Barak: Settlements are part of Israel
Tal Rabinovsky
Published: 02.12.09, 23:40
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1.  Settlements are part of Israel & ----
Ely Greenhut ,   Tzfat Israel   (12.03.09)
they are not up for negotiation in any way. Can you really trust Barak on his word. Hold on to this article as proof if he suddenly changes his mind in the future. If this is so that these blocks are not part of any negotiations for peace talks with the Jordanians---they are called Palestinians by name only -- living there, why the freeze in the first place?? Continue building, there is a severe shortage of housing in Yehudah & Shomron.
2. Settlements
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.03.09)
Good, I hope Barak keeps his word.
3. Trust Barak??? Trust Bibi???
Esther ,   Ofarim   (12.03.09)
No way, no how. Both are failed leaders, neither one of them should have been permitted back into politics after their disastrous stints in the PMs position.
4. When will we take "NO" for an answer
Dan ,   Titusville, FL   (12.03.09)
How many times must the Palestinians say "NO" before we believe them. The time is NOW to declare the West Bank to be Israeli land and Jerusalem our UNDIVIDED capital.
5. Nothing less than perfidy, ya think Americans...
BBSNews ,   Charlotte, NC   (12.03.09)
...such as President Obama will be fooled? Nope. Saying one thing to the US President and then telling the illegal colonists that they will get to keep their ill-gotten booty is a recipe for disaster with the United States. But there's really nothing that can be done to stop Israel's headlong rush into disaster. Bibi and Barak are choosing the illegal colonists over the very future of Israel. Is it really worth risking Israel's future over the illegal colonies? Because that is exactly what is happening.
6. # 1
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.03.09)
Outposts Ely.
7. How about this?
Addle ,   Toronto   (12.03.09)
Israel leaves the West Bank and the remaining Settlers can be given Palestinian citizenship? The settlers wont be so tough when they don't have the backing of the IDF.
LARRY ,   US   (12.03.09)
9. Birdi, please join me in condemning terrorism...
BBSNews ,   Charlotte, NC   (12.03.09)
Please join me in specifically condemning the cowardly King David Hotel bombing that killed 92 innocent civilians and all other terrorist acts by both sides since then. You don't agree with any terrorism do you Birdi? Please don't keep running Birdi. Your credibility is on the line. I condemn ALL terrorism on both sides. Do you specifically condemn the cowardly King David Motel Bombing that killed 92 innocent people and do you condemn all such terrorist acts by both sides since then? Yes or no? I condemn them all, so my answer is yes. What is your answer Birdi?
10. Settlements.
Ron B. ,   Lod   (12.03.09)
Settlement on the land, “Hityashvut”, has been the backbone of the Zionist endeavor since the first colonies were begun over 120 years ago. In the time of the British, it was especially necessary to create “facts on the ground” in places where the British discouraged settlement, in order to ensure that these locations would remain part of the state of Israel. Today however, the government is us. Settlers who create illegal “facts on the ground” in Judea and Samaria help our own government and our own IDF – us. It was constructive to assist the Israeli government and the IDF with establishing settlements in places that have a large and hostile Arab population. Facts, arguments and reasoning based on moral and historical rights are never obsolete and are still valid today. As to our historical rights :
11. Dan, I have friends in Titusville, they don't agree...
BBSNews ,   Charlotte, NC   (12.03.09)
....and I'm not kidding. Lake St. Mary's and others around Sebring are like no others for large mouthed-bass and daytime trolling with a motor oil colored jelly worm. But you are dead wrong about Israel. Please take a little more time to learn about the relevant UN resolutions and such that show that the "annexation" of East Jerusalem is illegal and null and void, as is the illegal "annexation"of the Golan Heights. Israel has every right to live within its own borders. The problem is it is not, and has not for decades and now they have 500.000 illegals over the border in a military enabled fashion. Think about it like this: What if the Mexican Army was protecting the "illegals" in the United States in various enclaves around the United States? Would you resist with homemade rockets? Be honest now... (Matty, I've another one of those ideas...)
12. #5
Eli ,   Ramat Hasharon   (12.03.09)
Just to remind you, Israel has dismentled the settlements in Gaza, and the Palestinians has thanked back in bombs. Please do not be so naive, also no Palestinian entity agrees to 1967 or 1948, or anything else. Please read the Palestinian constitution and you will see that they want the last jew to be removed from Middle East. They do not hide that, they say it openly. Also Iranian president is telling the same thing. But you do not want to talk about it, this is perfectly OK with you. But 12 families living in the mountain, this is a big problem for you and if they want to build 5 more houses for their children, this is colonization. I think anti semitism has a new way.
13. The Paradox of the Freeze
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (12.03.09)
Most construction workers are Arabs. Freeze construction, and you put thousands of Arabs out of work. The Arabs starve. The Arabs then get upset and riot. Not good. Continue building and the Arabs have work. The Arabs thrive. What to do? Continue building.
14. Re: # 9 Childish, immature
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim,   (12.03.09)
B"H Your moral relativism is childish and immature. As if being "us" or "them", being "right" or "wrong" were the same and indistinguishable. As if defending Jews and Jewish rights could be exchanged for attacking and killing Jews on our G-d given Land! Your confusion is complete and I invite you to reflect. "Us" is not "Them" and fighting a war forced upon us is not the same as being our enemy that wants to take away our national and individual-biological as well as spiritual - lives.
15. Mr Defenseless Minister!, who can say the otherwise
observer   (12.03.09)
of course!, for without the settlement, there are no more American "Jewish" aids, and hence no more Israel.
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (12.03.09)
In general people have short term memories, but Sharon said before the Gush Katif progrom," If Netzavim goes Tel Aviv goes". So if Barak says that "settlements are part of Israel", this actually means he is going to destroy them. For politicians to distort, to double talk , back track and to decieve, is all in a days work and part of their power hungry ego's. In the end Barak would not loose a night sleep if had to destroy homes of more then 300ooo people if that would benefit himself . While Iran is running towards the bomb, our DEFENCE minister is filling his time with attacking Jewish communities in order to destroy them.
17. Legally, historically and morally the territories now in
Eitan ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (12.03.09)
dispute are neither Arab nor occupied. They are territories Israel gained during a defensive war imposed on it; war that was launched from these territories by the Arab Legion (Jordanian Army) against the sovereign state of Israel. In so doing Jordan violated armistice agreements with Israel. And Jordan, which controlled the territories, was present there illegally, having acquired them forcefully after the British evacuated in the country in 1948. Historically, the territories were under the rule of the Ottoman Empire for many hundreds of years, never as a single political entity and always as the back waters of a larger political configuration. Upon the demise of the Ottoman Empire in the beginning of the 20th century, Britain received a Mandate over the territories from the League of Nations to establish in them the "national home for the Jewish people" (which included Jordan, Israel and the disputed territories!!!). Britain failed to meet the mandate given to it when it handed 78% of the territory to a clan from the Hijaz, present day Saudi Arabia, and the rest kept for herself, until it was expelled from the country by the Zionist movement and the United Nations. Based on the above background and based on the fact that the territories in dispute are at the heart of the cradle of Jewish civilization and have been for nearly 4,000 years, there is no reason what-so-ever to morally expect Jews, only because they are Jewish, not to reside in the territories and build their lives there. The political dispute - the Arab Israeli conflict - will have to be resolved around the negotiating table of course, but not by limiting the living space of Jews, only because they are Jewish, at any corner of earth, let alone in Eretz Israel (Land of Israel).
18. As much credibility as Clinton, Mitchel, Rice, etc. NONE.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (12.03.09)
20. in 67,Israel perfidiously attacked without declaring the war
observer   (12.03.09)
Israel's provocation against Jordan took place in November 1966, when 4,000 Israeli soldiers attacked Samu in the West Bank, “destroying 125 homes, a clinic, a school, and a workshop” and killing 18 Jordanian soldiers. The public justification for this action was to prevent Palestinian infiltration – though at the time “the Jordanian authorities did all they possibly could to stop infiltration,” according to Odd Bull, chief of staff of UN forces at the time, including shutting down Palestine Liberation Organisation offices in Amman, arresting most of its staff, and frequently killing Palestinians attempting to enter Israel (with notably more success than Israel’s reprisals). (Odd Bull, War and Peace in the Middle East, London 1976, p. 61; Finkelstein, p. 125). Jordanians are not Palestinians.
21. # 9
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.03.09)
Cherokee, I wouldnt join you for a cup of tea, not now, not never. My credibility is on the line?? ha, you are so very deranged. I see what you are trying to do here on this forum & it wont work. We Jews are not as dumb as you think we are. Read # 17, & get it into your head that you are not succeeeding to change our opinions in any thread here on this forum.
22. # 14
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.03.09)
Good & correct answer.
23. A long overdue declaration from Ehud barak
Trumpeldor ,   eurabyeh   (12.03.09)
Am Israel Hai ba Eretz HaKADOSH .
24. Uhud Barak suffers from
Berl ,   formerly of Seattle   (12.03.09)
Multiple personality disorder, he is: Mr. Bean, Pee Wee Herman and now Pinocchio. If he visited a Native American Tribe they would name him walking eagle because he is so full of crap he can't fly!
25. Re: 24
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim,   (12.03.09)
B"H I put your TB on my FB status: too good! :)
26. Birdi, admits to glorifying terrorism, my my...
BBSNews ,   Charlotte, NC   (12.03.09)
...just what I thought. You are an enemy of Israel. No friend of Israel would ever glorify terrorism. You have been outted my dear.
27. Ariel Ben Yochanan, join me in condemning terrorism...
BBSNews ,   Charlotte, NC   (12.03.09)
...I specifically condemn the cowardly bombing of the King David Hotel that resulted in the murder of 92 innocent people and all other acts of terrorism by both sides since then. Do you agree? Yes or no. You either support terror or you do not. Which is it?
28. # 26
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.04.09)
Wrong & false.
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