Peres says will have to pardon many prisoners
Ahuva Mamos
Published: 02.12.09, 13:39
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1. And who will pardon you, President Peres?
Ariel ,   Europe   (12.02.09)
Blood of the terror victims cries: "Oslo criminals must be jailed!"
2. the jewish people will never pardon you !!!!
albert cohen ,   jerusalem   (12.02.09)
3. I bet he never mentioned "Yigal Amir"
Roland Seener ,   London England   (12.02.09)
4. Hope Benizri is not on the list
Avi ,   Israel   (12.02.09)
As garbage like that belongs behind bars !
5. I've given up expecting Peres to learn from past mistakes
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (12.02.09)
Over the course of the last two decades, Israel has done several of these lopsided deals, releasing over 2,000 for a handful of bodies and live souls. And it's "pardoned" hundreds more to "strengthen Abbas". As a result, hundreds more Israelis have been killed and maimed. The fact that the captives' families meet regularly with the highest authorities - the PM and the President - while families of terror victims do not, in an of itself skews the political calculus. Add in the useful idiots of the media and the pressure to do a deal even at a high price is relentless Israel has never seriously considered using reciprocity as a means of pressuring Hamas. (The current government opposes the Shalit Bill.) So absent a possible military operation, Israel has decided that a "high price" deal is the only option. Peres will approve this deal as he's approved all the previous ones, and with the same sadness and resignation. It's the rest of the country that will be paying the *real* price for Israel's latest capitulation - and for the next one.
6. Problem not on our side?
Chaim ,   Arad   (12.02.09)
If the problem is not on our side, then why do you keep bowing to the enemy. Are you afraid you will upset the UN? OMG!! Don't upset them, or Tony Blair, or Obmanation. Betray your country, but don't upset the world.
7. Disgraceful Peres
Gary A, MD ,   Boston MA, USA   (12.02.09)
Mr Peres, your comments make me truly ashamed. If you pardon murderers to murders Jews again, you are both morally empty and a disgrace to every single Jew everywhere.
8. Peres, you are truely a great leader!
Neville Chamberlain ,   London UK   (12.02.09)
9. The Corporal Yaacov Ben Isaac Provocation
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim,   (12.02.09)
B"H I the undersigned hereby solemnly declare that I kidnapped and hold as hostage an Israeli soldier. The soldier's name is Yaacov Ben Isaac. His rank is: Corporal. He is alive and well and he is held at a secret location. His immediate release is conditioned to the immediate release of only four JEWISH prisoners: Yigal Amir, Ami Popper, Jack Teitel and Israeli spy inprisoned in America for 25 years now, Jonathan Pollard. For comunications regarding the JEWISH prisoner’s release please use the Comments section of
10. Worst Israeli President Ever
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (12.02.09)
Mr. S. Peres is about to prove what we have been saying all along - he is the the most horrible President the State of Israel has ever had. He must be removed from his position immediately.
11. How about pardoning some right wing Jews?
Adam Eliyahu Berkowi ,   Bat AYin   (12.02.09)
Oh, I forgot. Peres doesn't do that.
12. Peres not worst pres, at least he didn't rape anyone
Adam Eliyahu Berkowi   (12.02.09)
unless of course you consider how he has treated the settlers.
13. Peres "0 ...Public Opinion"...10" To date!
Roland Seener ,   London England   (12.02.09)
14. Peres pardons violent offenders and murderers, but not Omri
Rivkah   (12.03.09)
Sharon? My mother used to say there is no justice, so don't run around expecting any.
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