Palestinians: Dead Sea won't be a 'world wonder'
Roni Sofer
Published: 01.12.09, 15:14
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1. Let's Get Over It People
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (12.01.09)
Things change. The world and universe are in a constant stuff of change and modification; flux and evolution if you will. Nothing wrong with that. Mountains grow out of volcanic lava. Icebergs melt. Trees fall, rivers are diverted and forests die. Marshes, bogs, rivers and the Dead Sea dry up. So what? That's the way it is. There is nothing to get excited about. It is no big deal that the Dead Sea will evaporate out of existence. This is the natural process found around the world and universe from the day G-d created it all. One day a big earthquake will strike and San Francisco will collapse into the sea, too. Big deal.
2. Probably better not to be a "Wonder" anyway
JO   (12.01.09)
keeps politics out of it at any rate. The Dead Sea is well known anyway.
3. OH GET A LIFE!!!!
israel   (12.01.09)
Pity you never did anything with it, isn't it? LOSERS!!!!
4. They have never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity
Eitan ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (12.01.09)
even when it hurts themselves. Accepting the Dea Sea as one of the wonders, of course, can bring millions of tourists to the region from which all will benefit, including the Arabs of Samaria and Judea. But since it will also benefit Israeli Jews, their leadership is willing to miss the opportunity. Not unlike events of 62 years ago: The UN voted for a tiny Jewish state, to live in peace alongside an Arab state. All would have benefited from that accommodation, which Israel accepted, i.e. UNGA Resolution 181. But the Arabs rejected it, having chosen a war full of death, destruction and the suffering of hundreds of thousands of their own people, only in order to ensure that Jews will not have their own peaceful corner on earth. No, the have never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity, derived from a thinking of a different culture whose legs are firmly placed on 7th century way of perceiving the world around them.
5. Eeeenough!
Sally Forth ,   Jerusalem of course!   (12.01.09)
the Old City of Jerusalem has been a UNESCO site since 1981. It was nominated by Jordan and supported by Israel. Mind you 1981 was 14 years before there was a peace agreement between Israel and Jordan. So what is the issue here? why can't Israel, Jordan and the PA get together in order to get UNESCO status for the Dead Sea? Is this yet another example of the PA shooting itself in the foot?
6. Stupidity at his highest level
Dr D ,   Jerusalem   (12.01.09)
The PA should start their own brand of cream and export it to all the Arab world. Proudly MADE IN PALESTINE . Beside crying misery do the PA have any agenda to create work for their future citizens ????
7. Tourism Minister of Where?
emanon ,   USA   (12.01.09)
How can there be a Minister of Tourism to a doctrine of hatred? being a Minister of Tourism implies the person actually represents a country were there is someplace to actually visit. Doesn't Israel promote tourism to the Dead Sea since it is in Israel?
8. Cutting off the nose to spite the face
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (12.01.09)
Ever the victim, the Palestinians continue their legacy of self-destruction. Scoring political points as part of their defamation strategy is all that matters. They fight over hummus, felafel, and - yes - hand cream. They claim as their legacy what was created by others. They've wasted over $50 billion in foreign aid (little of it from their Arab "brothers"), then turn around and scream "We are suffering!". They haven't learned what every kid should understand - that one doesn't build himself up by tearing another down. What a bunch of losers.
9. jews across the globe
gal1 ,   israel   (12.01.09)
we are being inflicted because we do not keep covernant with G-d. we have to repent. G-d bless Gilad
10. I strongly suggest to people abroad: Ahava produces some of
Dalia ,   Beit Oren, Israel   (12.01.09)
the best and effective creams. They are so unique and so good. Be a customer of Ahava's products, like so many of us here in Israel are, and be part of the reality of this land, the Land of Israel.
11. NOthing new, PA against peace, normalization, anything good
David ,   Boston, USA   (12.01.09)
They just want everyone to suffer. Thats why their Arabs brothers pay them lip service and dont help them, because they are a giant sink hole.
12. #10, Dalia, I buy Ahava products for my wife and mother
David ,   Boston, USA   (12.01.09)
They are great, especially when it gets dry here. I do not buy from Jordan Palestine, but only from Israel. They try to sell Jordan Palestine dead sea products here also, but dont sell nearly as well as Ahava.
13. #7 - that's hilarious!`
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (12.01.09)
"How can there be a Minister of Tourism to a doctrine of hatred?" I just laughed my ass of on that one.
14. this is called cutting your nose off to spite your face
johanna ,   tsfat   (12.01.09)
something the palestinians are excellent at.
15. Palestinians still try seppuku, but shoot selves in foot
JPS ,   Efrat   (12.01.09)
What can we say? It's another shining example of how the Palestinians love to deconstruct, destroy and disembowel anything that they could latch on to in order to pull themselves out of the cess-pitt they are in. Yuck! They have super high unemployment, almost no high-tech, no big development projects underway, and no investors willing to part with their money for big projects for the Pals. Why? Because the Pals see a forest planted by Jews and instead of cutting it down to make lumber and paper, they'll burn the forest down simply because the Jews put it there. Would the Palestinians take the Israeli models for exploiting the Dead Sea for it's products and jobs it offers? Of course not, cuz it's those darn Zionists who did it. Israelis built 25 settlements in Gaza with industry and agriculture. When they pulled out, the Pals said they didn't want it. The stuff they did want ended up being trashed. Why? Because the Pals simply don't know how to build and run their own country. After 16 years of Oslo and the Pals having their own authority, their society has moved backwards and instead of being united they're fighting each other.
16. #4 - "Pals" reject anything that helps anyone except them
William ,   Israel   (12.02.09)
"Pals" will accept any agreement, any contract, any bonus as long as they are the only ones who benefit. It's actually ingrained in Arab thinking - which is how they come to such ridiculous conspiracy theories. If Israel could benefit, even indirectly, it can't be good. Problem is - "Palestinian" objections cause harm to everyone, and once again the Jordanians are damaged by the hubris of their retarded brethren.
17. #6 - that requires work and innovation
William ,   Israel   (12.02.09)
Unless "innovation" mean terrorism and how to steal more Intl aid money, the "Palestinians" really don't know or want anything associated with those words.
18. Arafat already gave Israel full rights to Dead Sea
William ,   Israel   (12.02.09)
He did so many times when he said we can all go and drink from it. Apparently meaning that as a curse and "Palestinians" do not want it. Well, we accepted. Thanks.
19. Palestinians News: they threatening
Dani ,   Amsterdam NL   (12.03.09)
Clean Gaza and the west bank and Just send them back to Jordan, the king and queen are waiting for them. Vice -Versa I am sick tired of reading about Pals that are threatening us and people that says where we can build house and what we can do is war.If you look these countries they have no democracy and/or they broken it every single day.
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