)
yes,put the photo of Golda Mair,perhaps it will tell you some truth
7. shalit deal
debbie ,   israel   (12.01.09)
TO ALI, AND THERE is nothing more offensive and distasteful, than muslem terrorists firing thousands of rockets into Israeli civilian populations with the sick hope of killing & maiming women & children. The only reason that more weren't killed is because the Israeli Govt. looks out for its people more than Hamas looked out for its civilians (I've even read that in many cases Hamas forbade civilians to flee the fighting). Has Hamas never heard of bomb shelters??????? Perhaps Israel could help them out with that? I also find it extremely offensive that from the tone of your message you expect the Israeli Govt. & people to tolerate this rocket outrage for 8 full years & not to retaliate. Is your blood & children more precious than ours? Would you have us wait another 8 years while Hamas rains down rockets on Israel, for absolutely no reason whatsoever? Have you or any of your people ever questioned the rationale behind Hamas doing this? I mean, come on now, they must expect that at some point in this sick game, Israel will decide that it must retaliate before one rocket really hits its mark & kills a lot of people. Or do you just follow them blindly & stupidly, without ever questioning?
8. To: No. 3
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.01.09)
The most offensive photos of all are those taken by kindergarten children in Gaza, dressed up as suicide bombers and carrying toy Kalashnikovs. Only the most sick and depraved society could pose their five-year olds like that. That would be your society. In Israel, kindergarteners pose with alphabet blocks. That would be our society. See the difference?
9. To: Jean-Pierre
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.01.09)
A picture of Ofir Rahum would work equally well, I think.
10. 1000 terrorists ree
Between 1993 - 1999 around 6000 terrorists were released from jails as part of the political process. Around 1000 of those people have gone onto kill Israelis since their release. One of them was one of the men who was responsible for 3 terror attacks in Netanya including the 2002 Park Hotel bomb was released from jail by BIbi in 1996. Now he is one of the men on the list that they want Bibi to release again since his recapture. How many Israelis will be killed and how many soldiers will be kidnapped in future to get Gilad Shalit back. Of course the government should be willing to make some kind of trade but it should be responsible and reasonable. The government should not be bringing the Shalit family into things and it should not be listening to the bring Gilad home at any price campaigns. Individuals can be sypathetic the government must think about the good of the country as a whole. Its also because the arabs know Israel will cave in eventually on anything on a political battlefield so they don't compromise on their demands and why we end up getting screwed everytime, Maybe if we had a little bit of courage to stand up and say NO for once and stick to that line we might get somewhere.
11. Oooohhh! Just open the prison doors and let all these nice
m   (12.01.09)
people out. They deserve it, such a nice smile, so cute and playful. In the end after they kidnap some more Israelis you will have to advocate that anyhow, because you know nothing else, I mean, no backbone.
12. shalit deal
debbie ,   israel   (12.01.09)
TO SARAH, Well said. I as a mother would not dream of letting my child be used in this way, dressing him/her up as a murderer or bomber, let alone let him/her pose in front of a camera. I don't understand the mentality of Palestinian mothers (or fathers) that they can abuse their children in this way. Raising a child to hate others is pure abuse. I have lived in Israel for many years & have not yet seen an Israeli parent who abuses their child in this way. If the Palestinians are hated in Israel, it is only because of their actions. Thank you also for mentioning the young Israeli boy who was lured to his death. So cruel, so evil. I weep when I think of his parents. That any human could do this to an innocent young boy, dreaming only of meeting a girl, & not knowing the world is so full of evil people.
13. Sarah & Debbie
T.I.P. ,   Dubai   (12.01.09)
First of all, YES,Palestinians are a deprived society, and YES some of them became sick because of your actions. But israel as a "educated" & "civilized" nation, i would like to prove you wrong and that you teach your children that its right to kill: Sarah i dont expect you to understand because as iv read many of your so called "clever" posts i feel its irrelevant to try to bridge logic with you. Debbie, if you are a mother with true feelings and who really cares about your children like my parents care about me, kindly comment of the above link which simply shows israeli kids (7 or 8 years old) signing bombs that will eventually target other kids of the same age. Peace
14. To: No. 13
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.01.09)
Contemplate the likelihood that these children have spent far too long living, studying and sleeping in bomb shelters, courtesy of Hizbollah in the north and Hamas in the South. A picture speaks a thousand words. What do you think of these?
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